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Girl Scout Cookies: Everythings You Should Know

Girl Scout Cookies is now referred to as GSC and is one of the most highly regarded cannabis strains around today. Prized for a happy high that induces a relaxed vibe with abundant flavour, Girl Scout Cookies is one potent strain and is the go-to for many cannabis connoisseurs.

The Inception of Girl Scout Cookies

GSC came from the Bay Area of Northern California in the early 2010s. The original name for the strain was Girl Scout Cookies, but the Girl Scouts of America soon became concerned when the cannabis strain generated more search traffic than their registered trademark.

After feeling aggrieved regarding the use of their name in connection with “drugs,” the non-profit began sending cease and desist letters to dispensaries who sold it. In response, and in order to avoid a potential lawsuit, the California breeders behind the cultivar changed its name to GSC.

The Potency of GSC

Girl Scout Cookies is a potent hybrid that began as a cross between the hybrid OG Kush and the pure Sativa Durban Poison. GSC has 60% Indica dominance, but where the strain really stands out is with its THC content. GSC is highly potent with THC levels often clocking in upwards of 25%. Such high quantities mean that these girls are one of the most popular and potent strains available today.

GSC also has a complex terpene profile that contributes to its excellent flavour and aroma. An abundance of caryophyllene coupled with limonene and humulene makes for a unique flavour and aroma and also serves to heighten the already potent effects.

When synergized with THC, caryophyllene is incredibly useful in lowering anxiety, treating inflammation, providing pain relief, and managing insomnia. Limonene is the ultimate stress buster and elevates mood effectively among many consumers. The humulene, which is present in lesser quantities, has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits.

Buds tend to be small yet dense and come frosted in a thick layer of trichomes. And with light green and purple hues among flickers of orange threads, they are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal user, the unique profile of GSC means that it satisfies both.

The High From Girl Scout Cookies

The high quantities of THC coupled with an interesting terpene profile mean that GSC induces some exciting effects. For most, this results in a wave of euphoria that transcends the body. Often known to induce a fit of the giggles as well as unleash the creative juices within. While it tends to impart an engaging high, it’s also sedating. The high quantities of THC mean that those who consume too much often fall victim to couch lock or repeated late-night trips to the fridge with a bout of the munchies.

Like any true hybrid, its balanced Indica and Sativa genetics will allow you to ride the fine line between profound body relaxation and an energetic cerebral buzz. For those who enjoy group gatherings, GSC is one of the best strains for inducing a relaxed and chatty vibe over a board game.

The Medicinal Benefits of GSC

GSC also exhibits some powerful medicinal effects that can benefit a wide range of patients. Due to the high THC content, GSC is the ideal strain to quell chronic pain. The sedating effects also lend themselves to easing muscle tension and general inflamed feelings within the body.

For those who feel stressed out come the evening, a small dose can help induce a deep relaxation that’ll prime any worrier for restful sleep. While the mood-enhancing effects that help the stress melt away can also be effective at helping deal with and even treat depression, anxiety and PTSD.

For those who are undergoing complex treatment such as chemotherapy, GSC is incredibly effective at stimulating appetite and helps recovering patients stay nourished when dealing with the debilitating side effects of traditional treatments.

The Negative Effects Of GSC

The adverse side effects of consuming cannabis are minimal in almost all cases. Anyone consuming GSC can expect the usual side effects of a temporary dry mouth, increased hunger, and a willingness to lie on the couch for longer than they otherwise might.

Among those who have underlying issues with anxiety, the high quantities of THC coupled with low levels of CBD in GSC mean that it could potentially induce anxiety and paranoia. As always, the key is to start out low and work up gradually to an effective dose.

Growing GSC

GSC isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but with such unique properties, many willingly face the steep learning curve and try their hand at growing it. GSC is most commonly grown indoors and typically produces average yields. Flowering time is ten weeks, although many growers report great success using the Sea of Green (SOG) method, which forces earlier flowering and can allow growers to harvest up to two weeks earlier.

The Sea of Green method ensures that you use the available grow space more effectively, while also making optimal use of the available light by encouraging the formation of an even canopy.

GSC plants may reach heights of around one meter and tend to grow long arms that stretch outward during growth. They should be given ample space and constant attention with regular pruning and optimal control of the environmental conditions with proper air circulation and light exposure.

GSC is reasonably resistant to pests and moulds, and growers should run into few problems if they partake in regular pruning and training.

Girl Scout Cookies

For those looking for a potent hit with abundant flavour, then GSC hits the mark on both fronts. Whether for medicinal patients or recreational users at the end of a long day, the mindful use of GSC is one that’ll let the worries of the day wash away into a deep felt sense of relaxation.

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