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High-THC Weed Strains You Should Check Out

8 High-THC Weed Strains You Should Check Out

The miracles of artificial selection coupled with the efforts of dedicated growers over the last five decades, mean that some insanely potent varieties of cannabis now exist. If you’ve got a taste for some of the high-THC strains and would like to order bud online in Canada, then here are eight strains that you shouldn’t miss.

The Toad

Some people just require a higher hit of THC than everyone else, and when that person is Mike Tyson, then perhaps we can justify strains with THC levels of 37%!

The Toad is part of a line of cannabis strains founded by the famous boxer, and with such high levels of THC, it’ll certainly deliver a knockout punch to those who dare to inhale.

The Toad is an Indica-dominant variety and a cross between Chemdawg OG and GSC. According to the producers, The Toad induces powerful sedation coupled with an intense flavour profile that bursts with hints of orange, cinnamon, and hops. For those who suffer from chronic conditions or existing high tolerances, The Toad is guaranteed to break through.


Once known as Girl Scout Cookies, GSC is a Cannabis Cup winning strain that is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. THC levels come in at an impressive 25% to 28%, and the buds have an attractive green and purple hue with fiery orange hairs.

The ensuing high is often associated with a wave of euphoria that’s engaging and sure to set the creative juices flowing. Couch lock is a real risk for those who lose themselves with this one, as are the munchies.

For the medicinal community, GSC is an effective strain for treating chronic conditions like pain, inflammation, tension, and cramps. Its sedating properties mean that many patients can effortlessly fall into a deep body relaxation that’s as healing as it is pleasant.


GG4 was once known as Gorilla Glue due to the resin that collects on the scissors when trimming. That was before a lawsuit from the adhesive brand with the same name forced them to change their name to GG strains. Despite the name change, GG4 is still a firm favourite in cannabis circles and is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. THC levels are high, and official testing of some samples shows astounding THC levels between 27% to 30%.

GG4 has a strong diesel aroma with hints of chocolate and coffee. It generally provides a balanced body-head high where it leads to a full-body melt coupled with an uplifting cerebral buzz. Patients often find the strain effective for treating both mild conditions such as headaches and insomnia, but the Indica characteristics of the strain are beneficial in providing pain relief for chronic conditions.

As its original name suggests, it sedates more than it energizes, meaning that GG4 is one for the evening time or a day off!


Chemdog is more commonly known as Chemdawg and is a strain that’s well and truly established in the cannabis hall of fame. Its origins are mysterious, and its genetics obscure, but stories of its origins go back to a parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert in the ’90s.

Chemdog is best known for a distinct, diesel aroma that’s extremely pungent. THC levels come in at between 21% and 24% and offer up an intense cerebral high with a heavy body relaxation and sedation.

Scott’s OG

Scott’s OG is a cross between Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1. It’s an Indica-dominant strain that boasts super high THC levels of up to 26%. Known for its dense nugs with thick coatings of trichomes, this one packs a real punch. Despite the Indica qualities, Scott’s OG often induces a mild euphoria in addition to a deep body high.

Scott’s OG is very popular among those using cannabis for medicinal reasons, most notably for conditions like chronic pain, where the THC tends to ease patients into a felt sense of deep relaxation within the body. Thanks to an impressive terpene profile, the strain also helps banish stress and can provide a welcome boost in mood for those battling chronic conditions.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a blend of Sativa haze genetics with a unique amalgam of landrace blend from Thailand, Hawaii, and Afghanistan. Amnesia Haze also has a rich flavour profile and is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner.

THC content ranges between 20% and 25%, and the strain is best known for its uplifting effects and a reasonably balanced body and cerebral high thanks to the Afghani Indica influence. Counter to its name, most people report a pleasurable sharpening of the senses coupled with a welcome boost in mood upon consuming it. The Indica qualities also tend to induce a relaxed vibe and a contemplative mood that many enjoy come the end of a hard day.

From a medical perspective, Amnesia Haze tends to increase focus and can be useful to those with conditions like attention deficit disorder.

The White

The White is a hybrid strain with Indica-dominant qualities that gets its name from the substantial coating of white trichomes on the buds. The White exhibits high levels of THC that average in at 25%, and the unique terpene profile consisting of caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene help quell pain, induce relaxation, and provide a welcome boost in mood.

The White also tends to induce a high that allows for intense cerebral focus that’s often useful to those treating conditions like ADHD. Others find it useful in promoting contemplative thoughts around life’s big issues.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is a mythical Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG. It’s a multiple Cannabis Cup winner tested to have THC levels as high as 25%.

Ghost Train Haze is characterized by frosted buds and a beautiful aroma consisting of sweet and piney tones, with hints of citrus, lemon, and even spice. High times once labelled it the “Strongest Strain on Earth,” and many report the high to provide a welcome boost in energy levels coupled with an uplifting euphoria that tends towards deeper relaxation in larger doses.

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