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Bubba Kush 101: An All-Time Favourite Cannabis Strain

If you’re an avid smoker, then you’ve definitely heard of Bubba Kush. Even those who’ve never smoked in their life have likely heard of the strain in mainstream media. It’s a very common strain thanks to its notoriously powerful high.

For cannabis enthusiasts, Bubba Kush is an all-time favourite, as it delivers potent effects that many other strains may not reach. Best of all, you can find it at almost any online weed shop in Canada.

There is so much to this powerful strain, and in this article we are going to break down everything you need to know about Bubba Kush.

The History of Bubba Kush

If we go back to its origins, Bubba Kush begins with the Kush strain, named for the Hindu Kush mountains. Kush was introduced during the 1970s in the United States. The original breeder was unaware of the potency or genetics of what he was planting. Fast forward to the ‘90s, and Bubba Kush shows up on the scene in Los Angeles, California.

The strain was created by accident when a Kush plant pollinated with a Northern Lights plant. The grower was named Bubba, and therefore he named the strain after himself. That said, you may hear other origin stories such as that the parent strains were Bubble Gum and OG Kush.

The Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Bubba Kush

While no two Bubba Kush plants will have the same chemical profile, they are typically very close. The THC in Bubba Kush falls somewhere between 15 percent to 25 percent, depending on which online weed shop in Canada you buy it from.

The terpenes in the strain give it a slightly sweet scent, which is earthy and spicy. The taste is delightful, with notes of chocolate and coffee, which also contributes to its popularity. The Bubba Kush buds are a deep purple colour with hints of frosted green.

Bubba Kush has a 70/30 split of indica/sativa. Many people assume that Bubba Kush is pure indica because of its strong sedative effects, but it is, in fact, quite balanced.

The Benefits of Bubba Kush

Since Bubba Kush is a hybrid strain, it delivers the benefits of both indica and sativa varieties. Here are some of the conditions that Bubba Kush may help with:

1.   Nausea

Bubba Kush can help users alleviate nausea that could be associated with either mental or physical conditions. Many people may experience nausea as a result of physical pain, making them lose their appetite. Smoking Bubba Kush may reduce symptoms of nausea, allowing users to regain their appetite. Nausea is an unpleasant feeling and can negatively impact people’s work and social life. Bubba Kush users may be able to minimize those negative impacts.

2.   Insomnia

Insomnia is becoming increasingly common in today’s society and can have a domino effect on people’s lives. If you can’t sleep, it becomes hard to function during the day, both physically and mentally. It also leads to a bad mood and trouble focusing. Bubba Kush has potent sedative effects, making it one of the best options for those who have insomnia. Smoke Bubba Kush before bed and enjoy the relaxing body high that promotes rest.

3.   Chronic pain

Cannabis is a common aid for those suffering from chronic pain, and Bubba Kush is no exception. It soothes the body and relaxes the muscles, helping to disperse and diminish pain in the body. Chronic pain can contribute to the above ailments (nausea and insomnia), so smoking Bubba Kush for pain relief may help prevent you from experiencing additional problems.

Bubba Kush can be a natural alternative to prescription pain medications for patients with arthritis or injury-related pain.

4.   Stress/anxiety

Regardless of whether you experience stress and anxiety daily or only on occasion, Bubba Kush can help you cope. Anxiety can take over your life, making it hard to interact with others, difficult to sleep, and hard to function in daily life.

Bubba Kush promotes relaxation and reduces tension. It also clears your mind and allows you to release all the crazy thoughts running through your head. Although Bubba Kush is potent and sedative, having a few puffs can be beneficial before going into a social situation that you’re anxious about.

The Side Effects of Bubba Kush

There’s no doubt about it: Bubba Kush is powerful stuff. Here are some of the primary side effects you may experience when smoking Bubba Kush.

1.   Body buzz

If you’re going to smoke it, make sure you have space to relax and unwind afterwards. It’s not the type of weed you want to smoke if you have a long list of activities to take part in. That is because it will likely give you a body-melting buzz, depending on how much you smoke and its specific THC content.

Users describe the effect as a warm hug. The body buzz can be long-lasting, and you won’t feel like doing much of anything. That said, as long as you don’t have anything overly physical to take part in, then you should be fine.

2.   Food cravings

Bubba Kush promotes hunger, aka the munchies. That’s great if you experience nausea or struggle to have an appetite. However, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re prone to overeating or have a soft spot for sweets and junk food. Many people who smoke Bubba Kush experience food cravings as a side effect.

3.   Makes you sleepy

Another main side effect of smoking Bubba Kush is that it might make you sleepy. Many people take this strain as a remedy for insomnia. If you aren’t looking to go to sleep after smoking, keep that in mind when consuming Bubba Kush. As you begin to feel sleepy, you may also notice that your eyes go red.

Start with small doses to help your body adapt to the strain slowly, to stop yourself from getting too sleepy.

4.   Dry mouth

Bubba Kush is often associated with dry mouth when consumed in large doses. Ensure that you are hydrated when you smoke this strain and keep water on hand to drink when you need to.

Buying Bubba Kush from an Online Weed Shop in Canada

As Bubba Kush is such a popular strain, you can buy it from just about any online shop in Canada. It will help you relax and unwind, and deliver a potent experience for even the most experienced smokers.

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