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How to Grow Hemp Plants for CBD

How to Grow Hemp Plants for CBD

Although you can buy cannabis flower online, many passionate marijuana fans grow strains of cannabis flower at home. Although it can take a few months and a fair amount of effort, it’s often worth it for the homegrown weed. However, those who would rather avoid the psychoactive effects of THC may want to learn how to grow hemp plants for CBD flower instead.

Hemp plants are a subspecies of cannabis known for producing low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. As such, the buds grown from these plants are perfect for those who want to consume cannabinoids without getting high. Just like regular cannabis, you can smoke or vape CBD flower or even infuse it into food. Here’s how to grow hemp plants for CBD.

Find CBD Seeds

If you want to grow hemp plants for CBD, you’ll need to find the right seeds. Instead of using regular cannabis seeds, you’ll need to find seeds for CBD-rich strains of hemp. Fortunately, you can find many of these at cannabis seed banks. Since hemp is a type of cannabis sativa, you’ll often find these seeds labeled as high-CBD cannabis seeds.

Many online seed banks will provide detailed descriptions and data sheets on each seed. Look for seeds that have high concentrations of CBD and trace levels of THC. These are the best kinds of hemp plants for producing flowers that are rich in cannabidiol. It’s also best to look for feminized seeds as opposed to regular seeds. These are seeds that have been enhanced to ensure they produce the cannabidiol-rich flowers you’re looking for.

You might even want to consider autoflowering CBD seeds. Autoflowering seeds are seeds that have been crossed with cannabis ruderalis strains. These grow much faster than ordinary seeds, making them good for beginner growers or those who are short on time. However, they also cost more.

Get The Growing Equipment You Need

Before you can start growing your CBD-rich plants, you’ll need to invest in the right growing equipment. Although you can grow hemp plants outdoors in the summer, growing indoors is usually the best bet throughout the year. That way, you can control the conditions your plants are exposed to, ensuring they grow as successfully as possible.

You’ll need artificial lights to control light exposure. It’s best to use LED, HFL, or HID lights. You should also get a small air conditioning unit or fan to control the temperature of your plants. It also helps to have a dehumidifier. Controlling the humidity in your growing space is important for optimal growth.

You’ll also need some plant pots, soil, and nutrient-enriched water. On top of that, you’ll need to create an enclosed growing space for your plants. Many people grow their plants in a closet, but a large box or even a tent can work. You can even buy grow boxes or grow tents online equipped with everything you need.

Germinate Your CBD Seeds

Germinate Your CBD Seeds

Although you’ll need to grow your hemp plants in soil, it’s best to germinate the seeds first. Germination involves making your seeds sprout before transplanting them to pots of soil. This helps them grow more successfully and also prevents you from wasting your seeds. Plus, it’s quick and easy to germinate your seeds with a few pieces of household equipment.

Dampen two paper towels and place them on a plate. Spread your seeds throughout the towels and place two more damp paper towels on top. Place another plate face-down over the top so your seeds aren’t exposed to light. Check on your seeds regularly and continue to add water to the paper towels if they become dry.

Your seeds might germinate within a day or they might take a few days, so continue to check on them regularly. In the meantime, prepare your plant pots by filling them with loose soil. Once your seeds are ready, you can carefully transplant them into the pots of soil about an inch deep using tweezers.

Grow Your Hemp Plants

After germinating your seeds and transplanting them into your plant pots, you can place your pots in your growing space. Initially, you should give your plants 18 hours of light a day and temperatures of around 21-23°C. You should also aim to keep relative humidity levels at around  60-70%.

Make sure you water your plants if the soil becomes dry. You should also give your plants a nutrient-enriched solution of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium for optimal growth. After around four to six weeks, your plants should start to flower.

When your plants start to flower, give them 12 hours of light a day and temperatures of around 18-23°C. Aim for relative humidity levels of around 40-50%. It usually takes around two or three months from this point until your plants are ready to harvest.

Harvesting Your CBD Flower

Although it can take a few months, you’ll eventually notice your hemp plants growing flowers full of rich, trichome-coated buds. Usually, you’ll get the most CBD when you wait for these trichomes to become amber rather than clear and translucent.

When you’re ready to harvest your flowers, make sure you wear a pair of gloves and carefully trim the branches with pruning scissors. Place the branches of CBD flowers either on a drying line or a drying rack in a room with a dehumidifier. It can take anywhere from three to ten days for your plants to dry.

Once they’re dry, you can grind and smoke the buds of your hemp flowers to get the effects of CBD. Some users may prefer to vape their CBD flower or even infuse it into oil for sublingual absorption. You can also cook hemp flower into butter or cooking oil to create CBD-infused edibles.

Harvesting Your CBD Flower


If you’re looking for an interesting project, you might want to learn how to grow hemp plants for CBD. With that said, the process can be very demanding and time-consuming and also requires a lot of equipment. 

As such, many people choose to simply buy CBD products online. Along with plenty of cannabis flower strains and other cannabis-infused products, you can find a selection of CBD edibles, oils, topicals, and more at Low Price Bud.

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