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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Capsules

Joints, vapes, bongs, edibles, dabs—there are now more ways than ever to consume cannabis. And cannabis capsules are yet another method of consumption that’s growing in popularity.

While they might not seem as much fun at a party, cannabis capsules are a discrete, simple way to consume. In Canada, CBD capsules are popular among medical marijana users and they could be right for you too.

Read on to find out everything you need to know before buying cannabis capsules for the first time.

What Are Cannabis Capsules?

They might seem strange compared to an old-fashioned spliff, but cannabis capsules are actually a pretty simple invention. Cannabis capsules look like any other pill you get from the doctor: a small, dissolvable capsule filled with a cannabis extract. You take them in the same way. Simply pop one in your mouth and swallow with some water.

They all contain an extract from the cannabis plant, either in powdered form, or a distillate. The extract is mixed with an oil, to make it easier to absorb into your body. Like any form of cannabis, this extract contains cannabinoids that affect your body.

Not every capsule contains the same cannabinoids – so you can choose a cannabinoid profile that suits you. A THC pill will get you high, just like a THC-heavy strain of flower. A CBD capsule, on the other hand, will offer the same relaxation and relief you get from a CBD gummy or vape.

How Do Cannabis Capsules Work?

When you smoke or vape cannabis, the active compounds are released when cannabis burns. Cannabis capsules, on the other hand, are metabolized by your liver. As your body breaks down the cannabis extract, cannabinoids like THC and CBD are released in your bloodstream and start to have their effect.

That means cannabis capsules typically take longer to affect you than a toke on a joint. Expect to wait at least 45 minutes, and maybe up to 3 hours to feel the effect. It’s best to be patient if you aren’t feeling anything – it’s no fun to take a second pill before you feel the first kicking in!

Capsules can affect you for several hours, and today there are even capsules that are designed to slowly release cannabinoids over several hours. That way, you get a steady dose throughout the day, rather than a serious high that fades.

What Are The Benefits of Cannabis Capsules?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing cannabis capsules over traditional options like joints and edibles:

1.   It’s easy to manage your dose

In Canada, CBD capsules and THC capsules are regulated, so you’ll be sure exactly what dose you’re getting. You can choose a pill that’s within your tolerance, and be confident it will fit the bill. For many consumers (especially medical marijuana patients) that certainty is appealing when compared to unreliable methods like homemade edibles.

2.   It’s simple and discrete

Unlike lighting up a joint or even vaping, popping a cannabis capsule is an easy and discreet way to consume. There’s no learning curve – like working out how to roll the perfect spliff. And if you need to take CBD capsules regularly to manage pain or illness, capsules are a convenient choice.

3.   It doesn’t involve smoking

A few decades ago, cannabis consumers had little choice but to smoke. But today, many people don’t want to smoke for a variety of reasons – either medical or practical. For those people, cannabis capsules can be a great, safe alternative that still delivers a strong, reliable high.

What Are The Downsides of Cannabis Capsules?

While cannabis capsules are convenient and easy to use, there are some potential downsides to consider before you buy your first capsules:

1.   They take longer to work

As we said, cannabis capsules can take up to three hours to work. Exactly how long will depend on your body chemistry, what you’ve eaten/drunk that day, and the exact pill you choose. While for some consumers this isn’t an issue, those looking for an immediate high, or quick relief from pain might not find capsules work for them.

2.   They can give an intense, long-lasting high

Again, capsules are different to smoking because the high tends to last a lot longer. This may or may not be a good thing – it depends what you’re using capsules for. It’s definitely worth bearing in mind before you pop a pill though. And for some, the high from capsules can be more intense than smoking – again, experiment with what works for you.

How To Choose Cannabis Capsules

If you’ve decided that cannabis capsules are for you, there’s still a few choices to make. The two main things to consider are

1.   Full-spectrum vs.single cannabinoid pills

“Full-spectrum” cannabis capsules contain all of the chemical compounds found in marijuana flower. That means a whole range of cannabinoids, plus terpenes and many more. Their effect will be similar to smoking or vaping dried flower.

Single cannabinoid pills, on the other hand, contain only either CBD or THC. CBD capsules will have no psychoactive effects – perfect if you’re looking to treat pain or inflammation. THC capsules will offer a high similar to smoking weed – but without the additional effects of other cannabinoids and terpenes to balance it out.

Which type of pill you choose is up to you – they all have their advantages depending what you’re looking for. Full-spectrum pills will offer a more authentic, traditional high, while single cannabinoid pills will offer the pure effects of your chosen cannabinoid.

2.   Dosage

In Canada, CBD capsules and other cannabis capsules come clearly marked with the dosage. Described in milligrams, this can vary from 2mg up to 100mg. It’s best to start small and build up with cannabis capsules, so don’t be afraid to choose a lower dose. As always, choose based on your own experience and your personal tolerance.

Cannabis Capsules: The Future of Marijuana?

We’re not sure if cannabis capsules will ever fully replace joints, bongs, and pipes as the only method of consuming weed! But they have their place in the diverse new world of cannabis products. Especially for medical marijuana consumers, or those who don’t like to smoke, cannabis capsules offer a safe, easy-to-use, and reliable way to access the benefits of CBD and THC.

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