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Is CBD Safe for My Pets?

Can Spot have pot? If it’s CBD, the answer is yes! CBD has been proven safe for humans and animals alike. In fact, CBD provides nearly all the same benefits to pets as it does to their owners.

As you buy CBD online in Canada, remember this non-psychoactive cannabinoid does not incite a “high” so there is low risk of harm when administering CBD to your furry friends. While there is still a need for further research in animal-CBD interactions, the available science has confirmed its benefits, allowing for the production and sale of pet-specific, CBD-based medicines.

These therapies offer an excellent alternative to standard veterinary treatments and medications; great news for those owners whose dogs somehow manage to eat the peanut butter, but spit out the pill hidden inside.

How Do We Know CBD is Safe for Pets?

With myriads of studies on the endocannabinoid system, a function-regulating system found in mammals, the library of science available on the benefits of CBD is abundant. However, the current quantity of research focused on animal-CBD interactions is still in its beginning phases. This can pose some concern for animal-owners, as they may fear  harmful side-effects or intoxicating their pet. Thankfully, years of dedicated research have proven CBD to be non-psychoactive, both for humans and pets.

Despite its small size, the collection of science on animal-CBD interactions is growing. Relevant lab-studies, along with a handful of clinical trials have already demonstrated the efficiency with which CBD reduces pain, inflammation, and the frequency of seizures in pets. Further anecdotal evidence illustrates its utility in decreasing aggression and anxiety in pets, specifically canines.

What Can CBD Do for My Pets?

Its effects and interactions similar in animals to those in the human body, CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, a distinct regulatory system that helps to moderate numerous functions related to the immune system and pain-management.

During the late 20th century, animal-based CBD research was largely informed by voluntary human trials. Following confirmation of the safety of CBD in humans, along with its lack of psychoactive effects, lab tests moved forward with canines and rodents to examine its potential therapeutic benefits for non-human mammals.

Science has revealed that when CBD interacts with a mammalian endocannabinoid system, it can produce many of the same calming and pain-diminishing effects in animals as humans. Concurrently, research has also informed us of many differences between the endocannabinoid systems of each distinct mammal.

In canines, for example, the endocannabinoid system contains many more receptors than the endocannabinoid system found in a human. This means that once cannabinoids have been consumed, their effects will be felt much more intensely by a dog than a human. This is positive in regards to the calming and pain-reducing effects related to CBD.

However, some effects that may be indiscernible to humans, especially those found in full-spectrum CBD, may be felt by your pup. This can prove terrifying for your dog, who may feel confused or afraid of the sudden and unknown sensations overtaking its body and mind.

Remember: THC is toxic for dogs, and while it may not cause death, it can leave your dog feeling sick, anxious, and traumatized. Dogs have a much lower threshold for psychotropic effects, whether induced by THC or felt through some subtle, imperceptible component of CBD. This is why it is so important to be cautious and read labels before giving cannabis-based products to pets. And when you look to buy CBD online for pets in Canada, ensure that the products your pet consumes are 100% safe and well-tolerated by animals.

What Can CBD Treat in Animals?

So now that you’ve decided to buy CBD online in Canada, what can CBD do for your furry friend? While there are countless ailments prominent in humans that can be managed with the help of CBD products, science has revealed a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional issues in animals that can likewise be treated with CBD.

Pain is one of the most well-recognized ailments treated with CBD. Much like it would in humans, CBD interacts with receptors in an animal’s endocannabinoid system, releasing chemicals that both block pain receptors and reduce inflammation. This is especially notable in canine osteoarthritis, one ailment that has been studied in-depth in regards to the effects of CBD-based pain management. With no distinguishable side effects, veterinary scientists noted an evident decrease in pain, paired with an increase in activity following the twice-daily administration of CBD oil to osteoarthritic dogs.

Further studies have demonstrated the efficiency of CBD in reducing the frequency of seizures in both cats and dogs. Research is in its early stages, but small clinical trials, paired with anecdotal evidence from veterinarians from across Canada and many cannabis-friendly states, have confirmed how successful CBD oil can be in as a complementary therapy to standard pharmaceuticals. While more traditional medicine is necessary to control epilepsy, the addition of CBD can prove beneficial. In one clinical study, 89% of treated dogs experienced a reduction in the frequency of their seizures.

Another benefit? The anxiolytic and mood-boosting effects of CBD can help to reduce both anxiety and aggression in pets. Pre-clinical and clinical studies, human-based trials, and epidemiological studies have revealed just how powerful CBD is at managing anxiety in humans, so it comes as no surprise that it affects other mammals in much the same way.

These observations were most prominently demonstrated during clinical trials involving rats. Focused specifically rats exhibiting signs of anxiety or depression, a series of tests demonstrated the power of CBD, producing impressive success rates. Anxious rats were able to easily complete difficult mazes, previously unmanageable due to increased levels of anxiety. Further studies noted that, following the administration of Cannabidiol, depressed rats faced with a life-or-death situation fought to live, while those without CBD did not. CBD further encouraged rats to complete tasks and be social, illustrating just how much CBD can impact quality of life.

CBD for Pets: A Question of Quality

As is true with most purchases, choosing quality products makes a massive difference. If you’re diligent in only searching for high-grade products and seek to purchase Canadian when you buy CBD online, you lower the risks associated with poor-quality or knockoff products.

What is one essential thing to look for? Products that are certified pet-safe. While not necessarily required to be marketed for animals, it is imperative to know that a product is 100% safe for animals before administering to your pet. Be sure to know the ingredient and understand the effects of any products you give to your pet. That way, both you and your furry friend will be happy and healthy!

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