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North Bay, Ontario

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With its sporting and meeting events taking place all throughout the year, North Bay in Ontario attracts more than a million visitors yearly. But more than being a vacation destination because of its outdoor activities, this city also offers arts and culture events and activities, particularly in the downtown district.

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Along with its exciting events and activities, one thing that makes North Bay, Ontario a great place to visit is because you can legally smoke marijuana in this city. In fact, you can easily buy your cannabis fix from any of the online dispensaries serving the area. Low Price Bud is one store that sells top quality cannabis products.

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If you are looking to consume cannabis and get quick and maximum effect, try to get your hands on cannabis tinctures. This is one of the oldest methods of concentrating plant compounds to extract their benefits. At Low Price Bud, you will find a wide range of tinctures that will suit every kind of consumer

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A little exploring in and around North Bay will take you to some of the city’s hidden gems that will surely make your stay worth your while. Some of its must-visit places are Lake Nipissing for boating and fishing, Laurier Woods Conservation Area for outdoor recreation, and the North Bay Museum for history exhibits.

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