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CBD Bath Bombs: An Ultimate Experience

CBD Bath Bombs: An Ultimate Experience

Cannabidiol is an incredible compound. Canadians use it for its medicinal effects. It promotes relaxation, stress relief, and soothes anxieties. But it’s slowly moving from the medicinal products into cosmetics. You might even see it at a spa these days.

The very same soothing properties Canadians love about CBD, shockingly translate well to topical applications. It’s why we are all starting to see CBD migrate into CBD creams, CBD lip balms, and now CBD bath bombs. But what’s so great about CBD in a bath bomb?

Why Put CBD in Your Bath Bomb?

Although many Canadians may have experience with CBD tinctures or even CBD edibles, have you ever tried a CBD bath bomb? Bath bombs have a near-cult following on social media. You may have already found yourself mesmerized as social media influencers dissolve a magical bath bomb in a steaming bathtub. Now, these colorful and calming bath products are getting the CBD treatment.

We can already hear you asking about topical applications of CBD. Usually, CBD is consumed, rather than used externally. Why would you want to add CBD into your bath products?

As it turns out, this cannabinoid works equally as well for topical applications as internal ones. Cannabinoids, like CBD, work with the endocannabinoid system, influencing the function of the endocannabinoid receptors. We have receptors in our organs, inflammatory system, and nervous system. We also have cannabinoid receptors in our skin.

Normally, when you inhale or eat cannabinoids, they travel into the bloodstream to provide medicinal benefits. If you apply a topical CBD cream or soak in a CBD-infused bath, they infiltrate into the skin. Topical CBD doesn’t make its way into the bloodstream, but it does deliver medicinal benefits to the skin, joints, and muscles.

Will a CBD Bath Bomb Make You High?

Considering CBD comes from cannabis, it’s a logical question to know whether it’s also intoxicating. As much as a hot bath, paired with a pre-rolled joint, sounds like an ultimate bath time relaxation, not everyone wants to get high.

Most CBD products today are made from hemp. Hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa L., which contains high amounts of CBD, but it doesn’t contain any THC. Considering CBD itself is nonintoxicating, all the products made from hemp-derived CBD oil are also nonintoxicating.

A secondary reason why CBD bath bombs are non-intoxicating is the route of administration. Even if you had a THC bath bomb, you would not feel high. The only way your body absorbs cannabinoids into the bloodstream is through inhalation or ingestion. If you use cannabinoid creams, bath bombs, or other cosmetic products, the benefits only go skin deep. That means THC never enters the bloodstream and never triggers a high.

What are the Benefits of CBD Bath Bomb?

Although there isn’t any research into CBD infused bath bombs specifically, because this is a topical application of CBD, we can pull some insights from recent scientific studies.

Researchers are currently exploring these benefits through early phases of study, but the initial evidence is all-positive. Thankfully, we know that CBD is safe to use and well-tolerated, especially when applied topically.

Pain Relief

Just as you may have already discovered from using CBD oils, CBD provides pain relief even when applied topically. In recent studies, topical CBD has been proven to reduce certain types of pain, including neuropathy.

Soothes Skin Irritations

Another exciting area of research into the topic is the potential of CBD to soothe skin irritations. Current studies are exploring its ability to treat acne, psoriasis, eczema, and general itchiness.

With that said, if you do suffer from any serious skin irritations, it is best to perform a patch test first on a small area of unaffected skin. There is always a chance that you will react to new topical products, even if it’s from the other ingredients beyond the CBD.

Potent Antioxidant

Did you know that cannabis is a potent antioxidant? Many cannabinoids, CBD included, help fight the proliferation of free radicals. Every day we expose ourselves to harsh environments, climates, and conditions that lead to skin damage from free radicals. If free radicals are allowed to proliferate unchecked, it becomes increasingly difficult for the skin to repair itself. So, long story short, if we fight free radicals, we reduce inflammation and slow the natural aging process. New research confirms that CBD is a powerful antioxidant, which may be useful in anti-aging creams. It reportedly has more potential than Vitamin C in skincare.

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

If you have ever enjoyed a normal bath bomb’s bubbling-fizzy action, you are ready to enter the world of CBD-infused bath bombs. Technically, both types of products contain similar ingredients, except for the beneficial addition of CBD.

Never used a bath bomb before? First, set the scene. Fill your bathtub with steaming hot water —as hot as you can stand to encourage the greatest relaxation. You may also want to light some incense, candles, or put essential oils in a diffuser. Stick with calming scents, like lavender and eucalyptus.

When you’ve finished running the bath, unwrap your CBD bath bomb and keep it within easy reach as you gently lower yourself into the piping hot water. Once you have fully settled in, grab the bath bomb. Plop it into the bath, and let it float around as it fizzles and dissolves.

Now, close your eyes, and lean into the CBD-infused experience. Soak for as long as you want to allow the therapeutic properties to work their magic.

Create an At-Home Spa Experience with CBD

CBD bath bombs are just the beginning of a powerful at-home spa experience. While you could find a spa offering these services locally, you can also save hundreds of dollars by creating one for yourself.

Start with a long, steamy bath fueled by the power of a CBD bath bomb. As you soak, enhance the experience with a THC or CBD vape pen. As you towel off, grab a CBD topical to deliver profoundly penetrating moisture and relief. Finish off with a few CBD gummies and an application of a CBD lip balm. You’ve never felt something as relaxing as this at home CBD spa experinece.

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