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Astro Strain Review & Info: Legendary Kush Bud With A New Twist

Astro Strain Review: The Bud To Unlock A New Cannabis Experience

Looking to get outer space high on premium weed? Visit the stars with this aptly named Astro Pink strain, a rare, top-shelf cannabis bud with highly sought-after qualities. 

In this Astro Strain review, we tell you all about this desirable Pink Kush offshoot, how it makes you feel and where to get it when buying weed online in Canada.

There are many things a cannabis strain can be named after. 

Some are named after famous boxers, music, films, and locations where they originated, but in rare cases, a strain’s name will tell you exactly where its high will take you. 

In Astro Pink’s case, that’s outer space.

Astro Pink Strain is one of Canada’s most sought-after cannabis buds. 

For most cannabis consumers, it’s desirable because of its genetics, as it’s an offshoot of the insanely popular, BC-born and bred Pink Kush strain. 

But for enthusiasts, it’s the effects, the looks, and the flavour and aroma that attracts them.

Astro Strain provides a different experience from regular buds, making it a favourite among breeders and consumers alike. 

This Astro Strain review tells you all there is to know about this gorgeous bud, including where to buy weed online in Canada. Read on.

What Is Astro Pink Strain? Astro Strain ReviewClose up image of Astro Strain cannabis plant from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary in Canada. But Weed Online.

Astro Pink, also known as Astro Pink Kush or AstroPink, is an indica dominant hybrid with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio

Astro Pink strain is a phenotype of the famous Pink Kush strain, an indica dominant hybrid with a 90:10 indica to sativa ratio bred in the BC area. 

It has since become one of Canada’s most popular cannabis strains. 

Pink Kush’s heritage is shrouded in mystery, but many breeders believe it has strong ties to the legendary OG Kush strain

This places the Astro Pink strain in a good place genetically as Pink Kush is one of the in-demand strains.

Like its parent strain, Astro Pink Kush is known for its gorgeous appearance and trichome cover that both strains seem to have inherited from their OG Kush parentage. 

But does this bud carry on other desirable properties of the Pink Kush strain? Is Astro Pink strain worth buying online in Canada in 2022? Here is more on the Astro Strain Review.

Astro Strain Review: The Different Astro Strains Available Online In CanadaGrinder and astro strain weed buds. Buy weed online in Canada from the top mail order marijuana online dispensary West Coast Cannabis Canada.

Don’t be confused when you buy weed online. There are different Astro strains in the mail-order marijuana space, all with different genetics, effects and flavours. 

One of the most popular Astro strains is Astroboy marijuana.

Astroboy is a sativa dominant hybrid with a 70:30 sativa indica ratio. Therefore, this strain is nothing like the bud in this Astro Strain review. 

Astroboy is a cross between the powerful Apollo 13, Ortega and Cinderella 99 strains. 

Astroboy strain is known for its immediate euphoric rush that uplifts your mood and leaves you in a happy state with a sense of hazy motivation. 

It, too, has some indica effects with a relaxing body buzz that spreads from the neck to the rest of the body. 

However, its physical effects are only mildly sedative, and it doesn’t result in couchlock or deep sleep.

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Other Astro strains include the Astro Glue strain, Astro Chimp and Astro Haze

However, in this Astro Strain review, we are looking at the Astro Pink Kush strain. What does it look like, and how will it make you feel?

Astro Strain Review: Appearance, Taste And AromaAstro weed bud in a man's hand. Order weed online. Mail order weed.

Does Astro Pink carry on its parent’s good looks? How does it taste, and what does it smell like? Here is the lowdown on the Astro strain review.

Like its parent strain, Astro Pink packs a gorgeous appearance, flavour and effects. Like Pink Kush, this strain has cone-like, small to medium nugs. 

These buds are forest green in colour with vivid pink undertones that will remind you of their Pink Kush heritage.

Astro Pink Kush buds also have lots of thin amber hairs twirling around the bud, adding beautifully to the pink and forest green colour show that these buds present. 

Like Pink Kush and OG Kush, these buds are covered by a thick, generous cover of white crystal trichomes that give them a frosty look.

If you are impressed by the appearance, the aroma and flavour will do you one better. Opening a jar full of Astro Pink nugs gives off a sweet aroma with fruity, woody, piney and gassy diesel notes. 

This complex aroma intensifies when you pull these sticky buds apart and when they are combusted. 

The flavour is much like the aroma but on the lighter side. Smoking Astro Pink buds produces smooth smoke that delivers notes of sweet fruitiness, accented by a light touch of woody pine and earth. 

You may also notice some delicate but apparent herbal and floral undertones.

Now that you know how Astro Pink Kush looks, smells, and tastes, how does it make you feel?

The Astro Pink Kush Experience: How It Makes You FeelStoned woman smiling on her bed at home after buying weed online from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary in Canada to buy weed online.

Astro Pink Kush strain is a potent cannabis bud, testing at between 17% to 22% THC content. By comparison, the original Pink Kush strain averages 20% THC with near-pure indica genetics. 

This suggests that the phenotype, Astro Pink Kush, is slightly more potent. But is it?

Effects kick in almost immediately, starting with a dizzying rush of cerebral uplifting and euphoria that makes you feel like you are visiting outer space. These mind-focused effects continue for some time and leave you in high moods and in a happy space. 

These first effects chase away your anxiety and stress and calm down your rushing thoughts, promoting positivity. 

As a result, this first wave will have you happy and in an unfocused hazy state. However, this strain is an indica dominant hybrid. 

If you have some tasks to wind up, the first wave of effects is the best time to do so before they turn physical as Astro Pink’s indica side kicks in. 

The relaxing effects start creeping from the neck down to the limbs, completely relaxing every muscle in your body.

Your limbs will start feeling heavy. This is the best time to get onto your couch and put on your favourite show because you will be there for a while. 

Astro Pink is known for its heavy couch-lock that will have you fully immobile for hours before the bud pulls you into a deep sleep.

This strain is best used in the late evenings or when you have no tasks to do. Astro Pink also causes intense munchies so ensure you have some snacks nearby.

Where To Buy Astro Pink Kush Weed Online In Canada

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