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Sweet OG Kush cannabis bud close up. Sweet OG Kush strain review

Sweet OG Kush Review: Delicious Strain With Balanced Hybrid Effects

Sweet OG Kush Review For The Cannabis Consumer With A Candied Tooth

Are you looking for delicious cannabis strains with potent effects? In this Sweet OG Kush review, we look at one potent bud with a reputation for overwhelming new and experienced consumers. 

Sweet OG Kush is a perfectly blended hybrid you should consider the next time you buy weed online in Canada. This strain has all the hallmarks of a great strain, from the desirable genetics, flavour and aroma to the potent effects. 

As the name suggests, Sweet OG Kush is an all-round beauty but is it worth buying? Kush lovers say it is. 

However, with the high number of cannabis strains in the market, there is some confusion about this bud. So is Sweet OG Kush the same as Sweet Kush?

While there is not much information about this strain available to the public, this Sweet OG Kush digs deeper into its origins, general appearance, flavour, aroma and how it makes you feel. 

We also look at its medical benefits and tell you where to buy weed online in Canada. Read on!

Sweet OG Kush Review: Is It Indica or Sativa?Black and white image of a Sweet OG Kush cannabis plant from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada.

Sweet OG Kush is a balanced 50% Sativa, 50% Indica hybrid strain with a reputation as a very potent strain. It’s a three-way cross between the legendary OG Kush, Double Purple Doja and Afgooey.

This strain is not to be confused with the Sweet Kush strain, another 50:50 indica/sativa balanced hybrid strain created through a cross between Sweet Tooth and the sativa dominant OG Kush strain. 

Sweet OG Kush parents include OG Kush, a classic cannabis strain that is still one of the most sought-after buds in today’s market. 

Other strains contributing to Sweet OG Kush’s genetics include Afgooey, a resin monster with a reputation for having super sticky buds that literally ooze resin. 

OG Kush is also known to have super sticky nugs because of the heavy trichome cover of its buds.

But does Sweet OG Kush carry on these desirable properties from its celebrity parents? Is Sweet OG Kush strain worth buying from online dispensaries in 2022? 

Sweet OG Kush’s other parent strain is Double Purple Doja, an indica strain created through a cross between the Black Russian and Sputnik #1 strains. This bud is known for its super euphoric effects and a musky blackberry aroma. 

The most common Sweet OG Kush bud in Canada is from Riot Seeds and is a child of the OG Kush Mother strain – the first version of OG Kush, Double Purple Doja Line and Bodhi’s Afgooey strains. 

But is Sweet OG Kush worth buying online in Canada?

Sweet OG Kush Type Of HighRelaxed woman at home on chair smiling after buying weed online from West Coast Cannabis Canada. Sweet OG Kush strain review.

The bud in this Sweet OG Kush review is a well-balanced 50% indica and 50% sativa strain. As such, you can expect an experience that delivers the best of both sides. This bud will provide all the cerebral stimulation and body high you need.

After a few hits on a Sweet OG Kush joint, you will feel an immediate uplifting sensation that lifts your moods and induces feelings of euphoria and happiness. This is the first phase of the high, as we uncovered in our Sweet OG Kush review.

The cerebral stimulation of this strain may support creativity and focus, enabling you to go on with your day’s tasks. This feeling may also promote giggles and chattiness, making this strain one of the best for social activities.

As time passes, Sweet OG’s indica genetics start coming to the forefront as the sativa-like effects dissipate. A warm tingly feeling spreads from your head to the limbs, soothing the muscles and reducing tension. This sensation marks the beginning of this bud’s physical effects when you start sinking deeper into a relaxation state.

These soothing effects also provide some pain relief and calm anxiety and rushing thoughts, allowing you to concentrate on the positive side of life. However, enjoy this phase of the high as it quickly transforms into a deep, long-lasting sleep.

Sweet OG Kush strain effects are highly intoxicating. But this is not to say they are not enjoyable. They are, but they are also highly potent. This bud’s effects are powered by THC content that can be as low as 15% or as high as 23%.

But despite these modest figures, Sweet OG Kush can put down even the most experienced cannabis consumers. Couch-lock is also almost guaranteed with this strain as the indica side of this loveable bud comes in strong.

This strain may be used during the day in lower doses, but it’s best suited for the evenings because of the couch-lock and the sleep-inducing effects.

Our Sweet OG Kush review also revealed that this strain causes intense munchies. So ensure you have some sweet snacks nearby for when the couch-lock kicks in, it will be a struggle getting up to the fridge. But what about its taste and aroma?

Sweet OG Kush Review: Appearance, Flavour And FragranceFresh lemon slices. Sweet OG Kush Review Appearance, Flavour And Fragrance. Buy weed online.

Sweet OG Kush buds are small to medium in size and have distinctive emerald green colours, with bright orange pistils growing on the nug’s surface, giving it an additional touch of vibrancy. 

While the colour show is attractive to the eyes, the icing on the cake is the trichome coating.

Sweet OG Kush nugs look like they have been rolled in sugar due to a generous coating of resinous trichomes. Like its parents, OG Kush and Afgooey, Sweet OG Kush has a heavy layer of trichomes and resin that make the bud extra sticky to the touch.

The bud continues to impress in the aroma department. Opening a jar of Sweet OG will give you a hint as to why this strain has “sweet” and “OG Kush” in its name. The nugs give off a sweet, citrusy aroma, complemented by an earthy, fruity scent.

The flavour is also similar to the aroma. Smoking a Sweet OG joint delivers smooth smoke that will have your taste buds bursting with citrusy sweetness. 

The taste of this bud is reminiscent of a lemon drop candy. In addition to its lemony flavours, you will also note some piney and spicy hints as well as herbs.

Sweet OG Kush Review Medical BenefitsMedical prescription pad and stethoscope. Medical benefits of Sweet OG Kush weed.

This bud is one of the best OG Kush strains. Its potent effects are said to have some benefits in managing some health conditions

This bud’s uplifting, cerebral stimulation effects may offer relief, although temporary, to people with mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

This strain’s physical effects profoundly relax the body, which may help manage chronic joint pains, including those caused by arthritis and back pain. 

Its intense munchies can be helpful if you are trying to work your appetite to a healthy level. Its sedative effects may be beneficial in managing insomnia and other sleep problems.

Just be aware of the dosage, as overconsuming this potent bud may lead to uncomfortable highs or even exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety and paranoia. Now that you know all about Sweet OG Kush, where can you buy it online?

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