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5 Best Marijuana Strains for Managing Inflammation

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Managing Inflammation

People love marijuana for many reasons. For one, it can lift your mood through the roof and take away any mental distress or depression. It can also make your entire body feel good due to its relieving effects. On top of that, it can help you counteract all kinds of inflammatory conditions from infections to migraines.

The soothing effects of marijuana are perfect for those dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, soreness, and other physical issues. With that said, some strains are better than others. If you’re looking for a strain to relieve physical distress and leave your body feeling amazing, here are 5 of the best marijuana strains for managing inflammation.

1. Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG. It’s also known by the names Black Diamond OG and Black Diamond OG Kush. No matter what you choose to call it, this is one of the best cannabis strains you can buy if you’re looking for deep relaxation and relief from pain and inflammation.

Many users love this strain thanks to its intensely calming effects. It’s strong enough to relieve your entire body of nagging pain, inflammation, or even general aches and physical distress. It’s also mentally calming, making it helpful for those dealing with chronic stress or anxiety. It’s also highly sedating, making it one of the best strains for combating insomnia and other sleep problems.

Aside from its soothing perks, Black Diamond is also well-loved due to its scent and taste. It’s earthy and musky yet carries hints of sweet berries and grapes, leading many people to compare its flavor to red wine. A few hits of this delicious strain will leave you feeling giggly, joyous, and free of any pain or stress.

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2. Death Bubba

Death Bubba is another one of the best marijuana strains for managing inflammation. This indica-dominant hybrid is made by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush – two excellent strains that combine to make something even better. With a 70:30 indica to sativa genetic ratio and whopping THC levels of 26 to 27%, you can rely on this strain to eliminate your pain.

Whether you’re dealing with nagging pain from an injury, neuropathic pain from headaches or migraines, or even period pains, Death Bubba will relieve your body within a few hits. It can also help with general soreness and inflammation from a wide variety of issues. Aside from that, it’ll also boost your mood and heighten your senses.

It’s best to use Death Bubba at night. Due to its high potency, even a few hits can leave you feeling intensely relaxed. After the initial effects wear off, it’ll send you into a deeply relaxing night of sleep. Not only is this great for insomnia sufferers, but you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and healthy.

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Death Bubba

3. Orange Creamsicle

Most marijuana users head straight for the indica section when they’re looking for a strain to relieve pain and inflammation. However, sometimes sativa strains are just as helpful. While indica strains are generally more physically relaxing and sedating, many sativa marijuana strains can provide relieving effects without making you fall asleep.

Orange Creamsicle is a prime example of this. It’s one of the best strains for managing inflammation as, not only can it help combat all kinds of pain and inflammatory conditions, but it’ll also invigorate your body in the process and make you feel focused and alert. It’ll also boost your mood to put you in a euphoric mental state.

As you might expect, Orange Creamsicle is also a treat to smoke or vape thanks to its delicious flavor. Users who have smoked or vaped this strain often report tangy citrus notes along with hints of cream, sugar, and vanilla. If you enjoy flavorful strains that provide a mix of relaxation and stimulation, you need to try this strain as soon as possible.

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4. Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz is a phenotype of Runtz – a popular hybrid strain made by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato. Naturally, it’s a delicious strain to smoke or vape as it carries a sweet and fruity candy-like aroma. It’s also a highly uplifting strain that will make you feel joyous and euphoric for hours.

On top of these perks, Pink Runtz is also one of the best weed strains for reducing inflammation. Whether you’re dealing with period pains, migraines, or an inflammatory infection, Pink Runtz will soothe your entire body and make you feel blissfully happy in the process. It can also help with chronic pain due to its strong analgesic effects.

With a 50:50 indica to sativa ratio, Pink Runtz offers a perfectly balanced mix of mental invigoration and physical relaxation. It can soothe your body and enhance your mind throughout the day without being too overwhelming. With that said, smoking a lot of Pink Runtz might make you feel exceptionally sleepy and hungry.

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5. Rockstar

Rockstar has long been one of the most popular indica strains for marijuana fans. It’s made by crossing Rock Bud and Sensi Star and, while it’s not a pure indica, it leans strongly towards indica genetics with a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio. It also has high THC levels of 23%, making it a hard-hitting strain that’s excellent for relieving inflammation.

When you smoke or vape Rockstar, you’ll feel a soothing sensation growing throughout your body. Not only can this help with nagging pain, but it can take away all kinds of aches, soreness, and inflammation. Whether you’re dealing with mild inflammation or a chronic condition, Rockstar will help relieve every part of your body.

On top of that, the mental effects of Rockstar are ideal for anyone dealing with mood problems. It puts you in a euphoric and carefree state, making it helpful for combating symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. It might leave you feeling lazy and unfocused, but you’ll be too happy to care.

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These are five of the best marijuana strains for managing inflammation, but they’re far from your only choices. Pretty much every strain of weed can offer some level of physical relaxation, so you’ll never be short on options. From flavorful sativas to powerful indicas and everything in between, you can find the perfect strain for your needs at Low Price Bud.

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