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Top 5 Weed Strain to Manage Depression and Anxiety

What Is the Best Weed for Anxiety & Depression?

Here’s everything you need to know about using weed for anxiety, depression & other mood disorder symptoms.

The Canadian Mental Health Association research suggests that one in five people experience medical conditions related to mental health.

These mental health conditions are often associated with depression and anxiety. Major or clinical depression manifests as feelings of hopelessness, deep sadness, and worthlessness and requires the patient to seek a Therapeutic Counsellor.

These symptoms make it difficult for the patients to go about their day and are often debilitating or inconvenient.

Stress, lack of homeostasis(balance) in brain chemistry, and personality may trigger depression and anxiety.

Currently, there’re pharmaceutical medications for relieving depression and anxiety. These, however, come with a host of side effects, and some users don’t see the benefits outweighing the risks.

Therefore, some patients have opted for alternatives such as medical cannabis to manage these mental health conditions.

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence backing weed for anxiety and depression. Also, some preliminary research suggests that cannabis may relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Let’s delve deeper and understand how and why weed is good for depression and anxiety. We’ll also look at some of the compounds present in weed that make it great for managing mental health conditions.

Finally, we’ll give you our top pick strains for chasing the blues away and getting you excited about your day.

Weed for Anxiety; Can Marijuana Relieve Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety?Woman hiding under pillow in bed in need of weed for anxiety. cheap buds. low price buds. budget buds.

There are four major types of depression:

  • Dysthymia—associated with low mood and lack of interest in normal activities.
  • Postpartum depression—behaviour changes in women following childbirth and the stress of a newborn.
  • Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that comes on during the cold, dark winter months.
  • Depression with psychosis—major mood disorder accompanied by hallucinations.

Lack of homeostasis or balance in the body is the major cause of depression. 

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for restoring balance. Since cannabis stimulates and supports this system, it may help relieve symptoms of depression.

Furthermore, low endocannabinoids (clinical endocannabinoid deficiency(CECD)) have been associated with mood disorders.

Consuming marijuana will elevate the levels of cannabinoids(THC and CBD) in the body, leading to positive moods.

Also, the cannabinoid THC has antidepressant characteristics. This is according to research done at McGill University in Montreal. Dr. Gabriella Gobbi conducted this research after several of her patients gave anecdotal accounts of how cannabis elevated their low moods.

Another research conducted in the Netherlands by the university of medical center Utrecht found that THC could reduce unpleasant responses to negative emotions and images.

This study shows that the endocannabinoids influence emotional responses. Therefore, there’s potential in weed for anxiety and depression symptoms.

How Terpenes Limonene & Linalool Help Relieve Anxiety and DepressionLemon slices, cannabis leaves, flowers. canada dispensary. weed shop online. cannabis online. Dispencary.

Ternepens are compounds found in most plants. In cannabis, these compounds are responsible for each weed strain’s unique flavour and smell.

The dominant terpene in a particular weed strain works alongside other compounds found in the weed to produce the unique effects associated with that particular strain.

This can help explain why different weed strains with similar THC percentages have different effects.

Furthermore, research suggests that terpenes may help alleviate mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety,  and depression.

Out of the 400 known terpenes, only a handful have been studied and linked to medical benefits. Limonene and linalool are two terpenes that have been linked to alleviating mental health conditions.

The terpene limonene, for example, has been shown to have anti-cancer, anti-anxiety, and anti-stress properties.

Limonene is a common terpene found in most cannabis strains. It has distinct citrus notes and flavour.

Terpene linalool has a sweet floral and lavender scent. It’s also found in mint and cinnamon and is commonly used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Other terpenes believed to alleviate depression and anxiety include caryophyllene and pinene.

Caryophyllene, which is also found in hops, cloves and rosemary, could be beneficial in alleviating depression and anxiety.

Pinene, which has a distinct coniferous forest smell, could potentially have antidepressant properties.

Why Sativa Dominant Strains Are Best Suited to Relieve Depression and AnxietyRelaxed woman smiling & stretching at home. buy weed canada. mail order cannabis canada. concentrates canada. Dispencary.

Sativa dominant strains are always the first choice when in need of weed for anxiety.

These strains are great for mood-boosting because they have a head high, unlike Indica dominant strains which have an overwhelming body high that often leaves you couch-locked.

Here are common effects associated with Sativa dominant strains that might help explain importance of weed for anxiety and depression.

  • Sharper Focus. Sativa dominant strains may help ease a distracted mind and promote concentration, which helps one accomplish tasks.
  • Increased Creativity. Sativa products may unblock creativity and lead to stimulating mental effects. Some users have reported that this has helped them generate ideas to help them solve problems.
  • Energizing. If you’re looking for a boost of energy to help get you through the day, Sativa strain users have reported euphoric bursts of energy after consuming this weed.
  • Mood Uplifting. Some users have reported a euphoric mood alleviation while on Sativa strains.
  • Mind-expanding. Users reported that they felt unimaginable mind high and alleviation while on Sativa, making them meditate deeply about different concepts.

Patients suffering from mental health conditions are usually low on the above symptoms. Because cannabis posesses potential therapeutic effects against these symptoms, it’s often associated with helping alleviate ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

Top 5 Best Weed Strains for Anxiety and DepressionClose up of large bud of weed. budget buds. online dispensary Canada. weed for anxiety.

Cannabis reacts differently to different body systems. Therefore, finding a strain that best suits your condition will involve a bit of experimenting with different strains.

Generally, Sativa strains are known for their uplifting effects, so breaking your search down to this particular strain might help ease your search for the perfect strain. 

Dosing is another important factor to pay attention to when using weed for anxiety. 

Overconsumption of cannabis is potentially harmful to your health. Talk to your doctor for appropriate dosing.

With that said, here are our top pick strains for managing mental health conditions.

1. Green CrackGreen Crack shatter weed. weed for anxiety. cannabis stores. weed delivery canada. weed online. dispenseries.

Green Crack is a Sativa dominant strain with a sweet tropical flavour underlaid by citrusy notes. Don’t let the eyebrow lifting name fool you. This highly potent strain has massive mood-boosting effects.

Most Green Crack users report immediate energy bursts that get them moving and getting things done.

This daytime use strain may effectively manages ADHD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

If you’re not a fan of smoking weed, you can buy the shatter version to vape, dab, or add to your food and drinks to make typical edibles.

2. Blue DreamBlue Dream crumble wax cannabis concentrate. marijuana dispensary. budgetbuds. weed edibles. canada weed. Dispencary.

This Sativa dominant strain is dominated by limonene and linalool terpenes. As a result, it has uplifting effects guaranteed to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

Users report that the cerebral alleviation effects set in almost immediately. On top of that,  you’ll experience jolts of energy and creativity that will motivate you to get up and get going.

This sweet berry scent and sugar-sweet tasting strain can help manage chronic pain and stress while alleviating insomnia.

The robust scents and flavour swirl in your mouth long after the exhale. 

If you’re on the market for a delicious dabbing sesh that will leave your spirit high as your senses mellowing in the delicious flavour profile of Blue dream, get yourself some Budder – Blue Dream or LPB Shatter – Blue Dream.

3. Astroboy (AAAA)Astroboy weed online Canada. thc oil. budget buds. dispensary vancouver. cheap weed canada. Dispencary.

If you like some tangy citrus flavours with your cannabis, Astroboy might be the strain for you.

On the inhale, thick clouds of smoke will swirl in your mouth as your senses pick up juicy sweet fruity flavour underlaid by sharp, tangy flavours.

This Sativa dominant strain has a cerebral high bound to boost your energy levels and get you excited about even the most menial tasks.

4. Island Sweet Skunk (AAAA)Island Sweet Skunk weed online Canada. ganjaexpress. moon rock weed. cannabis dispensary. weed stores.

Island sweet skunk is for those who like the unmistakable skunk scent of traditional weed. The strain features rich grapefruit flavours with undertones of skunky notes.

Island sweet skunk is a premier weed for anxiety loved for its uplifting and energy-inducing effects, perfect for managing inflammation, muscles spasm, and chronic anxiety.

5. Amnesia Haze (AA)

Amnesia haze, coming in at an all-time high THC content of up to 22%. 

This mood-enhancing strain is touted as an uplifting and energy-inducing strain great for managing stress and inducing relaxation that will leave your mind calm and collected.

Its dominant terpene limonene is responsible for its unmistakable sharp citrusy scent and anti-anxiety features.

Amnesia Haze is the perfect daytime strain bound to get your day started on a high note and keep you going.

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