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What Is Marijuana Wax

What Is Marijuana Wax and How Is It Made?

Wax…? Like beeswax? Candle wax? Earwax? Well, it definitely isn’t the stuff they use at Madame Tussauds, though looking at that Marley figure, you never know? Marijuana wax is distinct from any substances we generally classify as wax, yet its soft, sticky structure is so reminiscent of the stuff, could we really call it by any other name?

Known for its potency, this super-concentrated form of cannabis delivers a unique, head-busting high unlike any other product one might choose to consume.

But what is so great about it? With the nostalgia of joints, great taste of edibles, ease of tinctures, portability of vape pens, and beauty of glassware, why would we ever need another way in which to consume cannabis?

Because wax is different! Because wax is fun! It offers a high that deviates from the typical trip you might experience from a regular, everyday joint. Sure, hitting the bong hard might send you off to wonderland, but after a while, it’s just the same old tea party.

Marijuana wax is here to mix it up! Whether you’re a knowledgeable weed aficionado looking to expand your repertoire or an everyday stoner, simply curious about what’s out there, read on to find out what wax is, what makes it so different, and where you can buy cannabis concentrates online!

What is Wax?

Before we learn what marijuana wax is, let’s find out what it isn’t. For one, it isn’t actually wax. The substances we categorize as wax are malleable solids composed of organic compounds produced by plants, animals, or petroleum.

They can be used for a plethora of purposes, from the classic beeswax candle, to surfboard sex wax, to paraffin-based crayons and lava lamps. And while all these things may appeal to one stoner stereotype or another, these products produce neither inebriating nor therapeutic properties (though the lava lamp might complement marijuana wax nicely!).

Despite being derived from a plant and existing in a similar state of matter as the above-mentioned waxes, marijuana wax is an entirely different substance. Rather, it is an extensively-concentrated cannabis oil produced through the careful extraction of trichomes, the tiny crystals found on various parts of the marijuana plant.

Trichomes contain the highest concentration of the intoxicating and therapeutic components of cannabis, IE. cannabinoids like THC and CBD, as well as complementary, experience-enhancing terpenes.

Extracting Wax and Other Concentrates from Cannabis

There are several different methods used in extracting these potent chemicals, each one resulting in a different cannabis product, many of which are sold by Low Price Bud including shatter, budder, and honeycomb, just to name a few. Wax is most often produced using butane gas as a solvent. As such, it is commonly classified as a Butane Hash Oil, although there is some debate as to whether other products constitute wax as well.

In order to extract the desired cannabinoids, all parts containing trichomes – specifically the flower, leaves, and stems – are saturated in butane gas, then subsequently heated in order to separate the butane/cannabinoid concentration from the plant matter. The process of heating not only extracts the necessary cannabis molecules, but it also burns off the butane, leaving a highly-concentrated oil full of both mind-altering and therapeutic components.

One of the key steps in producing wax, as opposed to other BHO concentrates, is the process of agitating the concentration during heating. By agitating the molecules, the consistency remains soft and pliable, with an opaque finish.

In comparison, shatter, which is extracted using the same butane method but without the addition of agitation, is solid and near-transparent. While both products produce a potent high, individuals may prefer one product over another based on flavour, ease of use, or personal experience.

Why Would You Want to Try Wax?

Consider coffee, which can be treated and produced in different ways in order to highlight certain characteristics of the beans, as well as the final cup. Depending on the roast of the bean, as well as the grind, coffee can be brewed in a myriad of different ways, using unique tools, ingredients, processes, and philosophies to reach the perfect cup.

Cannabis and its derivatives are much the same, with many forms needing to go through a number of processes before existing as a consumable product. Wax, as touched upon above, is just one of many options when it comes to extracts, yet its concentrated state makes it one of the most powerful types available. Let’s be clear; wax is not subtle! It produces a potent, hard-hitting high that can feature both mental and physical effects.


Unlike a typical joint that might leave you feeling baked after the last toke, wax requires only a small hoot to deliver a near-immediate room-spinning high. This makes it perfect for a lazy day in bed or a laid-back afternoon in the backyard, but not quite as appropriate for family dinner or grocery shopping. In short, it might get you wrecked.

Of course, this depends on the cannabis strain from which the wax was extracted, as well as a variety of other factors. No matter what, it is always important to research and read up on any product before you buy cannabis concentrates online or in-store?

What is the Best Way to Enjoy Wax?

Most wax consumption takes place using a dab rig, a specially-designed piece of paraphernalia that allows marijuana aficionados to enjoy über-concentrated cannabis products like wax. Somewhat like a bong, the glassware is typically a water pipe with the addition of a bowl attachment, commonly called a banger. Wax is placed in the banger using a long metal tool called a dabber and subsequently vapourised using heat from a butane torch.

While there are portable options available for wax consumption, for example, wax vape pens, because it is such a strong product, wax is more commonly consumed by those in the know using the above dab rig method.

That being said, wax vape pens offer similar effects to using a dab rig, though generally to a lesser extent. Unlike typical vape pens which are no fuss, no muss, comprising a battery and attachable cartridge, wax pens are more hands-on. Using a wax separate from the pen itself, consumers add their own specified dose of wax, allowing for control of their high. Plus, the high is so much stronger than a typical, oil-based vape pen.

Of course, you don’t actually need any fancy gear to enjoy wax. Due to its malleable form, wax can actually be pulled, rolled, and sprinkled in bong and pipe bowls or dispersed through a joint. It may not be the most sophisticated way of enjoying wax, and admittedly it can burn more wax than one might be able to consume, but if you want to try wax without the need for a rig, it isn’t a bad option!

Let’s Wax Philosophical About Weed

While it might not be the easiest and most accessible method of consuming cannabis, marijuana wax is a unique product that produces such a distinct experience; it’s definitely worth trying!

Although the many accessories needed for proper wax dabbing may seem excessive and daunting, once you get over the learning curve, the high is like no other. And if you want to buy cannabis concentrates online just to try them out without all the extra bits and bobs, using the joint or pipe method will still result in a fun trip. Wax on, wax off!

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