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What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Wax and Shatter?

While the world of cannabis concentrates is nothing new, the evolution of ever more innovative products is changing the way many consume cannabis. Shatter and wax are two common forms of cannabis concentrates that deliver potent effects with high concentrations of cannabinoids.

If you’d like to buy concentrates online in Canada, then here’s what you need to know about the differences between shatter and wax.

All About Cannabis Concentrates

Modern marijuana concentrates can be solvent-based or solventless. Solventless concentrates include concentrates like hashish, formed purely through applying heat and pressure. In more recent times, the rise of solvent-based concentrates allowed for ever-more potent extracts that boast incredibly high concentrations of cannabinoids.

Solvents like butane and ethanol led to significant breakthroughs in the production of marijuana concentrates. Such advancements now mean that producers can utilize cannabis flower much more efficiently and concentrate the levels of cannabinoids and other plant compounds to enable concentrations never seen before.

There are many forms of concentrates available on the market today, with two of the most well-known being shatter and wax. Here we explain the difference between both of these increasingly popular forms of concentrate as well as which might best suit your needs.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a potent cannabis concentrate made by stripping raw cannabis flower with a solvent under heat and pressure. Shatter has a translucent appearance that is bright amber to dark yellow in colour. Shatter gets its name from its glass-like physical texture that resembles hard candy and can often be brittle.

Depending on its cannabinoid profile, some forms of shatter may have a more viscous texture. This is particularly common in extracts that are extremely high in THC. Many forms of shatter have notoriously high percentages of THC, which sometimes exceed 90%.

What is Wax?

Cannabis wax refers to the class of extracts with a soft, opaque texture. Unlike shatter, wax is not transparent, due to how it crystallizes after agitation. The unusual molecular densities within wax mean that light cant travel through it, and it appears as a solid non-transparent oil.

Wax can take on different consistencies based on the temperature and humidity levels when the solvent is purged from the extracted solution. The forms of wax with a gooey texture are termed budder, while those with a more solid texture are commonly known as crumble or honeycomb.

What Are the Differences Between Marijuana Wax and Shatter?

Both shatter and wax are highly potent forms of cannabis. The main differences lie in their appearance and consistency. Shatter tends to be clear, hard, and sticky, whereas wax is opaque and more malleable and easier to work with.

Wax and shatter are common among both recreational and medicinal users. In terms of potency, there’s little difference between the two, as both generally boast high levels of THC that can sometimes reach over 90%.

Some extracts will preserve more of the spectrum of plant compounds than others, something that may lead to an enhanced experience, especially for medicinal consumers. Other forms of shatter and wax will contain high concentrations of THC alone and not much else.

Choosing the Right Shatter or Wax For Your Personal Tastes

Not all cannabis concentrates are created equal. Concentrates like shatter or wax vary considerably in their potency and quality. The most crucial factor to consider is the source of flower material for the concentrate.

Some forms of shatter or wax come from trim or shake, where producers attempt to use up all the plant material as efficiently as possible. Such extracts, while more affordable, are often inferior in quality to those made from raw flower.

Ease of use is another important consideration when choosing one over the other. With its glossy solid texture, shatter is often more challenging to work with, whereas wax, with its pliable texture, is much more easily worked and is often more suitable for beginners.

One of the advantages of shatter is its longer shelf life when compared to wax. While both maintain much of their potency for several months when stored correctly, the texture of wax means that it tends to degrade at a faster rate than shatter.

Differences in Consumption Habits Between Wax and Shatter

The most common way to consume shatter or wax is by dabbing them. Consumers place a small amount of either extract on a heated nail before inhaling the vapour. It provides a clean and easy way to consume and delivers potent effects with minimal fuss.

In addition, many use wax for bowl topping. Its malleable texture makes it easy to spread over a wider area, and the practice helps increase the potency of smoked cannabis flower.

The Rise of Concentrates in an Evolving Market

In recent years, the legalized cannabis market has led to huge innovation in an effort to meet the ever-increasing demand for novelty among consumers. Wax and shatter meet the needs of many modern cannabis consumers. They ultimately serve the same purpose, but each comes with its own distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Waxes are easy to handle, manipulate, and ultimately more straightforward to dab. In many ways, they are perfect for novice dabbers and those dipping their toes into the world of cannabis concentrates. However, wax will also degrade quicker than competing forms of cannabis concentrates.

Shatter delivers the same potent hit as wax but has a longer shelf life. However, its brittle nature means that dosing can become a little more complicated to dose and prepare for dabbing.

Buy Concentrates Online in Canada

If you’re looking to buy concentrates online in Canada, then shatter and wax represent two of the most potent forms. At Low Price Bud, we stock a wide range of shatter extracts that comprise a wide range of strains. With products that span right across the Indica – Sativa spectrum, you’ll be sure to find the right strain to meet your own particular requirements.

We also sell various forms of wax, including extracts that preserve the source plant material’s terpene spectrum to deliver maximum medicinal benefit for those who really want to maximize the cannabis experience.


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