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Blue Dream Cannabis Strain: Everything You Need to Know

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain: Everything You Need to Know

Some say life is but a dream. Well, if it is, don’t wake me, ‘cause this dream-world contains one of the most magical strains around: Blue Dream. The hybrid lovechild of legendary Indica Blueberry and renowned Sativa Haze, Blue Dream is an uplifting, balanced strain that provides an array of beneficial medical and recreational properties. It is one of the most popular mail order bud options in Canada.

High in THC, complemented by CBD, Blue Dream offers an array of physical and mental effects that support optimal health and body function while concurrently decreasing negative symptoms and ailments.

Blue Dream 101

Known throughout the health sector for its analgesic, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory qualities, Blue Dream is a popular strain amongst those with chronic pain, loss of appetite, and long-term illness. It is also recognized for its superior mood-boosting effects, commonly used by individuals suffering from depression. Blue Dream is likewise a sought-after strain for recreational use. This is largely due to the heady, euphoric high it elicits without producing incapacitating sedative effects common to many high-THC varieties.

One distinct and ultimately integral aspect of Blue Dream? It’s sweet, fruity scent and balanced, blueberry flavour. Often compared to blueberry baked goods – think tarts, muffins, pies, or scones.

Blue Dream is one strain bought as often for its flavour as it is for function. Are you looking for something fun, yet relaxing, and absolutely chock full of components beneficial to your health? The next time you order bud online in Canada, check out Blue Dream and see just how sweet this strain can be!

The History of Blue Dream

All legends need an origin story, and the Sativa-leaning hybrid Blue Dream is no different. First bred during the 1970s by renowned cannabis breeder DJ Short, Blue Dream is the offspring of Indica Blueberry, another one of DJ Short’s creations, and Haze, a motivating Sativa.

Blueberry is widely recognized for its euphoric, relaxing aspects, providing both analgesic and anxiolytic benefits. Haze, on the other hand, is a popular choice for those affected by depression due to its ability to boost mood, motivation, and creativity.

With such a beautiful balance of Blueberry and Haze components, it is apparent where Blue Dream gets both its name and characteristics. Exhibiting aspects of both parent strains, Blue Dream produces a focused yet dreamy head-high paired with a warm, cozy body-high, unique to the strain itself.

While similar strains of cannabis, Blueberry Haze for example, share the same parent strains, the two offspring are quite distinct. Each one offers a varying array of health benefits and provides healing and relief for different ailments. Unlike Blueberry Haze, which, as its name implies, leaves you in a haze with its sedative properties, Blue Dream is uplifting and comforting, as though you are in the middle of a relaxing yet action-packed dream.

Each strain also elicits different side effects, precipitated from its parent plants. For individuals in severe pain, the numbing aspects of Blue Haze may be positive, but for those experiencing depression, the amplified sedative properties are detrimental. In contrast, Blue Dream, despite containing similar pain-diminishing components, is invigorating, allowing for action instead of relaxation.

Does this mean one strain is better than the other? Absolutely not! It simply means that a specific strain may suit your therapeutic or recreational needs better than another. That is why it is key to double-check the names, profiles, benefits, and effects of any strain you purchase when you order bud online in Canada.

What’s the Word on Blue Dream?

Ringing in a 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent Indica, Blue Dream is an ideal strain of choice for the busy artist or creative on-the-go. Whether as a means of promoting innovation or as a form of medicine, Blue Dream is efficient at what it does. With THC levels generally hovering between 17 percent to 24 percent, it might not be appropriate for all occasions. That being said, its energizing powers definitely make it a valuable tool in motivating you to get up and get things done!

Blue Dream is recognizable by its distinct colour. The dried plant produces bright green buds tinged and toned by shimmery blue and muted, gold hairs respectively, giving it a truly unique appearance. Combined with its signature blueberry scent and sweet, fruity taste, many people enjoy Blue Dream as much for the sensory experience as for the numerous health benefits and inebriating effects.

Containing an array of effect-boosting and flavour-enhancing terpenes, the high levels of THC are not the only chemicals adding to the Blue Dream experience. Myrcene, the most prominent terpene, affects the brain-blood barrier, allowing cannabinoids to more easily pass through and interact with the endocannabinoid system. In particular, Myrcene amplifies feelings of relaxation and euphoria while also giving Blue Dream its distinct, sweet flavour.

Myrcene, though powerful, is not the only terpene present. Pinene is the second-most common terpene, followed closely by Caryophyllene, both of which are powerful anti-inflammatories. Found in many citrus fruits, as well as countless strains of cannabis, Limonene is currently undergoing extensive research for its cancer-fighting, disease-preventing potential.

Lastly, Blue Dream contains Linalool, an analgesic terpene that works with cannabinoids to help decrease sensations of pain. With so many beneficial components, it comes as no surprise that Blue Dream would offer such a myriad of therapeutic effects.

What Can Blue Dream Do?

Blue Dream can be used to help ease symptoms of a number of common ailments, physical issues, and mental health matters while additionally acting as a complementary therapy for some serious health conditions and diseases.

Recognized for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, it is a common strain of choice for those suffering chronic pain. And while it isn’t quite as powerful a painkiller as its aforementioned sibling Blueberry Haze, due to its non-sedative nature, Blue Dream is often the first choice strain for any pain-sufferer requiring full brainpower. This, paired with its ability to promote the reduction of inflammation, makes it a popular option for those in recovery from physical injury.

Blue Dream is also efficient at quelling nausea, in tandem with its pain-diminishing components, making it an ideal option for individuals undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. It also has the potential to boost appetite (or give you the munchies, in the recreational world), which can benefit those afflicted by certain illnesses, their symptoms, and the side effects associated with treatment.

These effects are also beneficial to those suffering from depression, as a common symptom is a loss of appetite. Other symptoms, which can range from uncomfortable to incapacitating, include extremely low mood, fatigue, and a lack of motivation. Blue Dream counters all of these, improving mood, providing energy, and allowing those consuming it to return to normal life.

But take note! While Blue Dream is an excellent alternative or complementary therapy for depression, it may not be appropriate for those with anxiety disorders, which often accompany depression. Rather than inspire creativity and boost drive, this high-energy strain can increase anxiety, leaving the consumer more wound up than before. For those with severe anxiety, this is one strain that is best avoided.

Was It All Just A Dream?

You didn’t imagine it; Blue Dream is real! And it’s full of delicious terpenes, beneficial natural chemicals, and amazing, relieving therapeutic powers, easing some of the most uncomfortable physical and mental ailments.

Whether as an alternative treatment or a complementary therapy, when you order bud online in Canada, you can be sure to find the highest-quality cannabis to diminish impending symptoms, increase your energy, and promote healing.

What’s more? Blue Dream is just as dynamic a recreational choice! No matter the activity, be it cleaning the house, taking your dog for a walk, or really going for it with one of those Zoom-based, paint nights, this strain will charge your energy and magnify creativity, making it a dream come true for the active recreational cannabis fan.




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