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What Are The Different Types of Weed Pens?

Your Guide To Finding The Ideal THC Vape Online in Canada

Weed pens are all the rage right now, and it seems as if everyone has a THC vape except you. But what is a weed pen anyway?

How do you use it? Where can you buy the best weed vape pen in Canada? Wonder no more. 

This article outlines the must-know facts about owning a THC vape pen, where to get the best products for your budget, how to use your device, and more.

Find out everything you wanted to know about these top-selling pens and how to get the best bang for your buck. 

Here is advice number one: Choose a tried and tested, reliable online dispensary such as Low Price Bud. 

By purchasing a THC vape from a transparent and trusted BC online dispensary, you will make sure that the received product is long-lasting, effective, and worthwhile.

With that in mind, here are the facts about different weed pens you need to know. Keep reading.

What is a Weed Pen?Close up of person using a weed vape from Low Price Bud mail order marijuana online dispensary for dab pen, weed pen, shatter, and gummys. Weed online Canada.

The popular devices that allow you to vapourize THC oil or CBD oil are referred to as weed pens.

While these devices are available in a wide array of sizes, fun shapes, and colours, all of them have some things in common:

  • They contain a chamber for the oil.
  • They have a heating chamber and a heating element to vaporize the THC or CBD oil.
  • They feature a battery in order to power the heating element.

Nowadays, you can choose between many fantastic products. \

These devices are available as prefilled and disposable units, or as rechargeable batteries equipped with refillable tanks. Sometimes, the device also features heat settings. 

Overall, a good quality weed vape pen is perfect if you want to use THC or CBD oil fuss-free.

Get yourself a weed vape pen in Canada and enjoy some of the finest cannabis products anywhere, anytime, for cheap. 

That said, finding a product that matches your budget may be tricky. In most cases, a weed vape pen will cost more than you’d expect. 

However, if you choose an online dispensary in Canada such as Low Price Bud, you’ll be lucky enough to find professional-grade weed pen refills and devices at discounts

Besides vapes, you can find tasty and top-quality edibles online, as well as dry herbs, concentrates, topicals, and more.

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The Different Types of Weed Pens to Keep in MindPerson holding a blue weed vape pen purchased online from an online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed store for BC cannabis, dispensary weed, shatter, and gummys.

There are four categories of vaping devices. These include:

  • Pod mods
  • Cig-a-Likes (Referred to as “first generation” vaping devices)
  • Vape Pens (Second generation)
  • Mods (Third generation)

As technology advances, we are witnessing devices with more innovative features that were previously lacking from older models. This is how the numbered generation classification was born. 

The vaping devices you can get today offer the features of the third generation. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the newest devices are the best you can get! 

At the end of the day, the device you choose will depend on what you are looking for and what you enjoy. 

When shopping, we recommend considering both the older and the newer models. Sometimes, older vape pens are better than the latest ones. So, take that into consideration.

But what is a THC pen? A THC pen is cylindrical and it comes in different styles. It is used for vaping THC concentrates

These devices are larger than cig-a-likes, and they have increased battery power and vapour production. 

Today, there are four different types of vape pens. These include:

  • Variable voltage
  • Variable temperature
  • Sub-ohm tanks
  • Fixed voltage

Out of these, the most common setup of a vape pen includes vape carts. These do not feature variable temperature or variable voltage. 

However, they are simple to use (due to having only one button) and affordable. Variable voltage is a new feature that can help you personalize your vaping experience. 

Thanks to the variable voltage, you can decrease or increase the voltage to get the desired flavour intensity and vapour production. 

A THC pen can be further categorized into:

  • Refillable pens
  • Disposable pens

Choosing between refillable or disposable vape pens may be one of the biggest dilemmas among stoners. Here is a quick overview of both.

A refillable weed pen offers versatility. For instance, you can use any cannabis oil with this type. 

You can freely use your favourite cannabis strain and adjust the cannabinoid ratio. These refillable pens usually allow the user to customize the heat setting for a more personalized experience.

On the other hand, a disposable weed pen is ideal if you want to skip refilling your pen. 

These devices are easy-to-use, simple, convenient, and affordable. 

In most cases, a disposable weed pen comes prefilled with quality Delta-8 THC oil. When the oil is gone, you discard the pen. Customers can find disposable pens for both CBD and THC.

The Best THC Vape Pen for 2022

Are you ready to buy weed online? Get yourself a quality THC pen first! Here are our top recommendations for the best weed pens for 2022.

Remember, you can get them at your favourite online dispensary, Low Price Bud.

1. So High Extracts Disposable Weed Pen – Jack Herer 1ml (Sativa)

This is a fabulous disposable weed pen if you are looking for a convenient way to feel energized “on the go”.

The So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Jack Herer 1ml (Sativa) features a powerful Sativa dominant strain also known as Premium Jack of Platinum Jack. 

You get around 21 percent of THC for an energizing kick in the morning hours or during the day when you need a quick boost. 

According to users, this is the perfect disposable weed pen to get creative and productive. It is also suitable for appetite loss, chronic pain, and anxiety. Get yours today for a mere $30 on sale.

2. Straight Goods – Mega Sized Disposable Weed Pens 2ml

Do you have an appetite for the finer things in life but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting weed pen refills? If so, the Straight Goods – Mega Sized Disposable Pens 2ml is a good choice for you. 

This premium product features the delicious hybrid Cherry Pie, but it is also available in Dream Cake Animal Face, Apple Tartz, Mac&Cheese, Ice Cream, Sour Space Candy, and the legendary King Tut. 

You can an amazing 95 percent cannabis distillate and 5 percent terpenes for the maximum benefits and an amazing high. Yes, it is rechargeable. Purchase it today from Low Price Bud for only $46.

How To Use a Weed Pen?

Learning how to use a weed pen is simple once you get the hang of it. While you may require some practice, you will become an expert in no time! Just follow the following steps:

  • Begin by powering the device. You will typically do this by clicking a power button about five times. Most weed pens light up, signalling that the power is on.
  • After this, you will want to press and hold the “power” button. By doing this, the atomizer will get powered, and the vapour will be created. As soon as you press and hold the button, vapour will be made instantly. 

This means that you can take a hit immediately. Nevertheless, you may need to wait a few seconds to get a stronger and thicker vapour hit.

  • Once you are done with vaping your fill, press the power button five more times to turn off the device. Users with draw-fire vapes will skip this step. Instead, they will take a draw and create vapour. 

When it is done, just stop taking a puff. Your device will turn off by itself.

Every weed pen is unique and some may function differently. Whenever in doubt, reach out to your weed dispensary for expert advice and guidance. Alternatively, ask a more experienced stoner. 

Remember, learning how to use a weed pen will take patience and practice!


What is the Best Type of Weed Vape Pen?

The best type of weed vape pen will depend on what you are looking for. According to many users, disposable vapes are the best because they are cheap and simple to use. 

If you are getting started, we recommend a good disposable pen – for instance, take a look at the So High Extracts collection at Low Price Bud. You’re bound to find something for your needs.

What Are Weed Pen Refills?

Weed pen refills contain the THC or CBD oil you will vape. 

What is a Weed Pen Cartridge?

A weed pen cartridge or a cannabis cartridge is a device you use to consume weed. 

Who May Want to Get a Weed Vape Pen?

Anyone who enjoys vaping should have a quality weed vape pen. Check out Low Price Bud’s collection to find your perfect match.

Where Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

You can get an exclusive THC vape at the best dispensary in Canada, Low Price Bud. 

Whether you want to buy edibles online, try out the finest dry herbs, or indulge in the most powerful vapes, this dispensary is your ultimate source of cannabis. 

Save some money on your favourite budget bud and enjoy the high of your life!

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