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Man at airport waiting on his flight with a THC vape pen packed in his carry on. Can you bring a THC vape on a plane in Canada.

Can You Bring THC Vapes on a Plane in Canada?

Rules for Flying With Weed: Can You Bring THC Vapes on Planes?

When it comes to flying within Canadian borders, understanding whether or not your THC vapes are permitted onboard can help you have a frictionless flight.

After all, a vape pen is an electronic device and therefore is a fire hazard, so there’s a need for concern.

Plus, there is the matter of the various regulations for cannabis laws across different provinces to contend with.

Otherwise, carrying THC vapes within Canadian borders is perfectly legal. This article will detail what the laws require of you as you bring your favourite THC vapes onboard.

We’ll also discuss the legality of travelling with cannabis across international borders. Finally, we’ll examine what the law says about vaping on the plane or at the airport.

Understanding The Legal Possession Limit & Legal Age Across Different ProvincesTHC vape pens law legal concept. Can you bring THC vapes on a plane in Canada? Buy weed vapes online.

After the legalization of cannabis, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) made some changes to its regulation to permit weed on domestic flights.

CATSA is the corporation responsible for screening and security at the airport.

According to the new regulations, all recreational and medical cannabis users can have up to 30 grams of green weed on them or in their luggage.

This, of course, applies to anyone of legal age according to the province they are travelling to or from.

The legal age for cannabis possession in Quebec is 18, and 19 for all other territories and provinces in Canada.

So it’s always best to check that you meet the legal age requirement for territories and provinces you’re flying into or leaving.

For example, an 18-year-old carrying pot from Calgarian can’t legally land in British Columbia because the legal possession age is 19.

Rules For Bringing Your THC Vapes on a Flight Within CanadaWooden squares spelling the word rules. THC vape pens from online dispensary Canada Low Price Bud.

CATSA also went ahead to specify the matter of bringing your vape pen on board. According to their senior communications advisor and spokesperson, you can bring your THC vapes on a local flight but not in your checked-in luggage.

Your THC vapes cannot be allowed into the checked-in luggage due to safety concerns. If you forget the device in your luggage, an x-ray will flag them, and the baggage handler will have to take them out.

This will mean you’re liable to lose the device. Secondly, your suitcase and its content may be mishandled and roughed up.

In fact, any battery-powered THC vapes, atomizers, electronic nicotine delivery, vaporizers, and e-cigarettes cannot be in your check-in luggage. Instead, bring them with you in your hand luggage or carry-ons.

Remember that CATSA isn’t just saying this to complicate things for you. THC vapes are lithium battery-powered and can be a real fire hazard.

Although unlikely, the devices can sometimes ignite on their own and cause a fire. Having it in a place you can access will make it easier to prevent a disaster.

Here are other regulations that apply to the quantity of THC vape juice or amount of cannabis oil one is permitted to carry on flights within Canadian borders.

  • Medical Marijuana: cannabis oil of 100ml or less must be placed in a 1-litre closed, clear, and resealable plastic bag. Any amount more than 100ml used for medical purposes needs to be presented to the screening officer.
  • Recreational marijuana: since THC vape pens contain cannabis oil, they fall under the liquid and aerosol and gel (LAGs) restrictions and must be brought in your carry-on luggage and placed in 1-liter closed, clear, and resealable plastic bags.

How To Pack Vape Cartridges For FlightSunglasses and a THC vape pen from mail order marijuana online dispensary Low Price Bud BC cannabis weed store.

As the plane climbs different altitudes, the internal pressure of the plane will keep changing. This means the liquid in the THC vapes may expand and cause leakage.

The packing tips below will help you stay safe while boarding a flight with your weed vape pens to prevent the risks associated with this phenomenon.

A Device With a Removable Battery

If your device has a removable battery like the GASLEAK Premium THC Vape Cartridges, it would be best to separate it from the battery. You can return the battery to its case and store it separately from the cartridge. Remember you need to bring both devices in your carry-on luggage.

Devices With Internal Batteries

If your device has an internal battery, you can separate the pod section and atomizer and then carry the components separately.

Disposable THC Vape Pen

Whether you have the CG Extracts Premium Disposable Pens, So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Blue Dream or a Straight Goods – Biscotti Disposable, you can hand carry the devices onboard.

Safety Tips for Flying With Vape Pens

Here are more safety tips for when you travel with your favourite THC vape pens:

  • Don’t forget your battery charger in case your device has an external battery
  • Disposable vape pens are more convenient for short trips
  • In case your device has a refillable tank, only fill it partially. As the plane gains altitude, cabin pressure mounts, causing the liquid to expand, leading to leakage.

Are You Allowed to Vape on the Plane or at the Airport?

Even though you’re allowed to bring cannabis and weed vapes on your plane, you’re not allowed to vape or smoke cannabis on the plane or in the airport.

The exception, of course, would be at most airports’ designated smoking and vaping areas outside the terminal building.

Breaking the smoking rule can lead to dire consequences. For example, you may get ejected from the airport and risk defaulting on your ticket price.

Can You Fly With THC Vapes to a US State Where Weed Is Legal?

No. Whether you use weed recreationally or medically, crossing the Canadian border with weed would be illegal. Remember, flying with weed is only allowed within Canadian borders.

Exiting or entering Canadian borders with weed is considered a serious criminal offense. Even though cannabis was legalized in Canada, the border laws haven’t changed.

As far as federal USA laws go, possession of cannabis in any form for recreational or medical purposes as you enter the US border is punishable by law.

This applies to even states like Colorado, where weed has been legal for years. In addition, you’ll be charged with trafficking and possession.

Furthermore, even admitting to using marijuana to a US border official could make you get denied entry into the USA.

Can You Bring Edibles on a Plane in Canada?

No. The federal department regulating legal cannabis and Health Canada are developing edible regulations and will provide future rules and regulations concerning travelling with them.

For those travelling with any cannabis oil, remember that you’re only allowed up to 100 ml of the liquid.

THC Vapes You Can Bring On Your Next Flight Within Canada

At Low Price Bud, we have an illustrious list of vape pens that meet all the CATSA regulations for when you’re making your trip within Canada and would like to bring your favourite THC vapes.

We only work with the best manufacturers to ensure that our vapes are properly sealed to prevent any leakages due to increased cabin pressure. And importantly, all our vapes are well below the 100ml cap required by CATSA.

Here’s a list of vapes you can bring on your next local flight:

1. Straight Goods – Cannalope Haze Disposable

Straight Goods – Cantaloupe Haze Disposable (Sativa) promises powerful head-highs thanks to its Sativa origins. You can also expect a sweet-smelling toking session heightened by floral, tangy, and tropical flavours with this vape.

For medical marijuana patients, a toking session with this vape can soothe fatigue and appetite loss.

2. So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Wedding Cake

So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Wedding Cake will hit you with those pleasant hybrid effects. The perfect blend between euphoric bliss and calm relaxation.

As you vape away, you will surely catch the pleasant limonene aroma and flavour notes accented by sweet tanginess and peppery, earthy notes.

A patient treating appetite loss, insomnia, and chronic pain will find this strain particularly enchanting.

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