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Top 7 Ways To Get Higher On Less Weed

Wondering how you can get higher on less weed? Whether you are trying to save up money to buy more weed or feel like you are taking too much and not getting high enough, there are several tricks that can help you get the desired high using only a fraction of what you typically use.

If you smoke weed efficiently, intervals between purchases will be longer, and you will get better highs. But not everyone trying to get high with less cannabis is looking to save some money. Some people, especially heavy smokers, don’t get as high as before, so they have to use way more weed for the same experience. 

This is because the body develops tolerance to THC and other cannabinoids if you use them for extended periods. 

In this article, we will show you the best ways to get higher on less weed and how to get better highs. Read on!

Top 7 Hacks And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Stash

Marijuana is known to deliver a powerful psychoactive high. But as tolerance builds, this effect can diminish or not feel as potent. When this happens, you have limited options to make your high better. Most people increase their intake, but this can get expensive real quick. 

Here are 7 simple things you can do to get really high on less weed.

7 Ways To Get Higher Using Less Weed

1. Use The Proper Inhalation Techniques

The reason why you aren’t getting very high or using too much weed to experience any effects may be the same reason beginners say they aren’t getting high – not inhaling correctly. If you are not inhaling the smoke, you are just wasting weed, and that’s money down the drain.

When you inhale the weed smoke, it goes into the lungs, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the brain. When you inhale incorrectly, the THC in the smoke will not make it into the lungs or bloodstream, so you get no effects. Wondering how to inhale weed properly?

Take a small draw, inhale the smoke deeper into your lungs, then top it off with a breath of plain air. This will push the smoke further into your lungs, delivering more THC.

Don’t hold the smoke for more than a couple of seconds because lungs are very efficient in absorbing cannabinoids like THC. Proper inhalation techniques will ensure you get higher on just a fraction of weed.

2. Change Up Your Consumption Methodperson vaping clouds. buy weed online canada west coast cannabis online dispensary

Some people like smoking, but other methods may provide better results. For example, if you only use joints, you may want to try a bong, vape, or avoid inhalation methods altogether by trying out edibles. 

A lot of THC is wasted when smoking weed using a blunt or joint. This is because they continue burning even when you are not taking a hit. Typically, between 60-63% of THC is lost this way, while a vaping device only loses about 46%

You can utilize more THC by switching to vaping, which means getting higher on less weed! Others say they get higher when using a bong as the smoke is concentrated and not much is wasted. 

3. Remove Distractionsman playing video games while smoking weed. how to get higher on less weed.

Resist the temptation to play a game on the computer or turn on the TV when trying to get high. Being distracted may prevent you from getting as high as you want, which means you will end up using more weed.

Instead, unplug all your electronics, allow the mind and body to relax then start smoking weed. Allowing the body to relax and focusing on the present may lead to a stronger, more enjoyable high, not to mention it’s also an excellent way to unwind.

4. Take A Tolerance Break

Two words no smoker wants to hear – a “T-break.” Like with any other drug, if you smoke weed too often, the effects will be reduced.

You may not be getting as high because you smoke multiple times daily. Smoking all the time means your body builds tolerance against THC and other marijuana compounds, which means that they don’t affect you the same way as they did before. 

Research has also shown that THC can deplete CB1 receptors, but they can recover and return to normal levels over time. One way to lower your cannabis tolerance is by taking a tolerance break. 

Many people see a difference just by taking a few days off. Take a few days or weeks, then use it occasionally. You will be surprised at just how high a few hits can get you.

5. Eat The Right Foodsimage of fresh fruits. but weed online canada from west coast cannabis online dispensary

Some foods can help boost your high. Look for foods with terpenes in them, especially those known to boost THC, such as myrcene or pinene. Mangoes are rich in myrcene. That’s why smokers take a mango 30-45 minutes before smoking to boost their high.

Vitamin C is also said to boost the feeling of being high. Others include black/green tea, dark chocolate with 72% or more cacao, foods rich in Omega 3, etc.

6. Use More Potent Weed

image of THC concentrates for sale online dispensary cannabis canada west coast cannabis buy weed online

Using strains with higher THC concentration can get you higher with less weed. You can also achieve this effect by using concentrates such as our premium LPB Trainwreck shatter, diamonds, kief, live resin, caviar, budder, and wax.

The typical cannabis flower has 15-25% THC content, with a few premium strains reaching 30%. On the other hand, concentrates can have between 60-90% THC. They are 2-6 times more potent than a normal joint.

This means a small concentrate serving can get you outer-space high.

7. Buy Better Weed

Maybe you are using too much weed because the quality sucks. Quality shouldn’t be an issue in an age where you can order weed online and get it delivered anywhere in the country. Say no to weed products filled with poor-quality buds, leaves, and stems.

At Low Price Buds, all our products are made using premium weed and tested to ensure they are safe and potent. Our products have the perfect ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other marijuana compounds to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Better weed will get you higher without using up all your stash.

How Long Does It Take For The High To Go Down?image of time. buy weed online in canada. best online dispensary for canada cannabis.

If you have managed to get higher on less weed, you may be wondering how long it will take to get “unhigh.” Factors such as the consumption method, potency, dosage, and individual body chemistry determine how long you will be high. These factors may vary from person to person.

If you take a product with high THC levels, the high will last longer. This means it may take longer to sober up after dabbing concentrates than smoking a joint.

Dosage and body chemistry also play a part in determining how long a high will last. Generally, a weed high can last anywhere between 1-6 hours, although some lingering effects can still be felt after.

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