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Best Munchies That Are Perfect When You Are High

The Best Munchies That Are Perfect When You Are High

Almost every form of medication has some form of side effect. In the case of pharmaceutical medications, they can often be somewhat debilitating. But with cannabis, they generally don’t ever become more severe than the uncontrollable urge to go digging through the fridge in search of something sweet. The munchies are an all-too-common consequence of getting too high and are defined by the sudden and strong desire for food that overcomes someone after consuming cannabis.

Many give in and lose all self-control by gorging on unhealthy snacks. But if you’re organized, and either purchase some healthy snacks, or prepare them beforehand yourself, then you won’t underdo the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Here are the top snacks to consume when the munchies kick in.

Dark Chocolate

Cannabis and chocolate are two substances guaranteed to bring happiness. And just like there are several hundred varieties of cannabis, chocolate is no different. There are countless types available. And while many are unhealthy and contain high quantities of sugar, other forms like dark chocolate are a much healthier option.

Aside from having less sugar, dark chocolate usually contains significant amounts of highly nutritious cacao. Cacao beans also contain a cannabinoid of their own that’s identical to the endocannabinoid anandamide that’s produced in the body. Anandamide is derived from the Sanskrit word for bliss, and it exhibits properties very similar to that of THC! The anandamide present in cacao also binds with the same receptors in the brain as THC does, thus enhancing those pleasurable feelings that THC is known for.

Dark chocolate is healthy, energizing, and is a potent mood booster. Always make sure you have a bar tucked away for when the munchies strike!


Many of us have a tendency to reach for candy when the munchies strike.

Once we smoke a certain amount, then any remaining willpower is often quickly eroded, and we find ourselves rooting through fridge shelves and cupboards in search of something sweet.

When this becomes commonplace, it can quickly lead to problems. Inactivity coupled with large amounts of sugar often lead to weight gain and perhaps much worse further down the line. To help make any sweet treat as healthy as possible, then why not swap out the candy for fruit?

Fruit is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fibre and makes for a healthy snack when the munchies set in. In addition to the nutritional benefits, fruit also contains significant terpene content that can actually synergize with the cannabinoids found in cannabis and accentuate certain effects. One example of this is mangoes, which have substantial levels of the terpene myrcene. Myrcene exhibits many effects, the most notable of which is that it helps cannabinoids like THC to permeate the blood-brain barrier with greater ease. This means that they can actually enhance the effects of THC.


Nuts are a healthy high-fat snack that’ll help ensure you avoid the consequences of any blood sugar spikes. With abundant vitamin, mineral and fatty acid content, they not only satisfy any bouts of hunger, but they also nourish the body.

If you’ve just consumed an edible, then a small number of nuts may even improve absorption. This is due to the fact that cannabinoids are fat-soluble. With the fat content of many types of nuts, the fat molecules bind with cannabinoids like THC and help the body better assimilate them.

Dried Fruit, Berries, or Veggies

Empty bags of Doritos lying beside a bong filled with filthy brown water is a sight that does the image of cannabis a few favours. Potato chips are a common go-to for many stoners, and while they may be convenient, there’s no doubt that there are healthier options available.

If you find yourself craving potato chips, then why not switch out those deep-fried salty treats for something that’s just as tasty, but way more nutritious? Well, dried fruit and vegetables may be the answer. They still retain their nutrients and generally aren’t fried in hydrogenated oil or smothered in salt. They’re healthy, nutritious, and filling, and will help promote alertness and better health.


If you’ve got the time to rustle something up in the kitchen, then why not try making some guacamole?

If there was ever a fruit that combines with cannabis, then it’s avocado. With its high-fat content, it’ll bind perfectly with any edible and help enhance absorption while also making for a healthy and nourishing snack.

What’s more, it’s super easy to make. Simply mash two or three avocados, a couple of diced tomatoes, half an onion, some lime, salt, and pepper, and you’ll have the most delicious dip. Then break out the carrots or celery, and you’ll have yourself a healthy snack that’ll satiate the munchies and nourish the body.

Apple and Peanut Butter

Apples are always a healthy snack, but slice them up and mix them with peanut butter, and you’ll combine those vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, and fibre with the protein and fat for complete satiation that you won’t feel guilty about.

While the temptation to gorge on unhealthy snacks after consuming cannabis is commonplace, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good long term strategy. Many of those availing of medicinal cannabis can help support their health in additional ways by snacking mindfully after consuming cannabis. The benefits of cannabis come with intentioned use. The plant is a powerful teacher and healer after all, and it will often show us up for who we really are when we analyze our habits.

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