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8 Tips For Getting The Right Dose With Edibles

The first step is to buy weed edibles online in Canada. The second? Figuring out the right dose. Edibles in Canada can range from mellow to Extreme Candies dosed with 1000 mg each. Plus, some are CBD-infused, some THC-infused, some a little bit of both. Dose is not always straightforward, especially for anyone with little to experience with edibles.

With so much variation, one dose is definitely not like the other. If you’ve ever had too much THC, you’ll recall just how quickly a bubbly-high can turn sour. So how do you keep it uplifting and euphoric? You aren’t the only one that needs help calculating a serving that is both fun, yet safe. Follow these eight tips to getting the right dose with edibles.

Safe and Fun: How to Properly Dose Edibles

Once you buy weed edibles online in Canada, you are in good hands. Canadian cannabis producers know what they are doing, and continue to deliver premium edibles to their customers.

Cannabis is a safe option for both it’s recreational and medicinal benefits. Although you can overdo it with THC, the uncomfortable experience is short-lived and has no long term adverse effects. Even the strongest edible isn’t deadly.

But the bad news? Inhaling weed and consuming leads to drastically different experiences. Edibles often feel stronger, for longer than a puff from a joint. This potency is why so many people buy weed edibles online in Canada. They love the super-relaxing, body high. But it’s also why many people have gotten the dose wrong. If you eat too much THC, it may feel highly unpleasant for a few hours.

To keep the experience fun, follow the following eight tips for getting the dose right with edibles:

1.  Follow the General Serving Suggestions

Unless you are well-versed in the cannabis universe, you’ll probably want to stick with the following basic THC serving suggestions. Everyone’s tolerance is slightly different, but this is a good starting point.

  • Total Newbie: 5 mg of THC or less
  • Standard Dose: 10 mg of THC
  • Moderate-High Dose: 20 to 30 mg of THC
  • High Dose: 50 mg of THC
  • Extreme Dose: 100 mg of THC or more

2.  Know Your THC Tolerance

Not everyone has the same tolerance for the intoxicating effects of THC, and some folks do not enjoy the experience at all. If you have never smoked weed before, but want to buy weed edibles online in Canada, you’ll want to take it easy the first few times.

Start with low doses and slowly increase over several sessions, you’ll begin to understand your tolerance level. You may even wish to start your experiments with THC by smoking, instead of an edible. Smoking weed is generally a milder experience compared with edibles and an excellent first introduction.

Tolerance to THC builds over time, which means chronic cannabis consumers will likely have the capacity to handle higher doses of THC then total newbies. Other factors also influence tolerance, including gender, age, body mass index, other pharmaceuticals, and health conditions.

3.  Read the Label, Carefully

Thankfully, unlike a big-batch of homemade brownies, all edibles in Canada come with a detailed label. Not only does the label include product information and ingredients, but it should also always come with details about THC content.

Check your edible label, does it say 150 mg per package? Now, how many pieces are in the package? If you have six candies, that means 25 mg of THC per gummy. That’s a mid-range dose, suitable for someone with some experience in the edible department.

Always break down the total THC per package by the number of pieces per package. That way, you can better understand the serving size. In some cases, you may want to divide the individual servings down even further. Don’t be afraid to make your own ideal dose of THC!

4.  Learn How Edibles Work

When you smoke a joint, you inhale smoke, which contains all the cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. The smoke travels through your respiratory system for near-instantaneous absorption into the bloodstream. This equals a quick onset and relatively short duration.

Edibles work through a different system: the digestive tract. Once you bite into an edible, you have to digest it before the cannabinoids head to the liver. The liver processes vitamins, nutrients, and cannabinoids for absorption and long term storage. Only once your liver begins working through the cannabinoids, metabolizing them into new compounds, do you begin to feel anything. From the first bite, this can take over an hour.

Research also tells us that the THC metabolite, THC-COOH is much more potent than the original. Meaning, an edible experience comes on very slowly, is often much stronger, and lasts longer than a puff from a pipe. Keep this in mind as you learn how to dose an edible.

5.  Try Your First Bite at Night

Still nervous about the power of an edible? Why not try your first dose at night? First, that means your dose of THC won’t incapacitate you for the day. You can go to work or school, and still function. Second, if you take it right before bed, most of the experience will happen when you are asleep. It’s a safe way to start figuring out the dose, without running into issues with intoxication. And trust us, a dose of THC before can improve your sleep.

6.  Do Not Go Back for Seconds

Many an experienced cannabis lover has gone back for seconds, only to regret that decision when both edibles hit at once. Learn from the mistakes of others! If you have eaten an edible and feel nothing, keep waiting. Depending on your metabolism, and even what you had for lunch, it can take up to two hours to begin. Before you go back for a second serving, try drinking a big glass of water and eating a regular, non-cannabis snack. This could kick start your digestion, and kick that edible into high gear.

7.  Combine CBD with THC

Another tip for keeping an edible experience mellow is to look for edibles containing both CBD and THC. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has many medicinal benefits. One of these benefits is that CBD has antipsychotic and anti-anxiety properties. It works to counteract the intensity of THC, by uncoupling the THC molecule with the CB1 receptor. If you mix THC with CBD in an edible, you’ll find it more relaxing, less anxious, and shorter in duration.

8.  Start Low and Go Slow

Let’s end with a final tip: start low and go slow. This mantra is essential for all cannabis products but definitely applies to edibles. It means you should always start with a dose at the lower end of the spectrum, and increase slowly. It’s a rule that is especially true for people just beginning to buy weed edibles online in Canada.

Starting low means estimating an appropriate dose based on the previous tips, and starting there. Perhaps, you might even want to start a bit smaller to play it safe. As you get a handle on the intensity and THC content, increase slowly. Remember, never go back for seconds until you know exactly what the first serving feels like.

Know Your Dose When You Buy Weed Edibles Online in Canada

Edibles are a powerful, not to mention delicious, way to enjoy the experience of cannabis. Whether you are serving up big portions for potent pain relief, or little doses for a party, edibles have a lot to offer. From chocolates to gummies to tea infusions, THC edibles deliver a pleasant uplifting experience when dosed correctly.

While edibles can feel quite different than smoking a blunt, the experience is one that many Canadians have fallen in love with. Take it slow, start low, and enjoy the ride as you dive into the delectable world of weed edibles.


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