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How to Find a Reliable Cannabis Dealer Online?

Way back when, before Canada legalized weed and we could all openly buy cannabis online, you likely purchased on the black market. The black market wasn’t regulated, nor was it safe. Who knew what you were getting when you swapped cash for a tiny baggy of weed.

Today, Canada is a much different place. Everyone loves weed, even your parents and grandparents may be dabbling with bud for medicinal benefit. Thanks to the legal market, there is no more shame or secrecy about buying weed.

But if you want to buy weed online, how do you find a reliable cannabis dealer online?

Back in the Old Days

Let’s reminiscence for a moment. Back in the old days, dealers were at best, a friend you met at university. At worst, they were connected to criminal operations. Dealers were never consistent. It was hard to pin one down for more than a few months at a time.

Black market dealers worked only with cash. You met them behind bars, in back alleys, and pretty seedy-places. Sometimes, they’d deliver, but the transaction always felt a bit sketchy as you leaned into their window and traded the goods. Plus, who knew who was watching you buy drugs from someone’s cars.

And do you remember the product? If you were lucky, they would have one or two options available. Dealers threw names around like they knew what they were talking about. But back then, did anyone really understand the differences between indicas and sativas?

Now, the world has changed in some very dramatic ways, and in only a few short years. Canadians can (and do) buy cannabis concentrates online, flower, edibles, and so much more.

Cannabis is Legal In Canada

In late 2018, Canada became the first Western country to legalize recreational cannabis. In the first year, we started with just legal flower. If you remember, Canadians lined up for hours to buy weed legally for the first time in history.

A year later, other exciting marijuana products came online. That included concentrates, topicals, edibles, and other potent items. Furthermore, if you wanted to buy weed online, you could now. In fact, you can buy just about any cannabis product you want through online retailers. These online markets replaced the sketchy, black market dealers we all relied upon in days of old.

It’s Dispensary, It’s a Retailer, But It’s Not a Dealer

What if we told you, in Canada’s new universe of legal weed, you don’t need a dealer anymore? A “dealer” is almost a dirty word these days and stands for everything the legal cannabis landscape does not.

So if you are looking for an online dealer, you might want to rephrase

  1. These days you’ll need a legal online dispensary for medical marijuana or a legal online retailer for recreational purposes. Online dispensaries or retailers are all above board. And unlike that shady dealer, they are lovely to ‘deal’ with.

5 Things to Look for in an Online Dispensary

Now that we’ve upgraded your language around buying weed online, it’s time to learn the basics of picking a reputable dispensary. Not every online bud shop plays by the rules and listens to their customers, so you still need to keep your wits about you as you buy weed online.

Here are the five key things to look for to find a reliable cannabis dealer.

  1. Customer Service

Any store, including cannabis shops, should have a customer service department. Especially when it comes to online shopping, customer service forms a big component of the shopping experience. Your next online cannabis purchase should come with the full support of the company. Do you have any questions? They should have an extensive FAQ section, plus live chat and email support. You should never get left in the dark while shopping for weed online.

  1. Premium Product

Dispensaries like Low Price Bud have long standing relationships with some of Canada’s best producers. Everyone we work with has years of experience crafting delectable edibles, pure and potent concentrates, and of course, premium flowers. This is not your mystery baggy of weed from the dealer down the street. This is the good stuff.

  1. Quality, Quality, Quality

Legal weed has made it much easier to grow a quality product. It also means that customers, like you, are demanding far superior quality than old ones. Back then, you’d likely be happy with just about anything you bought. But these days, producers are pumping out some of the best weed the world has ever seen. In today’s world, quality means the flower was grown with pride, care, and attention. It also means it is seed-free, clean, and powerfully potent.

  1. Reliability

Buying weed online should be just as reliable as buying it at a physical dispensary. When you click the purchase button, you should feel 100 percent confident that your order will get prepared quickly and arrive as soon as Canada Post processes it. You should also feel confident that exactly what you envision arrives in the mail. If you ordered AAAA premium flower, that’s what should arrive.

  1. Discretion

Discretion is one of the few areas to overlap between your old black market dealer and your new online cannabis retailer. When you shop online, your privacy is just as important as shopping in real life. In fact, because you don’t have to park in front of a store and walk through the doors, online shopping is even more discrete. Keeping your information safe and your details secure is critical for any reliable online dispensary.

Online Weed Dealers in Canada Have Evolved

Remember, if you need an online weed dealer, you might want to look for a dispensary or retailer instead. Reputable online bud shops in Canada, Low Price Bud, serve quality, customer service, reliability, and discretion. You’ll also find we carry hundreds of products, including premium sativa, indica, and hybrids. Need more? Don’t forget edibles and concentrates are now totally legal in Canada.



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