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Planning to Smoke Weed after a Ski Trip? Check Out These Tips

Everyone knows that, after a long day on the slopes, nothing can ease your muscle tension and relax you faster than some cannabis. However, many skiers don’t know how to keep themselves safe when smoking. In this article, we will look at the top things you should do if you plan on smoking marijuana after a ski trip.

Check your tolerance level

Let’s start with the most important tip of all. Sure, there might be tons of great weed on the mountain. But your body might not be built for any of that stuff. That’s why it’s so important to check your tolerance level. That way, you don’t end up getting too stoned and unable to function. Make sure to talk to your friends and family about how you’re feeling, too. That way, everyone can stay safe.

Stay hydrated

When you’re in the mountains, the air is usually a lot drier than it is at sea level. This means that you’re going to need to drink more water. Unfortunately, this also means more water in your lungs when you smoke weed. So, you should stay hydrated while you’re on the mountain. This will help you avoid any lung irritation or lung infections. Plus, it’ll keep you feeling better and help you avoid any unwanted side-effects.

Pack a vape pen

If you’re trying out weed after a ski trip, you might be wondering if you can vaporize it. Luckily, you can! But you’re going to need a vape pen. They’re easy to bring, they’re small and they deliver tasty weed vapor instead of smoke. That way, you don’t have to inhale all of the harmful ingredients that come with burning your herb. Vape pens are also more discreet than a bowl. That way, you’re less likely to get caught. Plus, vape pens are more portable than a pipe or a bong, so you can pack up and head to the slopes with ease.

Don’t overpack

One of the first signs of a ski trip hangover is when you realize you’ve packed too many clothes. It feels like you packed for months, and now you have way too many sweaters to fit in at home. Don’t do this. Trust us. You’ll be much happier if you only bring the stuff you’ll need for the trip. It’s much easier to pack lighter for a ski trip than for a longer trip. If you’re going on a weeklong trip, pack for a week. If it’s a two-day trip, pack for two days. There’s no need to bring too much stuff, and it will make getting back to reality much easier.

Know where the tokers hang out

If you know where the skunky smokers are hanging out, then you’re going to be better equipped to meet them. Do your research ahead of time so you know where the best spots are to smoke weed next to the bar or in the hot tub. This will also make it easier to invite other stoners to join you while you’re on vacation. Part of the fun of smoking weed after a ski trip is hanging out with your friends. That’s why it’s a good idea to know where to find the tokers. This can be as simple as asking around where the best spots are, or it can take a bit more research. There are tons of online forums that can help you out with this.

Wrapping up

It might not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but smoking weed after a ski trip is actually pretty fun, once you get the hang of it. With a little planning, it’s also pretty easy to keep yourself safe while doing it, too. All you have to do is follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the high life without any danger.  Visit Lowpricebud.co online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.

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