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How Do You Smoke Crumble To Get All The Benefits Of Cannabis

An Online Dispensary Guide To Smoke Crumble Like A Pro

The cannabis industry has seen massive developments over the last few years as more and more Canadians discover its benefits. 

Now, in addition to buds, we have new products, such as vaporizers and ultra-potent cannabis concentrates, such as crumble. So how do you smoke crumble?

Crumble wax is marketed as a hard-hitting concentrate whose effects stay long. 

It is similar to other concentrates like shatter but has unique characteristics that make it more popular among weed lovers.

But how do you smoke crumble weed? 

Before you buy this type of weed concentrate at our online dispensary, we are here to educate you on how it’s made and smoke it. How do you smoke crumble? before we get into that, what is it?

What Is Crumble, And What Makes It Unique?

Crumble weed cannabis concentrate from Low Price Bud online dispensary. Learn how do you smoke crumble like a pro.

Crumble is one of the few cannabis products with powdery, malleable, and dry properties. 

Crumble is also known as crumble dab, crumble wax and honeycomb.

What makes it unique from other concentrates is its potency. It has up to 90% THC content making it highly potent. 

You can get high only with one or two hits making this product a big deal. So how do you smoke crumble?

Learning how to smoke the wax is one of the ways to enjoy the product to the fullest while enhancing and personalizing your cannabis journey.

What Is Shatter Wax: Is It The Same As Crumble?

Shatter wax next to crumble weed from Low Price Bud weed dispensary for mail order marijuana and cannabis concentrates for dabbing.

Before starting on how do you smoke crumble, is it the same as shatter? Shatter is a brittle concentrate, has a glassy appearance, and breaks easily. 

Compared to crumble, shatter remains largely undisturbed during the extraction process, thus giving it a more solid and translucent appearance. 

It may have the same potency as crumble, but shatter is a bit more popular and can be consumed similarly. Due to its nature, it takes much time to heat, unlike crumble, which can melt at room temperature.

How Is Crumble Made?

Lab equipment used to make crumble weed sold at Low Price Bud mail order marijuana weed store and online dispensary for weed online Canada.

One of the popular ways of making concentrates is using butane solvent extraction, but other methods like the CO2 extraction method or propane solvent can also be used. What differentiates the solvents is the texture of the concentrates produced.

When producing crumble, the first step is drying and curing marijuana flowers. The dried flowers are mixed with a solvent to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals.

The extract is then heated to remove the solvent by vaporizing it. Then, low heat and vacuuming are used to achieve different varieties of crumble.

For safety reasons, while understanding how cannabis products are made is important to avoid using poor quality weed, ensure you consume crumble dab made in a well-equipped lab by professionals to avoid contamination and fire risks.  So how do you smoke crumble?

How Do You Smoke Crumble: 6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Concentrates

Due to the nature of the crumble, it has plenty of ways to consume it. Some typical ways are vaping, dabbling, edibles, or in a joint. How do you smoke crumble?

Some methods require certain tools and accessories, while others can use simple household tools. So, how do you smoke crumble?

1. Dabbing

This is the most common method of consuming crumble and other cannabis concentrates. To enjoy dabbing crumble, you need a dab rig, the concentrate, a torch and a nail or e-nail. So how do you smoke crumble?

To dab crumble, you first heat the nail using the tip of the torch by holding it at the distance where the flame ends.

After about ten seconds, drop the crumble into the nail and inhale from the other end as the wax is melted and vaporized, giving you a smooth hit.

For a tastier experience, we recommended using low temperatures to keep the terpenes intact.

2. Vapourizing – Dab Pen

Vaporizing is another way to enjoy crumble weed, but it only works if you have a vaporizing device with a solid concentrates chamber. So how do you smoke crumble?

For those with the right tool, just add the crumble weed to the chamber, heat it, and inhale. 

Like dabbing, vaping is more efficient. You will get high only after taking a few hits, but it should be done with caution if you are not used to high levels of THC.

This method is suitable for medical marijuana users as it does not release harmful compounds or tar during combustion.

3. Smoking Crumble In A Joint

Crumble is not ideal for smoking on its own due to its high potency and consistency. How do you smoke crumble in a joint? Add it to dry flower before rolling to give the joint a kick.

This method will increase the joint’s potency; hence, you should puff it with caution if you are a first-timer.

4. In Edibles

An alternative to smoking crumble is making edibles. Because the concentrate is already extracted, you will not go about the process of extracting it. 

You can add crumble the wax to any fat and heat it until it dissolves under low heat.  Then incorporate the mixture into any drink or dish of your choice. 

It should be noted that too much heat will lead to the loss of terpenes and other concentrates. 

However, this method is unnecessary as cheap, high-quality edibles are available and ready to use at LowPriceBud. 

5. Use A Pipe

Man using a pipe to smoke crumble weed cannabis concentrate bought online in Canada at Low Price Bud weed dispensary for mail order marijuana.

If you don’t have a dab rig, a bong or pipe will still help you to smoke the wax. The two tools are similar, but this one doesn’t have a nail for heating. How do you smoke crumble with a pipe?

All you have to do is find 1 or 2 nuggets with a larger diameter than the down stem and insert them into the smoking bowl. Add a few pieces of crumble wax on top of it.

Get another nugget of cannabis, and remove the stems and seeds. Shred the nugget into smaller and finer pieces using your fingers. This will help burn it easily and evenly.

Fill your bowl with finely shredded nuggets, light, and puff it away.

6. Use A Hot Knife

How do you smoke crumble with a hot knife? Hot knifing is one of the simplest methods of smoking wax. You just need a knife, and you are good to go. 

To smoke it, you need to heat the knife until it’s hot and drop a piece of crumble onto it. The wax will immediately turn to vapour, and you can inhale the vapour to get high.

This method is considered wasteful as the vapour quickly dissipates in the air. 

To avoid this, you can use a funnel, the top half of a plastic bottle, or a straw to inhale the vapour.

Hot knifing is handy when you don’t have anything else to smoke crumble wax. Necessary caution should be taken to avoid burning yourself.

All these methods are some of the ways you can use to smoke crumble even if you don’t have smoking tools.

Remember using too much heat can lead to the loss of the good components of crumble, including terpenes and cannabinoids.

Best Crumble Concentrates To Buy Online In Canada

Crumble concentrates have become a notable component of the cannabis industry at large. Here are some of the best crumble concentrates we have at our online store:

1. Blueberry Supreme

Blueberry Supreme is one of the popular crumble concentrates in the market. 

This Indica dominant hybrid (80% Indica/ 40% Sativa) is known to have a high THC content of about 28%. Smoking relieves negative thoughts by easing your mind and bringing a sense of calmness and relief.

Buy Blueberry Supreme online today to enjoy the health benefits and effects of high-quality cannabis concentrates.

2. Gucci Pink

Deriving its name from the luxury designer brand, Gucci pink is famous for its flavours and potency. 

It has a 22-24 % THC content and a strong, pungent aroma, so the crumble is way more potent.

When smoked, it gives a strong relaxing effect on your mind and body. Get cheap, high-quality Gucci Pink crumble online today at LowPriceBud.

Where To Order High-Quality Crumble In Canada

Now that you know about the 6 main methods, how do you smoke crumble? If you are new to cannabis and want to try crumble weed, you have come to the right place. 

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