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Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain: A Delicious Bud With The Potency To Match

In an industry overflowing with cookie-named buds, few can make a long-lasting impression on smokers as Girl Scout Cookies weed strain has. This strain is now considered a classic and still flies off the shelves at online dispensaries despite being in the market for several decades.

Girl Scout Cookies, to many, are the delicious minty cookies sold by Girl Scouts, but these do nothing to lift your mind and relax your body. For that, you need another type of Girl Scout Cookies – a weed strain known the world over for its effects. 

This GSC strain review tells you all about the origins, aroma, flavour, effects, how the strain makes you feel and where to buy weed online in Canada. Read on! 

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GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is an award-winning strain that has been a stoner favourite for decades. Girl Scout Cookies weed is one of the most popular strains in Canada since marijuana was legalized and is used for recreational and medical purposes.

But is Girl Cookies weed an indica or a sativa? GSC is classified as a hybrid strain with an indica to sativa ratio of 60:40. This means it will have more pronounced indica effects accompanied by slightly less prominent sativa effects. As such, Girl Scout Cookies is considered an indica dominant hybrid strain.

What about Girl Scout Cookies’ genetics and origins? 

Girl Scout Cookies weed was created by crossing between the Durban Poison sativa strain originating from South Africa and the classic OG Kush. GSC strain is also sometimes called “Berner Cookies” after the rapper Berner, a San Francisco native who lays claim to originating the classic strain together with the Cookie Fam collective.

Girl Scout Cookies weed strain is very potent, with available lab tests suggesting that it goes up to 28% THC! CBD levels are very low, consistently testing below 1%. If the potency doesn’t do it for you, the flavour and aroma are guaranteed to draw you in.

Sweet earthy aromas hit your nose when you open the jar/ bag carrying the GSC buds and only get intense when breaking them down. The smoke is also dessert-like, reminiscent of the cookies many smokers grew up loving. 

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GSC’s strong effects and popularity have made it a breeder and grower staple. Breeders and growers are constantly working on the strain, improving its effects and developing the next – “new and improved GSC.” 

Today, several GSC phenotypes have the same Girl Scout Genetics but may differ in terms of aroma, appearance, and strength. One of the most popular phenotypes is the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies or Platinum GSC.

Platinum GSC is a strain created by a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison and an unnamed third strain. Platinum Cookies’ high is as enjoyable as GSC’s, but it has more amplified effects. Wondering if Platinum GSC is better than the original Girl Scout Cookies

Another popular GSC strain is the tasty Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has the same effects and potency as GSC but has a more apparent minty aroma and more pronounced purple hues. Other Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes include GSC Dough, also called Cookie Dough, Forum Cut GSC, among others.

This popular strain has also been used to create several famous strains, including Sunset Sherbert, created by Cookies Fam collective by crossing Girl Scout Cookies weed strain with Pink Panties strain.

Another famous child of GSC is Gelato, a cross between Sunset Sherbert – a GSC cross and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies – A GSC phenotype. Others include Blue Cookies, Girl Scout Crack, OG Kush Breath, and Cookie Face.

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Info: Appearance, Flavour, and Fragrance


Although there may be some variations, batch to batch, Girl Scout Cookies buds are notoriously aesthetically pleasing. The buds are much darker than your usual nugs, flouting deeper green twisted calyxes and deep purple leaves. The best part is the bright neon orange hairs and the bright, resinous crystal trichomes that cover the surface.

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This strain has a refreshing aroma, with sweet earthy notes complemented by pepper, citrus and hops hints. GSC also has a minty aroma that reminds you of the mint-flavoured girl scout cookies. 


Girl Scout Cookies weed strain taste is sweet and earthy, just like its fragrance. It produces a delicious tingling sensation on your palate as soon as you take the first hit. Its unique taste is one of the reasons for its insane popularity.

GSC’s unique aroma and flavour are due to its expansive terpene profile, so what are some prominent terpenes in the Girl Scout Cookies strain?

Girl Scout Cookies Terpenes

GSC’s fruity and citrusy notes result from a wide range of terpenes found in this strain. Some of the terpenes include: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Terpinolene, Ocimene, Etc

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Effectsman relaxing at home on the couch working on laptop after buying weed online from low price bud online dispensary in canada.

As a relatively well-balanced cannabis strain, GSC provides both indica and sativa-like effects. So you can expect mind and body effects, or, to put it simply, the best of both worlds. 

These potent buds catapult you into a euphoric space that will have you with a wide grin, and you may fall into fits of giggles. 

Girl Scout Cookies causes an engaging high that will have you feeling creative, but before you think that you can use this bud to complete your day’s tasks, you won’t. Couch-lock is very real with this strain, and so are the munchies. Be sure to have a box of actual Girl Scout Cookies nearby.

Girl Scout Cookies Medical BenefitsHappy woman smiling and relaxed enjoying the medical benefits of weed she bought online in Canada.

This strain has incredibly potent effects that may benefit patients in numerous ways. This strain is highly sedative, which makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for relief. These tranquillizer-like effects may help relieve stress and anxiety.

GSC’s relaxing qualities that leave you glued to the couch may help people with insomnia and other sleep problems fall asleep faster and sleep for longer. This strain is also used to manage pain, inflammation, cramps and muscle aches.

This strain also causes intense munchies, a feature that may be helpful if you are trying to stimulate appetite or deal with nausea. 

Girl Scout Cookies has no severe side effects. Consumers can expect the typical cottonmouth, common in most strains and can easily be solved by drinking lots of water. If you want to try this strain, buy it online from a reputable mail-order marijuana dispensary like LowPriceBud to enjoy the quality and low prices.

Here is where to buy Girl Scout Cookies weed strain online in Canada.

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