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With its sweeping views and the convenience of being between big cities like Hamilton and Toronto, Milton has lots of things to enjoy and discover. Whether you are a long-time local, or someone moving in for a job, looking to start fresh, or starting to grow a family, Milton is a great place to be in.

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Do you want to know one more great thing about Milton? Medical marijuana. After a long day of enjoying this town, it is a good idea to sit back and relax while smoking on cannabis. Online dispensaries like Low Price Bud offer lots of high grade medical cannabis products that will offer you a plethora of benefits.

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There are lots of benefits of medical weed, including lung function. Smoking medical weed is not actually bad for the lungs. In fact, smokers actually improved their lung function compared to cigarette smokers. According to studies, the big drags taken by weed smokers train the lungs to become more efficient.

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Milton has a unique and scenic setting that is home to plenty of attractions and recreational activities, like skiing, hiking and rock climbing, as well as festivals, farm markets and fairs. Some of the must-sees include Glen Eden, Crawford Lake Conservation Area and Halton County Radial Railway.

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