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Kitchener is a city with a small town vibe, located in the southwestern part of Ontario. A former German Mennonite town, Kitchener has now become a thriving city with traces of European heritage that can be seen even up to today. This culturally-rich city has many things to offer to locals and visitors alike.

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Your excitement and appreciation in Kitchener can be enhanced with medical cannabis. Smoking marijuana in this city is perfectly legal. In fact, you will find many online dispensaries like Low Price Bud offering high quality cannabis products and accessories for every kind of consumer.

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If you are looking for another reason to use medical cannabis, a study found that marijuana makes people more creative, particularly in terms of how they use language. The researchers were able to conclude that cannabis increased the verbal fluency in low creatives so they are now at the same level as high creatives.

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Looking for activities to do in Kitchener? Try going to a museum and learn more about the city, drink beer during Oktoberfest, go back in time at the Doon Heritage Village, or go skiing at the ski club. You can also spend a day at the park, play golf, stroll through the graveyard, or dine in any of their local restaurants.

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