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Dawson Creek, British Columbia

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A growing town in British Columbia, Dawson Creek offers lots of recreational and shopping activities. It can also be a great destination to visit with kids. Many visitors spend most of their day in the Tumbler Bridge, but if you are feeling a little more inspired, you can check out and further explore this stunning city. There are lots of places that you can visit for a day with your family.

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If you are looking for an activity that you can enjoy yourself, spend some time in playgrounds. There are lots of playgrounds all around the area where the adults can rest and the kids can play. As you relax, smoke on some medical marijuana from reputable online dispensaries like Low Price Bud. You can also swim in pools or lakes, or go to hiking and walking trails in the region like the Bear Mountain Wind Park, McQueen Slough, Leoppky Park or the Bear Mountain Recreation Site.

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Research done on rats and monkeys has shown that marijuana can help protect the brain from damage following a stroke by decreasing the size of the area affected by it. There are also other neuroprotective effects that you can get from marijuana. Some studies have shown that the plant can help protect the brain after concussions or other traumatic events.

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Head to the Kiskatinaw Bridge. A mere 20 minutes away from the town centre, this historic bridge has an interesting curved shape. You can also visit the downtown Dawson Creek and stop by the Little Boutique where you can buy something nice for your kids. You will have lots of other shops to choose from when you get here. Another activity is learning history at the Walter Wright Pioneer Bridge to check out historical buildings and old trucks and tractors.

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