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A Guide to Every Way to Consume Cannabis

If you buy cannabis in Canada, then you know that obtaining the plant is only the first piece of the puzzle. Figuring out what type of cannabis products to buy and how to consume them can seem like a mystery, until you crack the code.

If we look at the human body, there are only so many ways cannabis has been successfully administered. Cannabis can enter via the lungs, mouth, and skin.

Breath it in! (Inhalables)

The lungs get cannabis into the bloodstream quickly, which is why smoking and vaping are popular methods of consumption.

●    Pipes and Water Pipes

Pipes are an old classic and remain one of the most popular types of cannabis paraphernalia to this day. A pipe is easy to use—simply pack the bowl, light the bud, and inhale.

Cannabis pipes come in various shapes, colors, and build materials, but the principles remain the same. These are sometimes also called dry pipes to differentiate them from water pipes.

You may have heard water pipes referred to as bongs or bubblers. Like a dry pipe, when using a water pipe the smoke travels down a chamber. However, unlike dry pipes, this chamber leads to water, which serves to cool the smoke. This allows the hit from the apparatus to be smoother and more enjoyable.

●    Joints and Blunts

If you know the anatomy of a rolled tobacco cigarette, then you also know what a joint is—just replace the tobacco with the cannabis. Sometimes users like to mix tobacco with cannabis for taste and effect.

A blunt involves the same principle as a joint but instead uses the body of a cigar. Sometimes a cigar or cigarillo is hollowed out and replaced with cannabis inside. Other times, like joints, rolling papers called blunt wraps are used to roll from scratch.

●    Vaping

You can vape using myriad devices. Here are the three of the most common: vaporizers, dabbing rigs, and vape pens.

Each device is designed for either cannabis or cannabis concentrates. If you buy cannabis in Canada, then you’ve seen the endless list of concentrates (oils, budders, distillates, etc.).

The principle behind all devices used to vape is pretty much the same. The cannabis or cannabis product is added to a chamber; it’s heated to high temperature; it’s turned into a vapor and then inhaled by the user. Vapor doesn’t smoke so it is thought to be healthier on the lungs than smoking.

Eat it Up! (Edibles)

Solid cannabis edibles are consumed like food. These then travel down to the stomach for slow release and  absorption into the body. Because of this, there is a delayed but long-lasting effect.

Liquid edibles, tinctures, and other liquid cannabis products can be absorbed in the same manner as solid edibles. In addition to this, they can be placed under the tongue and take effect much quicker through sublingual absorption.

Slap It On! (Topicals)

Cannabis products like creams and ointments can be delivered topically through rubbing into the skin. This is common for products like CBD lotion used in recovery by athletes or for medicinal purposes.

Buy Cannabis in Canada and Choose to Consume Any Way You Want

Broadly speaking, you can consume cannabis in four ways: inhalation, orally, sublingually, and topically. Any method outside of this is uncharted territory. Who knows what the future of cannabis will hold—Although it is difficult to imagine any more ways to take it in.


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