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5 Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed in Your House

When you’re using marijuana, it’s important to keep your space as odor-free as possible so that other people don’t smell your herb. This is especially important if you live in a home with others or plan on smoking weed in the same space as anyone else. The smell is one of the first things we detect, making it incredibly easy for anyone outside of your house to notice that something is off. Keeping the smell of cannabis away from others is one of the best ways to stay discreet while using marijuana. It’s also a great idea if you live with other people and how much time you spend doing drugs. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to mask the smell of cannabis so that it doesn’t ruin those innocent moments. Follow these 5 tips to find places in your house where you can discreetly hide your pot without anyone ever finding out:

Ventilation is key to smoking-free living

Ventilation is the act of moving air throughout your house. It’s important because it reduces the concentration of smells and keeps your home from smelling like weed. There are a few different ways to improve ventilation in your home to help eliminate odor from cannabis.

  • Keep windows open as much as possible.
  • Open all doors and leave them open at all times.
  • Use a fan to help push the air around and keep the air moving.
  • Install an air purifier or air humidifier to reduce the concentration of smells.

Change up the scenery

Changing up the scenery while you’re smoking can be a great way to keep your home from smelling like weed. You can change up the décor in your house and make sure to keep your furniture clean to help absorb smells. Change the color of your walls and hang some artwork to help keep the walls from smelling like weed. Change the location of your furniture so that you aren’t sitting directly next to your herb. Moving your furniture around your home can help reduce the concentration of smells and make sure that you’re not blocking your vents with your furniture.

Don’t store cannabis with other odors

The last step to keeping your home from smelling like weed is to keep your cannabis away from any other odors. The smell of marijuana is strong and it can leave a smell behind. Keeping all of your cannabis in a separate room or your garage can help eliminate the smell of the actual cannabis. It’s important to keep your herb away from other odors because the smell of other things in your home can be picked up by sensors and cause problems. Put your cannabis in a locked cabinet or in a cupboard that’s separate from your other items so that the other smells don’t get picked up by the sensors in your home.

Air your stashes and leave them scentless

The quickest way to eliminate the smell of cannabis in your home is to air it out. Opening all of your windows and doors and placing fans in each room can help blow the smell of your cannabis out of your house. If you’re not able to air your stash out, then you can try leaving it out of the room. The smell of cannabis can stick to items in your house, so try covering your herb and other items with air fresheners or other scentless items. You can try wiping surfaces with alcohol pads or using scentless sprays so that your items have a fresh smell and aren’t picking up the scent of cannabis.

Burn candles or use essential oils

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of opening all of your windows and ventilating your house, then you can try burning candles or using essential oils to mask the smell of your cannabis. Burning candles can help to clean the air while they release scentless smoke, leaving your home smelling fresh. You can burn candles that are scented with lavender, vanilla, or citrus to make sure that your home doesn’t smell like weed. If you don’t want to burn any candles, you can use essential oils to mask the smell of cannabis. There are oils that can be used to mask the smell of cannabis, so try one of these scents to mask your scent.


There are tons of ways to hide the smell of weed in your home, and it’s important to choose the method that works best for you. If you notice that your neighbours are starting to complain about the smell of cannabis, then try some of these tips to find out how to eliminate the smell. You should also know that most odor-eliminating methods won’t work forever, so be sure to change it up once in a while.  Visit Lowpricebud.co online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.


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