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Where To Store Weed To Preserve Your Bud’s Freshness & Potency

Top 5 Tips On Where To Store Weed To Preserve Freshness And Prevent Smell

Knowing where to store weed can significantly improve your experience. Nothing beats the taste and experience of freshly cured buds. 

Since you cannot always smoke all the weed after purchasing it, you have to figure out where to store weed for extended periods without degrading the taste, aroma and potency.

How long a cannabis flower lasts usually depends on the storage conditions and handling. 

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology found that cannabis in its resin, extract or herbal forms is pretty stable for 1 to 2 years if stored properly.

So, how do you keep weed fresh for extended periods? How and where should you store your cannabis buds? 

This article tells you where to store your weed to hide the smell and retain potency and terpenes.

Where To Store Weed: What You Need To ConsiderWeed buds in a small glass jar. where to store weed and how to store cannabis. Buy weed online. Cheap weed for sale online dispensary canada low price bud. sunday driver strain, tropicana cookies strain.

The best marijuana storage has to provide protection from nature’s elements that make weed go bad. If you are wondering where to store marijuana, it’s any place where you can control air (oxygen), moisture, light and temperature.  

Light is essential in many day-to-day activities and processes, but it is one of the elements that can harm your cannabis buds. 

Persistent UV photons will break the chemical bonds in many cannabis compounds, including THC and terpenes, leading to a loss of potency and flavour. 

A laboratory test by Orange Photonics found that one hour of sunlight exposure caused about a 0.5% decline in THC potency.

Moisture is another critical factor to consider when looking for where to store your weed. 

While it won’t degrade the THC in your weed, it will destroy it by increasing the risk of mold infestation, leaving it foul and probably unsafe to smoke. If it gets too dry, it may cause the terpenes and cannabinoids to wither and degrade.

Oxygen exposure can also break down the bud. When weed is left in the open air for extended periods, THC is slowly oxidized into CBN, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which means you lose potency. 

Another consideration is temperature. Almost everything from food items to medicine comes with a recommendation to store in a cool, dry place, and so does marijuana. 

Temperature is probably the most significant consideration if you are wondering where you should keep weed.

High temperatures can over-dry buds and evaporate terpenes. The result is a harsh and unpleasant smoke. 

Higher temperatures are also conducive to mold and mildew growth. High temperatures can also degrade cannabinoid content, including THC.

But what is a cool, dark, place to store weed? Can you keep weed in a fridge or freezer?

Where To Store Weed: How To Hide Marijuana Smell And Keep Buds Fresh

1. Avoid Plastic BaggiesMan storing weed in a small plastic baggie. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

Plastic baggies are a no-go zone if you want to keep your buds fresh and discreet. 

They are probably fine if you will use them for a day before switching to a better container, but if you plan to store weed for a more extended period, seek an alternative before destroying your stash.

There are several reasons to avoid plastic baggies. First, there is the risk of crushing the buds with any movement. If you put the bag in your pocket or purse, the nugs will break apart with any slight pressure. 

So unless you are aiming for a powdery shake, avoid keeping your nugs in plastic bags.

Then there is the issue of odour. Cannabis has a unique aroma that most people prefer to hide. This smell easily permeates out of plastic baggies, even if they are sealable. 

This permeation means the buds are losing terpenes to the air, affecting the taste and aroma.

This also means the storage is not discreet, and anyone can tell where your stash is. If the weed scent is getting out, it also means the buds are losing moisture, resulting in dried-out nugs.

Lastly, the plastic may affect the buds’ taste over time. Plastic baggies, tin foil and envelopes are no place to store your weed.

2. Jar Your Buds: Where To Store Weed, No Smell Weed buds stored in a glass jar. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online.

Wondering if mason jars are good for storing weed? Yes, they are probably the best, cheap option available

With airtight glass jars, nothing gets out, and nothing goes in until you open it up. 

While aging is inevitable, what you put in the jar stays just as good as when you first put it in. So, why is it best to store weed in mason jars?

• They are airtightPre-rolled joints, a grinder, and an airtight jar to hold cannabis. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

The buds are not exposed to oxygen other than what was in the jar when you put them in. 

This minimizes THC oxidation to CBN, preserving the flower’s potency. Just ensure the weed is properly cured before storing it.

• No scent

They are airtight, meaning nothing goes in or out, including the smell. 

If you prefer storing weed discreetly without smell, glass jars are your best option.

• No taste

Glass doesn’t produce a scent, which means your buds won’t get a weird taste or odour if you store it in a jar.

However, there are a few considerations to make when storing weed in mason jars. One is the size of the container. You want to fill your jar with weed up to the ¾ level. 

You do not want too much extra space in the container as this means there will be more air and more oxygen which may oxidize the THC or dry out the buds faster.

3. Be Mindful Of Humidity

Humidity is an important factor, but it’s harder to control. Experts recommend storing weed at about 60% humidity. 

However, if your weed is depleted within a week or two, you don’t need to worry much about humidity, but if you plan to store it longer, you need a solution to control humidity.

One option is using a humidity pack to prevent mold. Another option is using a cannabis humidor.

4. Keep The Jar In A Cool, Dark PlaceCannabis buds in a dry dark storage place. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

One downside of using clear glass containers is they let in light. Light from the sun can degrade the cannabis compounds, ruining potency and your overall experience. 

Be sure to store your mason jar in a dark place, such as a cupboard or a location in your home that stays dark throughout the day. You can also blackout your glass jars or use ceramic containers.

Also, the room should remain consistently cool. Experts recommend keeping it below 20°C (70°F). One cool dark place most people know is a fridge or freezer, but should you leave weed in the fridge?

5. Should You Keep Weed In The Fridge Or Freezer?

It’s not recommended to store your weed in a refrigerator because of the humidity and fluctuating temperatures. 

Freezing weed also makes the buds brittle, which means the THC and terpene-rich trichomes may break off. So if you are wondering where to store weed, use mason jars and place them in a cool and dark place.

Where To Store Weed: Summary

Heat, light, and moisture may cause your weed to age, lose potency or straight-up ruin it. 

Therefore, to store weed for long periods, you must factor in these elements to ensure your stash remains potent and with the original aroma and flavour.

The best option for storing cannabis is using airtight containers such as mason jars. These don’t let in air or let smell escape, which means the buds remain in the same condition as when you put them in. 

If you are storing weed for longer periods, you may want to consider using humidity packs or a humidor. 

Also, remember to put the container in a cool and dark place. Now that you know how to store cannabis, where can you buy weed online in Canada? 

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