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The Top 7 Weed Candy Bars At Our Online Dispensary

Find Out Which 7 Weed Candy Bars Are Worth Your Money

If you have a sugar addiction and you are looking to satisfy your craving for sweets, you got to try out these weed candy bars. 

Although the cannabis market for adult sweets is oversaturated and often overpriced, we have successfully hand-picked some of the most affordable and delicious edible weed chocolate bars and candies for 2022. 

In this comprehensive review, you will find the best weed candy bars that live up to the hype, in terms of potency, effects, and of course, flavour.

Stoners on a budget will also get recommendations on where to buy weed candy bars on a budget. 

That said, if you want to save money and enjoy a fantastic high, choose an online dispensary with frequent deals and sales, such as Low Price Bud. 

Currently, you will find a variety of premium-grade chocolate weed candy bars for a laughable price. Buy weed online without breaking the bank.

If that sounds good, let us jump straight into these detailed reviews. Keep reading.

The Best Weed Candy Bars for 2022 (Top 7 Picks)weed candy bars and THC edibles from Low Price Bud dispensary for cheapweed and value buds. Canadian online dispensary for mail order marijuana. buy weed.

Are you looking to buy weed candy bars? 

Unfortunately, shopping for a good quality product can be overwhelming – there are too many cannabis edibles to choose from! 

How can a stoner tell apart a shady product from a superb one? 

That is where the following list comes in handy. 

Before you buy weed online in Canada, check out these top picks.

1. Herbivore Edibles Ponderbar Chocolate Weed Candy BarsHerbivore Edibles Ponderbar Chocolate Weed Candy Bars. order weed online canada. cheap budz. cheap cannabis.

One of the highest-rated chocolate weed candy bars is these Herbivore Edibles Ponderbar Chocolate Bars, a true delicacy for stoners who like to stick to the staples. 

This cannabis-infused chocolate bar is suitable for anyone looking to satisfy intense chocolate cravings at any time during the day. 

According to stoners, this weed chocolate bar is great as a midday “pick-me-up” snack, but it can also work great as a relaxing and delicious dessert after dinner. 

Unlike some conventional chocolate weed candy bars, the Herbivore Edibles Ponderbar Chocolate Bars contain an impressive dose of THC.

Per dose, these bars provide you with 50mg of the psychoactive compound or 100mg in total. 

Whether you share this high THC chocolate bar with a friend or munch it by yourself, the choice is up to you.

Users of this THC chocolate claim that the taste is scrumptious and it will make you reach for more.

Get your Herbivore Edibles weed candy bars for only $14.00.

2. Herbivore Edibles – Kookie Krisp Weed Chocolate BarsWeed candy bard from Herbivore Edibles. Kookie Krisp Weed Chocolate Bars at Low Price Bud dispensary. buy marijuana online cheap. cheapest online dispensary canada.

By now you know why everyone is obsessed with this chocolate weed bar. It’s too good to be true!

However, if you are a pothead ready to experiment with texture, you may like the weed chocolate bars slightly more. 

This tried and tested formula will slowly melt in your mouth, and many consumers note that it is some of the highest-quality cocoa they have ever tasted! The crunchy texture adds depth to the flavour.

The effects are “melting” too. This THC chocolate contains a total of 100mg of the psychoactive compound, just enough of it to experience complete relaxation. 

Kick off your shoes, take a seat and snack on these mouth-watering chocolate bar edibles. It is so good that you won’t be able to stop at just one bar.

Always make sure to consume cannabis edibles responsibly.

You can get the Herbivore Edibles Kookie Krisp Weed Candy Chocolate Bars for just $14.00 at Low Price Bud, your favourite BC online dispensary.

3. Dope Henry! Weed Candy Bars – 600mg THCDope Henry! Weed Candy Bars 600mg THC edibles. online dispensary canada. buy online weeds. weed online canada.

Another unique chocolate bar weed you need to try is these Dope Henry! 600mg THC weed candy bars. In a few words, they are a crunchy, chewy, and every peanut lover’s fantasy. 

If you are a fan of crunchy peanuts and chewy fudge with tons of creamy caramel and an ultra-rich chocolaty coating, you will enjoy his addictive chocolate bar weed.

Besides tasting dreamy, these chocolate bar edibles are powerful. 

Namely, each package contains 600mg of THC. So, if you are a beginner or someone with low THC tolerance levels, make sure to consume this product mindfully.

At first, you may think that they don’t work. 

However, don’t be fooled by these chocolate bar edibles.  They typically take two hours to take effect, and when they do, they hit hard. 

According to the customers, these are a must-try for every cannabis connoisseur. Since they come in convenient packaging, they are a practical treat for people on the go.

Get your Dope Henry! weed candy bars for a mere $25.00 at the best online dispensary in Canada, Low Price Bud.

4. Blunty Weed Chocolate Bars With 500mg THCBlunty Weed Chocolate Bars weed candy and THC edibles for sale online at weed dispensary for BC cannabis value buds.

Imagine tasting the sweetness of fresh coconuts while lounging on a tropical beach. Feels good, doesn’t it? 

If you are looking to experience the same relaxing effects from the comfort of your home, you need to try Blunty -500mg THC, the latest craze in the world of edible weed chocolate bars. 

In each convenient package, you get 500mg of the psychoactive compound. That is a lot, compared to products in the same price range.

Although the effects may take around two hours to kick in, they will blow your socks off. 

According to the customers, these edible weed chocolate bars are the perfect choice for anyone who loves the taste of the classical coconut sweet but is looking for an adult-ready version. 

The taste and aroma are decadent, and it may trick you into believing it is a real coconut bar! 

However, this THC chocolate will make you hallucinate like no other candy bar. If 500mg of THC is too much for you, you break it into two bars to consume a lower dose. 

Get Blunty weed candy bars for just $20.00 and thank us later.

5. MOTA – Cookies and Cream Weed Chocolate BarMOTA edibles. Cookies and Cream Weed Chocolate Bar. online dispensary. budget buds. mail order marijuana.

The key to every stoner’s heart is a THC chocolate bar. If you are looking to surprise a dear one with a sweet treat, try the MOTA – Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar, a sugary treat everyone will enjoy. 

Consumers who prefer white chocolate over dark or milk chocolate will find this product tempting. When paired with the finest quality cannabis, you get a match created in Heaven! 

Each of these edible weed chocolate bars contains a whopping 300mg of THC. If this is too much for you, you can easily break up the chocolate into tiny pieces to adjust doses. 

Besides the mind-bending rich flavour and gooey texture, these chocolate bar edibles are highly effective.

Chocolate fans who want to ward off negative emotions and thoughts, as well as people dealing with mood disorders may benefit from THC chocolate like MOTA Cookies and Cream.

Buy the MOTA Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar for $23.00 and enjoy.

6. Potluck Chocolate – Maple Bacon 300mg THCPotluck Chocolate Maple Bacon 300mg THC Weed candy chocolate edibles for sale online in Canada. buy my bud. marijuana online. live resin canada.

Anyone tired of boring chocolate weed candy bars will go fall in love with the Potluck Chocolate – Maple Bacon 300mg THC. 

Although the flavour combination may sound unusual, it is one of the most popular edible products on the market for a good reason. 

This product is carefully crafted to satisfy stoners with “hard to please” taste buds. According to satisfied customers, this weed candy bar tastes natural and top-quality. 

Enjoy a burst of flavour while reaping all of the benefits of isolates and full-spectrum cannabis oils. 

In each bar, you get twelve pieces of the best-grade cannabis-infused chocolate. Every bar contains a total of 300mg THC, which adds up to an impressive 25mg per piece.

Purchase the PotLuck Chocolate – Maple Bacon 300mg THC at an online dispensary such as Low Price Bud for as low as $28.00.

7. Chocolit – Chocolate Bars 500mg THCChocolit Weed Chocolate Bars 500mg THC. edibles canada. weed edibles. marijuana edibles canada.

Here is another spine-tingling chocolate weed bar that will make you feel “lit”. 

The appropriately-named Chocolit – Chocolate Bars 500mg THC is a superb product for picky eaters.

Why? Because you can pick and choose between four yummy flavours, including Smores, Milk Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, and Birthday Cake. 

On top of that, all of these flavours have a natural taste without a hint of the bitter aftertaste most conventional THC chocolate has. 

In each bar, you get 500mg of THC. Consume it, wait for around two hours and marvel in the psychedelic effects. According to the users, these chocolate bar edibles are long-lasting and potent. 

They also have a long shelf life, so you can keep them in your cupboard for up to nine months.

Grab the Chocolit – Chocolate Bars 500mg THC while you can for $35.00.

Do Weed Chocolate Bars Go Bad?

Yes, edibles can expire. Make sure that you read the label on the product’s packaging for precise storage information.

The answer to “do weed chocolate bars go bad?” also depends on how you store your product. Always keep the edibles in a dry and cool place.

Where Can You Buy Weed Candy Bars?

You will find weed candy bars at almost every dispensary. However, you will only find the highest-quality products at reputable pot stores. 

We are here to help you. At Low Price Bud, the best online dispensary in Canada, you will find the tastiest and most effective weed candy bars on the cannabis market. Quantities are limited, so shop today!

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