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This Gas Monkey Strain Review Will Make You Go Bananas

The Best Gas Monkey Strain Review You Will Ever Read

It is finally here, the only Gas Monkey strain review you will ever need!

If you are a newbie stoner looking to learn more about the Gas Monkey strain, or an expert wanting to refresh your knowledge, you are in the right spot. 

Researching weeds such as the Gas Monkey strain can be time-consuming. That is how this review was born.

By the end of this Gas Monkey strain review, you will be an expert on this rare Indica hybrid. Find out about its terpene profile, THC content, expected benefits, flavour and aroma, genetics and more. 

Most importantly, shop at your local online dispensary with ease and confidence. We always recommend choosing Low Price Bud, a reputable BC online dispensary with outstanding credibility. 

If all of this sounds good, let us dive deep into this Gas Monkey strain review.

What is the Gas Monkey Strain?Gas Monkey strain value buds from Low Price Bud dispensary to buy weed online Canada. BC cannabis budgetbuds. mail order marijuana Canada.

You have probably clicked on this Gas Monkey strain review because you are searching for an Indica hybrid with outstanding psychedelic effects. But how well do you know this strain?

In brief, Gas Monkey strain is an ultra-rare Indica-leaning hybrid (70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa) created by breeding the well-known Gas and Grease Monkey strains.

To add a dose of mystery, the original breeder of the Gas Monkey strain remains unknown until this day.

However, what we do know about the Gas Monkey strain is that it is powerful and unapologetic. 

Although the THC content varies depending on the quality of the batch and the source you purchase it from, it typically varies anywhere from 25 percent up to a jaw-dropping 31 percent. 

So, if you are an expert stoner, you will want to grab the Gas Monkey strain while you can.

Judging by the customer reviews, this Indica hybrid is becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis world, making it more challenging to find. 

If you are on the hunt for the Gas Monkey strain, we recommend checking out Low Price Bud, the best online dispensary in Canada.

You can also find some alternatives such as Grease Monkey and the insanely strong Budder – Donkey Butter.

What is the Gas Monkey strain? It’s something you need to own today. Buy weed online in Canada before it gets sold out.

The Best Gas Monkey Strain Products (Top 3 Picks)

You are planning to buy weed online but are still unsure which products are worth the hype. Fortunately for you, we know. 

Here are the highest-quality strains for anyone searching for strains related to the Gas Monkey strain. 

Check them out and head to your favourite dispensary right away.

1. Budder Weed THC Concentrate – Donkey ButterBudder Weed THC Concentrate Donkey Butter strain dab drug. buy my bud. marijuana online. live resin canada.

You may be wondering, how does Donkey Butter relate to the famous Gas Monkey weed? Well, this super rare Indica-leaning hybrid (70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa) is actually the “baby” of the popular Triple OG and Grease Monkey strains. 

Although the name may be unusual, this bud is a phenomenal option for people seeking the signature pungent flavour of the highest-quality kush. 

Upon the first exhale, you will get to taste the delicious spicy diesel aroma mixed with rotting pine and rich skunk accents. Most importantly, the effects of Donkey Butter will stupify you! 

On average, you can expect around 28 percent of the psychoactive compound.

If you don’t already know what “budder” refers to and why it is important, here is a quick reminder. 

Budder is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates you can find. Budder wax or budder is a popular concentrate rich in THC that will give you some of the longest-lasting psychedelic effects. 

Anyone ready to enter a state of heavy couch lock should consider Budder Donkey Butter. Be warned, you will be glued to your couch for countless hours!

Get the terpene-rich Donkey Butter Budder Concentrate for as low as $20.00.

2. Gas Mask OG (AAA)Gas Mask OG value buds at Low Price Bud online dispensary Canada to buy online weeds. bc online dispensary. cheapest weed online canada. order weed canada.

The “Original Gangster” or Gas Mask OG is a must-have for everyone wanting to experience the Gas Monkey strain effects. 

This funky strain contains around 22 percent of THC, making it suitable for both experts and users with moderate tolerance levels for the psychoactive compound. 

What makes this rare Indica strand out from the rest of the bunch is it’s hard-hitting high coupled with the lifting effects that slowly transgress into the best relaxation of your life. 

As the high wears off, you will feel your eyelids get heavy, eventually lulling you into a deep slumber. Stoners looking for a way to escape the stress of everyday life will find relief in Gas Mask OG. 

Moreover, medical patients dealing with migraines, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia will find this Indica beneficial. 

Get Gas Mask OG today for only $10.00.

3. Ice Gas (AAA)Ice Gas weed online Canada at BC cannabis dispensary for value buds Low Price Bud. Buy online weeds. order weed online canada. cheap budz. cheap cannabis.

Whenever you see the word “Gas”, you know it will be a strain to remember for a lifetime. This sentence is more than true for the famous Ice Gas, an almost perfectly balanced hybrid. 

If you are a seasoned stoner, you probably already know why this hybrid is so highly sought out. If you are new to the game, here is a hint: it is all about the effects. 

Ice Gas users say that this hybrid is one of the best options for achieving a mind-bending euphoric experience. 

This strain will clear your mind and help you feel more focused and productive thanks to its Sativa genetics. However, don’t expect intense energy. 

Due to the Indica effects, the euphoric high will slowly lift you up and take you on a relaxing journey. Eventually, every inch of your body will feel numb, and you will fall asleep. 

Medical patients looking for ways to alleviate inflammation, appetite loss, chronic pain, and gastrointestinal disorder should consider Ice Gas.

You can find Ice Gas (AAA) at a well-equipped online dispensary such as Low Price Bud. Best of all, it is currently on sale for $80.00.

Gas Monkey Weed Strain Terpene ProfileFresh lemons, pine, and cannabis leaves. Gas Monkey Strain terpene profile. order weed online canada. cheap budz. cheap cannabis.

The Monkey Gas strain is a terpene-abundant bud full of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds for optimal human health. 

According to the facts, the most abundant terpene is Caryophyllene (pepper). 

This terpene gives the Monkey Gas strain it’s signature peppery and spicy aroma and potential anti-inflammatory benefits

Caryophyllene also has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so people searching for a solution for inflammatory bowel disease may find it useful. According to research, this spicy terpene can also help treat depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms.

Other abundant terpenes in this hybrid include Limonene (citrus) and Myrcene (herbal).

Gas Monkey Weed THC Content

The exact THC content of the Gas Monkey marijuana strain is up to debate. Since every batch is unique, you may receive a product with lower or higher levels of the psychoactive compound. Generally, the THC content ranges from as low as 19 percent up to 31 percent! 

In order to get the most potent Gas Monkey marijuana strain, we recommend you choose an online dispensary in Canada that is reputable and transparent. 

Stay away from suspicious dispensaries that offer cheap and unregulated weed. These products will likely give you a bad experience you will regret. Instead, spend a few extra bucks and enjoy cannabis safely. 

If you want to save money on weed, you can always look for an online dispensary that offers regular deals and discounts. For more information, head to Low Price Bud’s website.

Gas Monkey Weed Strain Flavour and Aroma

Hands down, Gas Monkey might have one of the most unique flavours and aroma combinations you will ever try.

According to potheads, you will be drawn to a strong lemony flavour, blended with diesel, skunk, and pine. 

This hybrid will appeal to stoners who are fans of sour buds. Since this is a potent strain with a super heavy skunky and pungent stench, it may not be the best choice for discreet users. However, if you don’t mind the attention, you will be in the seven heavens.

Gas Monkey Strain Effects

Since the Gas Monkey weed strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, you can mainly expect classic Indica weed effects. Users will feel heavily sedated, numb, and relaxed beyond belief.

Overall, this strain will give you a powerful body high. However, Sativa genetics will also provide you with a long-lasting euphoric high.

As mentioned, medical patients looking for alternative treatment for depression, appetite loss, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and insomnia may also find this hybrid valuable. 

Of course, if you are planning to treat a serious medical condition with cannabis, consult with a doctor first. 

Never attempt to self-medicate. Although there are countless benefits of cannabis, it is always a good idea to seek out the guidance of a trained medical professional.

Hopefully, this Gas Monkey strain review helped you make a wise shopping decision. If you want to buy this strain online, look no further. 

Check out Low Price Bud, the best online dispensary in Canada. We provide our customers with the highest-grade cannabis products for the lowest price. Get stoned today.

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