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These Are The 5 Best Live Resin Concentrates in Canada For 2022

Experience the Full Effects with these 5 Best Live Resin Concentrates

Live resin is a powerful cannabis concentrate that is rapidly becoming one of the biggest must-haves of vapers and dabbers all around the world. 

These THC powerhouses are packed with flavoursome cannabinoids for the ultimate experience. 

In this article, we bring you the best live resin concentrates currently trending on the market. 

Besides learning about the best live resin concentrates, you will find answers to some of your most commonly asked questions. 

For instance, how to smoke live resin? Can you eat it? What is the difference between live resin vs shatter? 

While you are pondering these questions, we also want to remind you of the importance of choosing a reliable weed dispensary such as Low Price Bud. 

Whenever you buy cannabis concentrates, you will want to be mindful of the online dispensary and its reputation. Buy live resin carefully and always choose dispensaries with positive customer reviews.

If that sounds good, keep on reading to find out which is the best live resin concentrate for you.

The Best Live Resin Concentrate (Top 5 Picks)

We have searched the web, browsed every online dispensary, and read all of the customer reviews to bring you the best live resin concentrate for 2022. Here are the hottest live resin concentrates you need to get today.

1. Resin – Alaskan Thunder FuckLive Resin Concentrates Alaskan Thunder Fuck dab drug from low price bud online dispensary Canada to buy weed online. Budgetbuds and cheap weed Canada.

If you want a potent Sativa dominant strain to energize and uplift you, choose the Alaskan Thunder Fuck or the ATF. 

This is a popular strain you can smoke in the morning or during the day to boost your energy levels and make you feel more productive. 

Although the smell might not appeal to everyone (it is a mix of strong skunk and catpiss), the aroma is phenomenal and crowd-pleasing. 

This live resin has a strong orange and banana taste with a spicy aftertaste in the mouth. 

Best of all, this strain will give you a quick high that will last for hours. Who is this live resin concentrate for? 

If you are dealing with pain, anorexia, depression, or stress, you need this live resin in your life.

2. Resin – Astroboylive resin concentrate Astro boy strain dab drug. Buy cannabis concentrates online. THC concentrate.

Another excellent Sativa-dominant strain is Astroboy, a strain made by crossing the potent Ortega X Cinderella 99 and the Apollo 13 strains. 

According to customers, the high will hit you immediately, transporting you into a state of euphoria and bliss. You can expect to feel “in trance” as your mind travels and the high builds up. 

Finally, you will feel a relaxing full-body buzz that will take all of your pain away. With about 19 percent of THC and 1 percent CBD, this live resin concentrate is a must-have in every stoner’s itinerary. 

Astroboy is the ideal bud for chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and appetite loss. What about the taste? 

If you enjoy the smell of sour and sweet earthy fruit mixed with hints of citrus, you need this bud.

3. Resin – Blue DreamBlue Dream live resin cannabis concentrate for sale at Low Price Bud online dispensary Canada. Buy weeds online.

Finding a good Sativa dominant hybrid with high percentages of Indica is difficult, but Blue Dream steps up for the challenge. 

This live resin concentrate provides moderately high levels of THC, ranging from 17 to 24 percent on average. If you want to experience the benefits of both Indica and Sativa, you will enjoy this bud. 

According to avid users, this bud will give you rapid effects, starting with an uplifting cerebral high. 

You will begin to feel your creative juices flowing and motivation increasing. Patients dealing with chronic pain, chronic stress, and sleep disorders will fall in love with this live resin. 

The taste is also extremely pleasant, and if you enjoy all things sweet (especially blueberries and sugar), you will love Blue Dream.

4. Resin – Couch LockCouch Lock libe resin concentrate from online dispensary to buy cannabis concentrates Canada. Low Price Bud mail order marijuana.

For the ultimate sedative experience, choose Couchlock or “Couch Lock”, an Indica-leaning strain with outstanding relaxing effects. 

This bud will give you a heavy physical high that lasts for hours. If you want to relax after a hard day of work and improve your sleeping patterns, Couchlock is a suitable choice for you.

 With THC levels averaging between 14 to 19 percent, we can also recommend this live resin to beginner smokers. On the flip side, some experts may need to choose a more potent strain, or “up” the dosage. 

However, before doing that, consult with a medical professional. The taste and aroma of Couchlock is also pleasant, and if you are a fan of sweet bananas and sugary blueberries, you need to try this one.

5. Resin – Green RobinGreen Robin live resin weed concentrate for sale. Concentrates Canada.

A hybrid with an almost perfect balance of Sativa and Indica is the Green Robin, a live resin that offers the best of both worlds. 

Namely, you get the heady cerebral rush of Sativa and the tranquillizing benefits of Indica. According to consumers, Green Robin is a suitable live resin concentrate for increasing happiness, creativity, and sociability. 

If you are feeling shy, this live resin could break you out of your shell. That said, this live resin concentrate also has some impressive medical benefits. If you are dealing with depression, migraine headaches, or anxiety, this may be your next best purchase.

What is Live Resin?

Now that you know which products are worth your bucks, let us address the elephant in the room: What is live resin? 

In essence, live resin is a powerful concentrate that will give you outstanding effects. Let us start from the beginning.

After it is harvested, the cannabis plant goes through many alterations that can cause damage to the natural terpene profile and the flavour. By the time cannabis concentrates are ready for use, the natural flavours and aromas of the plant may have already been jeopardized.

For instance, during the curing process that the majority of buds undergo post-harvest, a whopping 60 percent of natural terpenes are destroyed. 

Not only that, but depending on the extraction method and the concentrate being created, you can also lose many terpenes and natural cannabis compounds before even using the dab rig. 

Here is the good news. Unlike typical concentrates, producers extract live resin from plant matter that is quickly frozen post-harvest. Thanks to this, the natural terpenes are retained as much as possible. 

This results in a product with a higher terpene content compared to concentrates such as wax, rosin, or shatter. Moreover, live resin is packed with natural aromas and flavours, boosting your overall vaping or dabbing experience.

The Effects of Live Resin Concentrates

Live resin concentrates are loved in the cannabis community for two main things: Their potency and outstanding “terpy” flavour. 

Namely, since live resin concentrates contain all of the terpenes and trichomes that some concentrates lack, they also have a fantastic flavour profile. By preserving the trichomes, the cannabinoids remain intact. This means that live resin is extremely potent.

According to avid users, live resin is great for alleviating pain, nausea, and stress. Moreover, since live resin boasts enhanced properties, you can also use it for joint and muscle inflammation. 

If you are an injured athlete or just a stoner struggling with overall bodily aches, live resin concentrates are perfect for you.

In general, cannabis is popular for its outstanding anti-inflammatory benefits. 

That said, if you are looking for prominent ache-reducing effects, choose a live resin concentrate. Although live resin can be suitable for all tolerance levels, it will appeal to expert stoners and people with high tolerance to the psychoactive compound. 

If you are a beginner, you may want to start slow and see how you feel before increasing dosages.

How to Smoke Live Resin?

You can dab or vape live resin. Dabbing is typically the most popular method, as it is effective and highly enjoyable. If you want to dab your live resin, you will need a dab rig, a dab tool, and a torch or a torch lighter. 

Simply start heating up your device and place a dab of the live resin onto the dab tool. Wait 30 seconds, and with the tool, place the dab into the nail. Inhale and enjoy. 

You can also vape the live resin concentrate. All you need to do is place a couple of dabs of the wax into a quality concentrate vape pen.

If you don’t have a vape pen or a rig, you can also fill cannabis joints with live resin. However, this method is typically less effective. 

Can You Eat Live Resin?

Yes, you can eat live resin. However, consuming it orally will not make you feel high. Namely, eating raw THCA will not provide you with the psychoactive effects you desire. You will require the use of heat to activate the THC in THCA.

Live Resin vs Shatter

Some people use the terms liver resin vs shatter interchangeably, but the two are vastly different. For starters, shatter and live resin have different terpene concentrations. 

Namely, live resin exhibits ultra-high levels of aromatic compounds and it is packed with caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene and more. If you want to experience the full flavours of weed, choose live resin.

On the other hand, shatter contains more THC than live resin. Since shatter doesn’t have as many terpenes as live resin, it is more potent. Even though live resin is also very potent, it doesn’t come close to shatter.

Before you buy weed online in Canada, think about your desired effects. Do you value flavour and aroma over potency? What are the desired effects? If you decide to buy live resin, you will get a chance to enjoy a full burst of flavours you would not get with shatter.

Where Can You Buy Live Resin Concentrates?

You can buy live resin concentrates in a BC online dispensary such as Low Price Bud. Take a look at the impressive collection of dry herbs, vapes, CBD products, concentrates and more. 

Choose the best BC cannabis and place your first order today. Buy cannabis concentrates safely.

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