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Short attention span? Like a little variety in your stash box? Why not spice up your next order with the GASLEAK (AAAA) Oz Mixer option. Pick and choose from premium sativas, indicas, and hybrids, to create a customized ounce built to your liking.

Low Price Buds unique Oz Mixer options are the perfect opportunity to order your all-time favorites and a few new strains simultaneously. Why not order energetic sativas for daytime relief and sleepy indicas for night time benefit, all in the same ounce? With the GASLEAK (AAAA) Quarter Pound Mixer, the options are limitless.

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27 reviews for GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g

  1. Aj The420guy

    This would be a amazing bundle pack. I’ve tried most of these. Including MK Ultra, Lindsay OG, Rock Tuna, Bubba King, Mike Tyson, Wedding Cake they all get a 10/10 in all categories.
    Extra points for crystal coverage on these dense buds blanketed in trichomes. Gasleak Craft strains have the best bag appeal I’ve ever seen.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I totally agree the gas leaks are beautiful perfect premo bud. A must try for sure

  3. Riot

    So far I’ve had the Rock Tuna, Wedding Cake, Mike T and Mk Ultra and I haven’t been let down at all, The rock tuna and wedding cake stand out from the pack.

  4. Tehonieien (verified owner)

    Outstanding, absolutely hands down the best chronic available. Heavy smoker, tried most dispensary weed and a few other MoMs and I regret not having found LPB sooner, literally no other MoM site is capable of giving such good prices for incredibly amazing bud, These are quad A’s beyond reasonable doubt, this was my first order from this MoM site and I am more than impressed with the quality, selection and professionalism from this company. I was not sure what to expect after reading a few reviews and browsing the product list, I decided on trying the best first. I was honestly not expecting what they say in the description or in the reviews to be truthful but I can not agree more, super potent, extremely fresh nugs, no person in their right mind would rate these gas leak strains anything less than 5 stars. After choosing my four strains based on the options available and what people were enjoying smoking. I have to say out of the four choices I made, pink og rockstar was my top pick, followed by mk ultra, rock tuna and lastly, pink goo. They were all huge buds, my 7g bags had at most two nugs inside, literally 5g+ nugs for certain strains. It is seriously fresh and sticky, the smells are all wonderful. I could go on for days about why this weed is so good but you have to try it yourself to see why they call them craft strains, grown expertly, as though each plant has a dedicated caretaker sitting in front of the plant examining it 24/7 to ensure maximum quality. These growers know better than the rest on how to care for their plants because it shows in their perfect crystal coated nugs of greatness. I can’t wait to try a sativa strain by gas leak, customer for life.

  5. Robert Durnford

    Sick deal, all quality bud bo matter the strain. However the wedding cake stands out for sure amazing dense buds coated in trics.

  6. Robert Durnford

    Sick deal, all quality bud bo matter the strain. However the wedding cake stands out for sure amazing dense buds coated in trics.

    Robert D

  7. Dilu (verified owner)

    Some of the best bud I’ve smoked clean smooth potent straight fire

  8. HalifaxQuadhunter (verified owner)

    Good way to try the strains out before committing to a hole OZ of one strain. Great packaging and fast delivery

  9. Jon (verified owner)

    Amazing buds, all 4 strains were fire and smooth.
    Best bag appeal and possibly best weed I’ve ever seen or smoked. Definitely top 3,
    Crying for my wallet to try all the other gas leak strains now…

  10. Tim Beers (verified owner)

    The GasLeak quality is the best that I’ve come across in years! I have been smoking daily, for decades, you can expect satisfaction and to impress guests that are used to hitting dispensaries. Big thanks to LPB for providing truly top shelf product.
    Ive tried the MK Ultra Craft, Gelato, Pink Fox, Pink Goo, Mac 10, and the Death Tuna! Couldn’t be happier with the quality!!

  11. Lynne L (verified owner)

    Have got this pack almost twice now, with the exception first time substituted last strain with something else which was also amazing. Will keep coming back as I want to try ALL of GL stuff.

  12. NutbarNugs (verified owner)

    Tried the West Coast Bubba, Gelato, Lindsay OG and Mike Tyson. All nice tight buds, good nose, lots of trichomes. Nice cure brings out the terps, smokes clean. Definitely buying more soon.

  13. Ronster17 (verified owner)

    All I can say is I’m ordering more. Haven’t had weed like this for sometime. Mmmmmmm……yummy

  14. Anthony Thompson (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing way to find out what you like the best. Problem was I still can’t tell what I like as they’re all amazing! Guess I’ll try the other 4 I haven’t had and go from there! Awesome quality as always with the gasleak products. Will order again and again and again! 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  15. BillMosienko (verified owner)

    Second time ordering, tried rock tuna, mac 10, white death and super black death. All sticky, dense buds that are well trimmed, heavy smoke and great terp profiles make tasty joints that smoke smooth and burn clean. Even better than my first order and that super black death is some voodoo shit, huge buzz and tastes like no other weed I’ve tried.

  16. RocketHue (verified owner)

    My go to bundle – has never disappointed. Some strains are definitely better than others, but even the lower end of the spectrum for Gas Leak is amazing.

  17. Canadianmomson

    Awesome option to get the mix ox. Incredible value. Top quality no matter what strains u choose!

  18. AbnormalApple (verified owner)

    The best mix n match bundle I’ve found to date. Always being updated and always fire strains to try! If you’re new to the site I highly recommend this deal, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  19. popcanc1 (verified owner)

    Next level stuff 9 out of 10 times

  20. AbnormalApple (verified owner)

    always a great selection of top quality products. gasleak are doing great things

  21. Djjf1985 (verified owner)

    I have got this deal a few times anytime you get a deal
    On gas leak products your winning lol

  22. waitingbilly (verified owner)

    Such a good deal love gasleak product regardless what it is !

  23. Djjf1985 (verified owner)

    A very good deal especially when there a bigger selection try a bit of them all gas leaks is amazing

  24. EastCoastCharlie (verified owner)

    Great way to introduce yourself to GasLeaks

  25. Abele (verified owner)

    The grinder is small but it does the job smooth turns the buds were amazing like always too bad mike Tyson and Mac 10 isn’t available it’s a good bundle to start off with

  26. michelle jeffries (verified owner)

    100% worth the money, the best weed ive tried. amazing tastes and highs.

  27. michelle jeffries (verified owner)

    100% worth the money, amazing tastes and highs.

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Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada
Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada
Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada
Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada

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Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada
Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada
Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada
Buy GASLEAK Oz Mixer 4 x 7g online Canada

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