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These 0.5G Enigma Extracts cartridges only contain 1 ingredient, pure, 100% flower oil directly from full size quad bud. There is no liquidizers, fillers, cuts or added terpenes.

These all-ceramic Enigma Extracts cartridges have a NiChrome coil encased in quartz. This is so there is no metal contact to the extract. They pass all of California’s safety regulations and have zero heavy metal contamination. Due to the nature of the raw oil, when below room temperature the oil becomes more viscous. After sitting for a while, you may have to take a harder pull to get it flowing properly. Batteries that have a preheat function such as the Yocan Uni can help ensure good flow in cold temperatures. These are some of the reasons people cut carts like this but that’s not a route we want to take.

Power Settings for the best function of our carts:

Below are the recommended power settings for the Enigma Extracts Cartridges 0.5G:

If you point the cart tip down and look at the bottom by the threads, if there’s writing on it, those carts function best between 2-2.4V (3W-4Wish).

If there’s no writing, then it’s the older model cart that is no longer being used. However, they function best between 2.4-2.6V (4W-5W).

Only use batteries designed for use with cartridges, not box mods for nic vapes. We only recommend the Yocan Uni Pro as it’s tried and tested to work great on our cartridges.

Cartridge Usage, for the best function of our carts:

When you’re smoking the Enigma Extracts Cartridges 0.5G:

1. Begin inhaling
2. Hold down the fire button for 2-3 seconds while still inhaling
3. Release the fire button and keep inhaling for 2-3 seconds
4. Repeat as required

Don’t suck like a straw as that can pull oil into the airway, take a light/medium strength inhalation, and don’t inhale as hard as you can or in rapid short bursts.

Cartridge handling for best function: Enigma Extracts Cartridges exposed to temperatures outside of average room temperature, or at elevations significantly greater than sea level, have the potential for problems. Major elevation changes can ruin the internal vacuum that prevents the cartridge from leaking or clogging. Excessively warm temperatures can expand the components and lower the viscosity of the oil and cause leaking and clogging. Excessively cold temperatures can thicken the oil and reduce its flow into the coil and potentially burn the wick. Therefore, use them in an even temperature room/storage.

Cartridge Storage for best function: If you won’t be smoking an Enigma Extracts Cartridge 0.5G anytime in the near future, it’s best to store them tip down. If you’re going to be using it within a few days, flip it back right side up to saturate the coil. Conversely, if you want them to be easily interchangeable anytime, just store them tip-up. For long-term storage, put them in an airtight container in the fridge.


Animal Drank, Berry Cream, Candied Peanuts, Crescendo #1, Pine Jet, Pine Tar, Zombie Loops, Zombiez

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  1. Wise

    Good flavors ! I recommend These carts.

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