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Pink Rockstar Strain Review: Rating & Effects

Review of Pink Rockstar Strain 2022

You may be familiar with the Pink Rockstar strain. But, even if you are not, this review will tell you a lot more that you need to know about it.

Pink Rockstar strain is a potent and long-lasting hybrid that’s especially useful for managing anxiety symptoms.

This strain was bred by crossing two legendary strains: Pink Kush and Rockstar, though its exact lineage varies between different growers and dispensaries. 

Usually, it has an earthy aroma with notes of sweet citrus and diesel fuel. It is also interesting to know that Pink Rockstar strain is an indica-dominant hybrid found in most weed dispensaries across the United States and Canada.

Let’s get into the detail and give you more pink rockstar strain info that you may not find elsewhere!

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Pink Rockstar is a hybrid strain created by crossing Pink Kush with Rockstar.

Pink Kush is a strain that has been around since the 80s and is known for its indica effects and its ability to treat pain, insomnia, stress, and depression. 

Rockstar is another popular hybrid strain that’s known for its euphoric effects, which are long-lasting but can leave you feeling tired after the high wears off.

An unknown breeder in California originally bred the Pink Kush strain, but it has since become a West Coast cannabis scene staple. It’s known for providing heavy relaxation with an intense body high. 

The Rockstar strain has also gained popularity on the West Coast and was created by breeding Green Crack with Skunk. This indica-dominant hybrid has sativa and indica effects, ideal for nighttime and daytime use.

The appearance of Pink Rockstar BudsPink Rockstar weed online BC cannabis. Canadian online dispensary. marijuana dispensary. budgetbuds. weed edibles. canada weed. Dispencary.

Pink Rockstar looks like a light green strain with a pinkish hue. It’s covered in trichomes and has a slight purple tint. 

The buds are crystal-covered, with orange hairs throughout the plant. You’ll also notice white trichomes on the buds themselves, which is what gives this strain its name.


The aroma of Pink Rockstar strain is a sweet, pungent combination of fruity and earthy that hits you as soon as you open the container package. 

It’s familiar but still unique. You might have smelled strains before that have a similar aroma to Pink Rockstar, but something about this one makes it stand out from all others. 

The aroma of Pink Rockstar Strain is powerful, so you can definitely enjoy it without lighting up outside your home or apartment if you don’t want people to see what you’re doing (or smell what you’re doing).

Pink Rockstar strain has an earthy taste with hints of being skunky and fruity at the same time—it’s hard to describe it perfectly because there’s so much going on with this strain!


While taste is subjective, it’s also important to note that this is a personal experience. One person’s green is another person’s lemonade.

That said, taste can be an essential factor when determining whether or not you like your weed and thus whether you want to smoke more of it or not. 

The taste of Pink Rockstar has been commonly described as “earthy,” “piney,” and similar to that of other strains such as Blue Dream or Green Crack (although these descriptions varied based on who was describing them).

Pink Rockstar Strain THCPink Rockstar Strain THC levels diagram. cannabis stores. weed delivery canada. weed online. dispenseries.

When we talk about Pink Rockstar Strain THC, Pink Rockstar is a high-THC strain with a sweet, pungent aroma and a strong, powerful indica-dominant effect. 

The THC content of Rockstar Pink strain ranges between 18% and 23%, making it one of the most potent strains available on the market today. 

This potency can make Pink Rockstar Strain challenging to tolerate for new users who are not accustomed to such effects or high doses of THC.

Because of its potency and high THC content, it is recommended that you take this strain slowly at first until you know how it will affect you when ingested in larger quantities. 

If you’re looking for something relaxing but don’t want to be knocked out by the effects of weed right away—or need something that won’t knock out your sense of creativity—then Pink Rockstar might be what you need!

If you’re looking for an evening or nighttime medication, then Pink Rockstar is perfect for you. It can help you get in touch with your creative side. and make you feel more relaxed so that you can enjoy your favourite hobby or activity without feeling anxious about it.

This strain is also best suited for patients who have trouble sleeping because it helps you relax and forget about your worries at night so you can fall asleep more easily. 

It is also suitable for those who suffer from anxiety since it can help ease those feelings of stress and worry so you can relax into sleep instead of tossing and turning all night long trying to find some peace in your mind.

Pink Rockstar Strain EffectsHappy man chilling at home on his yellow sofa after buying weed online from canadian online dispensary for cannabis canada.

While it’s not uncommon for indica-dominant strain to produce a substantial body high, Pink Rockstar leans more towards the sativa side of things when it comes to its effects. 

The high settles in almost immediately after your first toke, slamming into both mind and body with an uplifted onset that fills you with a sense of motivation and focus at the same time as it leaves your body completely relaxed from head to toe (but still functional). 

You’ll feel an influx in mental energy followed by a relaxing body buzz that doesn’t cause couch-lock; instead, it keeps you active while providing complete relief from stress or pain throughout all muscle groups—the perfect combination for those looking for relief without getting knocked out by their medication! 

These effects coupled with its super high THC level make Pink Rockstar perfect for treating medical conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue.

Medical Benefits

Pink Rockstar is a versatile strain that can be used to treat a number of different conditions. The most common ailments treated with this strain are anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

Patients also use it to treat headaches and pains associated with chronic stress.

The effects of Pink Rockstar are mild but effective in providing relief from stress, pain and insomnia. This strain is best for people who want something relaxing but not overpowering or sedative.

What Are The Side Effects Of Pink Rockstar Strain?

Pink Rockstar strain is a potent hybrid that can lead to a fast onset of some unpleasant side effects. 

Although the majority of patients have no issues with this strain, there are still some major considerations you should keep in mind before trying it out.

The most common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, which can be alleviated with simple steps like drinking plenty of water or chewing gum. 

This strain also tends to cause paranoia and anxiety, so it’s best not to drive after using Pink Rockstar if you’re feeling these effects at all strongly (although we do not recommend driving under the influence anyway).

Additionally, nausea and vomiting are reported quite frequently with this particular strain. Nausea may intensify when combined with alcohol or other drugs—and that could lead to more serious complications such as dehydration or even food poisoning. 

Pink Rockstar’s strong psychedelic effects may also cause trouble sleeping; make sure you go into your high prepared for an intense night!

These are only some of the adverse side effects associated with Pink Rockstar; everyone reacts differently depending on their tolerance level and body chemistry. 

So, make sure you know what kind of experience lies ahead before trying out any strains for the first time!

How Much Pink Rockstar Should You Consume?

The amount of cannabis you consume depends on the strain and your tolerance level. If you’re new to cannabis, start with a small amount of Pink Rockstar and work your way up. 

If you’ve been consuming cannabis for some time (and have built up a tolerance), you can probably drink more than a beginner.

Final Thoughts

With all that in mind, Pink Rockstar is an excellent choice for a beginner who’s just looking to relax and is open-minded about the flavour. If you’re trying to find something for a friend or family member, this is also a good option.

At its best, Pink Rockstar is a strain that will make you feel so good you’ll think you’ve just had the best meal of your life.

It gets you physically relaxed and mentally focused, so it can be an excellent option for those who need to get some work done and want to wind down for the day.

On the other hand, pink rockstar strain could easily sneak up on newbies due to its high THC content, so be sure not to leave yourself vulnerable if trying out Pink Rockstar.

In any case, we recommend checking out some Pink Rockstar as soon as possible because there aren’t many strains quite like this one and if you’re looking to shop cheap weed in Canada or searching for an online dispensary, you should definitely check out LowpriceBud!

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