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Pink Goo Review: Understanding The Stickiest Indica Hybrid Strain

Pink Goo Cannabis Strain Information & Where To Buy Weed Online In Canada

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of strains in the cannabis industry today, and more are still discovered each year, bringing about new effects, colours, and flavours with each cross. In this Pink Goo strain review, we look at one of the industry’s new entrants that has already garnered a lot of hype because of its effects, appearance and heritage.

Pink Goo Strain Overview

Pink Goo is an indica dominant strain with a contested parentage and an unconfirmed indica-sativa ratio. While not much is known about its heritage, many growers say it is a cross between Afghani Goo and Pink Kush, hence the name  “Pink Goo.”

Afghani Goo, also known as Afgooey, is a popular cannabis strain that, as the name suggests, descends from the Afghani indica landrace. Afghani Goo is said to be a cross of the Afghani landrace with the sativa dominant – Maui Haze strain. Afghani Goo gets its name from the stickiness of the buds, caused by the sticky resin seeping out of the frosty trichomes.

The gooey resin is also a feature in its offspring – the Pink Goo. Pink Goo’s other parent is Pink Kush, a high THC Indica strain linked to the legendary West Coast cannabis strain – OG Kush. Pink Kush is known for its powerful body-focused effects, exceptional aesthetics, and its sweet vanilla and candy fragrances. 

Pink Goo hybrid strain is known for its tasty and gassy flavours that Pink Kush fans are guaranteed to appreciate. Its appearance makes it irresistible as it carries on its parent’s good looks – including the typical indica medium-sized dense buds covered in a blanket of milky white trichomes and fiery orange hairs.

Pink Goo strain is often confused with Pinkman Goo, a rare indica dominant hybrid developed by CaliCropDoc. Pinkman Goo is rumoured to be named for Breaking Bad’s stoner character Jesse Pinkman. It gets its second name from its tree-like ability to ooze sap from the bottom of the calyxes, a rare phenomenon among cannabis crops.

Pink Goo’s effects range from euphoria, happiness, creativity and sleepiness.

Pink Goo Strain Review


Pink Goo produces medium-sized buds that are densely packed, as is typical with indica strains. These nugs are bright green in colour with fiery orange pistils, which depending on how the crop is grown or when it’s harvested, can be dark brown.

Pink Goo’s bright green nugs are covered in a dense blanket of milky white trichomes, making it an excellent strain to make cannabis concentrates.

Pink Goo Aroma and Flavor

Pink Goo has a sweet pine and fresh pepper or spicy aroma that hits your olfactory senses as soon as you start opening up the package. The aroma also has hints of earth that complement the sweet piney scent.

Consumers can expect a slow and greasy smoke with diesel, earthy, pine and spicy notes on the exhale. Pink Goo is a sweet and gassy treat like its parent –  Pink Kush. But does it carry on its parents’ potent effects?

How Pink Goo Will Make You Feel

Immediately you take a hit of the Pink Goo flower or vape, you will experience a sudden euphoria that will leave you in a happy space, mentally focused and probably giggling any chance you get. As a potent indica dominant strain, Pink Goo also produces relatively potent physical and relaxing effects with a dose of sedation.

The high starts soon after the first toke, lifting your mind with a touch of cerebral energy that spurs creativity. As your mind lifts into the focused state, your body settles into a state of pure relaxation. 

As is typical with many indica strains, Pink Goo is mildly sedating and will likely have you couch-locked before the physical relaxation lures you into a deep sleep that will last for hours. This makes it a perfect nighttime or late evening strain.

These effects also mean it may help deal with several health conditions, including insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain. Pink Goo consumers on LowPriceBud report feeling sleepy (majority at 63%), creative (51%), euphoria (42%) and happiness at (42%).  But can Pink Goo’s effects help medical marijuana patients?

Pink Goo Medical Benefits

Pink Goo is said to be very potent. However, this claim is hard to verify as there is little information on its THC test levels in the public domain. It is also said to be high in CBD levels, making it an excellent choice for medical marijuana use. But can it help?

Pink Goo’s uplifting and relaxing effects are said to help deal with stress, anxiety and soreness. It is also said to help fight chronic pain and inflammation. Pink Goo can also effectively manage minor aches such as muscle aches after a gym session or mild pains.

This strain is also said to provide mental focus, which, when coupled with its relaxing and calming effects, may come in handy for patients with ADHD. Pink Goo also induces mild sedation, which may help you sleep better if you have insomnia and other sleep problems. Pink Goo’s uplifting effects may also help with chronic fatigue, but you will have to take it in small quantities.

However, just like any other high THC strain, Pink Goo should be taken in moderation as overconsumption may cause paranoia, headaches, and may exacerbate anxiety. 

Pink Goo Strain – Should You Try It?

Pink Goo is an excellent strain if you are looking for weed that will help you kick back, relax as you unwind after a long day. This strain has deeply calming and relaxing effects that are perfect for the transition to sleep. These effects are balanced with euphoria, mental focus and a shot of creativity.

This strain will have an uplifting effect that spurs creativity if taken in small doses. As such, Pink Goo may help relieve physical and mental strains that you may be suffering from at the end of the day.

However, this strain’s THC potency levels are not publicly known, although it is claimed to be relatively potent. It’s recommended that you take it in moderation, taking breaks to monitor how your body reacts before taking some more to avoid overconsumption.

Commonly reported side effects of this strain include red eyes, cottonmouth, dizziness, headaches and paranoia, especially when you take too much.

All in all, Pink Goo is an attractive indica dominant with a sweet flavour and pungent floral aroma that will help provide calm and relaxation in the evenings and provide medicinal benefits from helping with sleep to dealing with chronic pain. But should you buy this strain online?

Where To Buy Pink Goo Weed Online

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