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Is Comatose Strain The Best Indica For Evening & Night-Time Use?

Comatose Strain Info & What It Is Like

Have you ever wondered how breeders come up with the names they give to their strains? From OG Kush, Purple Haze to Comatose OG, cannabis strains have unique names, with some getting their names from their observable features, effects and even popular songs. In this review, we look at the Comatose strain and figure out its lineage, benefits and how it got its name. 

Strain names range from methodical to ridiculous, but there is often a story behind them. Some represent an event of historical significance; others like, Strawberry Cough let you know of the effects to come. But what about Comatose strain?

What Is Comatose OGComatose OG weed bud. Buy weed online in canada from cheap weed dispensary low price bud.

Comatose OG is an indica dominant strain with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio. Its parentage, like most modern strains, is a closely guarded secret, but the consensus is it’s a cross between the award-winning OG Kush strain with another indica dominant hybrid.

This strain is a popular choice among cannabis smokers and is becoming sort of a legend due to its highly relaxing and hard-hitting highs. Comatose OG is also known as “Comatose” or “Coma Kush.”

Although we are unaware of its full heritage, it’s a descendant of the infamous OG Kush, which means it has some impressive genetics, which is reflected in its powerful effects. Still wondering why it’s called Comatose?

Comatose produces incredibly potent sedative effects that will have you feeling happy, relaxed and unfocused. However, as the name suggests, its relaxing effects will have your body feeling heavy, you won’t feel like leaving the couch. Before you realize it, you will be sedated for hours, just as if you were comatose.

These qualities make it a good strain for nighttime use as its effects can be pretty intense. These qualities also make it a suitable medical marijuana strain. It is used to help manage insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, appetite loss, stress and anxiety.

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Comatose Strain Review

AppearanceImage of Comatose Strain Weed Bud. Buy weed online.

Comatose OG buds are super sticky due to the thick frosty coating of trichomes that warn you of the potency these nugs bear. They have a bright neon green colour contrasted by the orange hairs that weave around the buds.

The nugs are usually small but densely packed, which is typical with indica dominant strains. Comatose OG is a good-looking strain that cheerfully invites you to indulge then smacks the lights out of you.

Comatose Strain Aroma And FlavourFresh oranges.

Comatose OG has a rich, pungent piny and tangy herbs aroma with sour citrus undertones when you crack open the jar or start breaking it down for a smoke. This rich aroma will make your body tingle in anticipation of the flavour and effects to come.

The flavour does not disappoint. This strain produces a super sour citrusy flavour accompanied by hints of herbs and sweet earth. You may also notice some pine and musk hints when you inhale it for the first time.

But how does Comatose OG make you feel?

How Does Comatose OG Make You Feel?Female sleeping soundly after smoking weed ordered online from low price bud. online dispensary.

Comatose strain is very potent, with lab tests showing that it averages between 23-27% THC. This makes it one of the most potent strains in the market. As such, you can expect hard-hitting effects and benefits.

Comatose OG’s high starts with a potent buzz that strikes your head first, leaving you feeling uplifted and in a euphoric and unfocused state. This heady effect then slowly washes throughout the body, making your organs feel heavy as you settle into a deeply relaxing body high.

This relaxing body high slowly pulls you into the couch, allowing you to sink deep into your thoughts before powerful sedation kicks in, leaving you couch-locked. Sleep takes over, and you sleep for hours and hours on end. This sleep can be described as coma-like, making perfect sense of the strain’s name.

These strain’s effects make it an excellent strain for use by medical marijuana patients to manage conditions such as pain relief and insomnia.

Comatose OG Medical Benefitslady with insomnia. buy weed online from cheap weed mail order marijuana weed shop low price bud.

Comatose OG contains very high or above-average THC potency compared to the typical strain. Its THC concentrations test at between 23% to 27%, but it is also said to have high doses of CBD, the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis.

Combine the high THC and CBD effects with the health and wellness of terpenes and other cannabinoids in the plant, and you have a strain with potent medical benefits.

Comatose OG has been recommended for insomnia and other poor sleep causes because of its strong sedating effects that can have you sleeping uninterrupted for hours. Coma Kush is also recommended for pain and inflammation due to its relaxing and calming effects.

This strain is also said to work for anxiety, ADHD and other conditions that improve in a “spacey” high. While anxiety can be caused by many things, it can be exacerbated by lack of sleep. According to consumer reports, comatose may help improve both anxiety and sleep.

When Should You Smoke Comatose OG StrainMan smoking comatose strain weed in a joint. buy weed online.

Comatose OG is one of the best late evening or nighttime strains. It’s almost guaranteed that it will leave you couch-locked, and its sedating effects are best put to use before bedtime, especially if you experience trouble falling or staying asleep.

Comatose is also great for lazy days because of its sleepy and potent relaxation effects. This makes it an excellent strain to transition from the day’s tasks to ending the day with a nice, long-lasting sleep.

Should You Try Comatose?WOman with mobile phone and credit card ready to buy weed online from cheap weed online dispensary low price bud.

If you are wondering if Comatose OG is worth going to your computer and ordering weed online? Yes, Comatose is definitely worth a try.

It is potent in THC concentration, has a tasty, strong citrusy taste with hints of a skunk indica aroma, and has robust health and wellness benefits.

Comatose OG is worth a try if you work long days or are usually tired at the end of the day. Comatose has strong relaxing effects that transition into a long undisturbed sleep that will have you refreshed and ready to take on the next day when you wake up.

Comatose strain is also said to help treat several health conditions, including insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, chronic pain, anxiety and more. But where can you purchase weed online for cheap?

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