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Expert Advice on How Edibles Are Different Than Smoking Weed

So What’s the Difference Between Eating Edibles vs Smoking Weed?

How are edibles different than smoking weed? This article will answer all your questions regarding ingesting or smoking weed.

Fun and delicious edibles such as candies, chocolates, and drinks are taking the cannabis world by storm. 

If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’re wondering how are edibles different than smoking weed. 

More specifically, how are the effects of ingesting edibles different than smoking? What are the similarities and differences between edibles vs smoking? 

In this comprehensive article, you’ll learn about the expert facts on edibles vs smoking, what an edible high looks like the benefits of edibles, and the overall effects of edibles you might experience. 

You’ll also find answers to questions such as “are edibles bad for you?”, “do edibles get you higher than smoking?”, “can you smoke edibles?”, and of course, “does eating weed do anything?”.

Before jumping straight into the facts, always seek out a reputable online dispensary in Canada. 

Namely, when you buy weed edibles online, you’ll want to look for trusted sellers with high-quality products. 

If you order weed online without checking the seller’s policies, you might receive a dodgy and unregulated product. 

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That said, here are the facts on edibles vs smoking.

What Are Edibles: Weed Edibles, Marijuana Edibles and/or THC Edibles?Selection of weed edibles and THC edible gummies from an online dispensary in Canada. Buy weed online. Buy weeds online. How Edibles Are Different Than Smoking Weed.

Before you find out how are edibles different than smoking, it’s important to understand what edibles refer to. 

In brief, edibles include different food products that have been infused with cannabis. 

For example, you can find candies, premium cannabis-infused chocolate, baked edibles, drinks, sauces, syrups, cocoa, and tea edibles (such as the MOTA Yoni Relax Tea). 

One of the most common questions stoners ask is, “are edibles bad for you?”. 

The answer to this question tends to be controversial. In many cases, eating marijuana that you ordered from an unregulated store or seller can be harmful. 

Before you buy weed online in Canada, it’s best to look for trusted online dispensaries. Always make sure that the products are high-quality and safe. 

Another reason why some people claim that edibles are potentially dangerous is that an edible high takes a few hours (somewhere between one and three hours) to kick in. 

On the other hand, the effects of smoking cannabis can take just a few minutes. 

Hence, if you are a beginner to edibles, you might think “does eating weed do anything?”. Yes, it does, but you’ll experience the effects in a few hours. 

Although there are many benefits of edibles that we touch upon later in this article, some people still fear them. 

As mentioned, one of the main reasons why edibles may be frowned upon is that they tend to be easier to overdose

Caution: Always adhere to the dosage instructions provided on the product packaging. 

Also, consult a healthcare professional beforehand, especially if you have an underlying medical condition. Finally, never attempt to self-medicate with cannabis.

With all of this in mind, if you are careful and mindful when consuming edibles, you won’t experience adverse effects. Eating marijuana can be perfectly safe if you do it right.

Top 3 Highest-Rated Edibles

Why is edible high different? We’ll get into the logistics later. However, in a way, edible high is different because it’s more fun. Think about it, you can choose between mouthwatering chocolates, candies, syrups, and more. 

Here are some of our most beloved products that are guaranteed to give you the best edible high.

1. Blunty Edible Chocolate Bar 600mg THCBlunty Edible Chocolate Bar 600mg THC. Buy THC weed chocolate bars. How Edibles Are Different Than Smoking Weed.

This edible chocolate bar is even better than the original coconut delicacy, Bounty. 

You’ll get to enjoy some of the most amazing flavours such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate, mixed up with the highest-quality cannabis. 

If you prefer a different flavour profile, Shit Kickers (with 600mg THC) could also be a phenomenal choice. Alternatively, check out Merrrs (600mg THC).

2. Herbivore Edibles CBD Mix and Match -10 PackHerbivore Edibles CBD Mix and Match 10 Pack of marijuana edibles weed gummies.

Munching on candy and experiencing the effects of edibles is possible with this sweet treat

You’ll get nine delicious flavours (choose between watermelon gummies, grape sours, banana blasts, buzzy peaches, candy colas, and more) bursting with CBD. 

One of the perks of choosing CBD edibles is that you’ll control the dosage easily.

If you’re looking for a THC kick instead, take a look at Herbivore Edibles THC Mix and Match – 10 Pack. 

3. Mary’s Medibles Triple Chocolate Brownie 300mg IndicaTHC infused marijuana edibles chocolate chip weed cookies. Mary's Medibles Triple Chocolate Brownie 300mg Indica

What’s the deal with weed brownies vs smoking? Sometimes brownies are more fun. 

This is the perfect choice for everyone with a sweet tooth and a strong craving for chocolate with tons of cocoa. 

If you want to chill out with friends, Mary’s Medibles Triple Chocolate Brownie is perfect for you.

If you are plant-based, we suggest trying out Mary’s Medibles – Plant Based Chocolate Chip 150mg Indica or the 150mg Sativa.

Effects of EdiblesHappy man chilling relaxing at home after buying weed edibles online at Low Price Bud online dispensary in Canada.

Are edibles stronger than smoking a joint?

For some people, the effects of edibles are the same as when smoking weed, while for others, edibles are stronger. 

So, the answer to “do edibles get you higher than smoking?” is highly relative. We are all different, and the effects will vary from one person to another. 

That said, facts on edibles vs smoking note a few important benefits of edibles. 

For example, they can alleviate stress and anxiety, giving you an overall relaxing experience. Moreover, edibles may help treat certain medical conditions like chronic pain.

How are Edibles Different than Smoking?Selection of THC gummies cupped in the hands of a man.

So how are edibles different than smoking weed?

When looking at the facts on edibles vs smoking, we see more similarities than differences. 

For example, when it comes to edibles vs a joint, both will give you excellent physical and mental benefits

For instance, you’ll feel relaxed, euphoric, and happier. Also, facts on edibles vs joint claim that both forms can help treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. 

However, talk to your doctor first for professional guidance and proper dosage instructions.

Are edibles bad for you? If you purchase them from a dodgy dispensary and you’re using too much, they could be harmful. 

However, the same principle applies to purchasing and smoking weed. Overall, be cautious about where you buy your cannabis products from.

All in all, it will all boil down to “do you prefer edibles or smoking?”. As mentioned before, edibles can take a longer time to kick in. 

So, if you’re used to smoking weed and you’re new to edibles, you may ask yourself “does eating weed do anything?”. Be patient, edibles may take some time.

Edible High vs Smoking HighHolding an hourglass. Time concept. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

For many people, an edible high is different from the high you experience when smoking cannabis. 

Namely, since vaped or smoked marijuana enters your lungs and is absorbed in your bloodstream, you’ll experience it faster than edibles. 

On the other hand, edibles are processed in your stomach and liver. That means that eating marijuana can give you stronger and longer-lasting effects than smoking weed.

The benefits of edibles are usually the same as the benefits of smoking weed. Below, we go into the details.

So, do edibles get you higher than smoking? In many cases, yes. But why is edible high different? 

In brief, edible cannabis must be digested and metabolized in the body, so it can take anywhere from one to three hours for you to experience the signature high. 

This means the answer to “are edibles stronger?” could also be yes. 

However, even though edibles could be stronger, they deliver smaller concentrations of cannabinoids to your bloodstream. 

Facts reveal that edibles typically deliver up to twenty percent of THC, while inhaled cannabis will give you up to sixty percent of the psychoactive compound.

Benefits of EdiblesWoman with muscle aches. Marijuana edibles for pain relief.

The benefits of edibles will blow your mind. 

Namely, eating marijuana can help you with anxiety relief and relaxation, sleep disorders, pain management (excellent treatment for neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer pain, and arthritis), muscle spasm control, and epilepsy. 

If you’re still curiously asking “does eating weed do anything?”, here are some more facts. Edibles could also help with weight loss and appetite loss, especially for cancer patients.

Benefits of Smoking WeedMan lighting a joint outside. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

When it comes to consuming edibles vs a joint, it’s also helpful to look at the expected effects of smoking weed. Compared to eating marijuana, smoked or vapourized weed can have almost immediate effects. 

Also, usually vapourized or smoked weed will last for up to three hours, while edibles can last up to twelve hours. If you take edibles in the morning, they might impact your entire day.

Facts on edibles vs smoking also reveal that one of the benefits of inhaling cannabis is that you can easily layer your doses. 

At the end of the day, you’ll need to ask yourself, do you prefer edibles or smoking? 

Although there are some critical differences between edibles vs a joint (such as the time required to experience the effects), the similarities are plentiful. 

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