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Find The Best THC Distillate Syringe Collection in Canada

Top 4 THC Distillate Syringes in Canada & Things You Need to Know About Distillates

If you’re looking to enhance your experience with cannabis, trying out some distillates is not a bad idea. Distillate is a thick oil that is clear to gold or amber in colour, often referred to as “liquid gold.” 

Because of all the benefits associated with purchasing a syringe of the highly potent substance, THC has attained such high praise in its distillate form.

First and foremost, if you’re confused by the intricate process required to consume other weed concentrates, you’re in for a treat.

With a THC distillate syringe, there are more ways to consume them than there are fingers in your hand. 

What’s more delicious is you can consume distillates directly from the THC distillate syringe. That’s right, just a few drops of this liquid gold under your tongue will get you going.

Since the THC distillate syringe comes calibrated, you won’t have to worry about overdosing. On that note, a little goes a long way when it comes to distillates.

Remember, this is a near pure substance with some testing THC purity of up to 96%.

We’ve prepared this list to give our top pick THC distillate syringes in Canada. We’ll go into more detail about a THC distillate syringe, define some terms, show you the different ways to consume distillates and tell you why everyone wants to get a THC distillate syringe.

What  Is a THC Distillate SyringeTHC distillate syringe from the top mail order marijuana online dispensary Low Price Bud. Cannabis oil. THC oil. Buy weed online Canada.

Distillates are cannabis concentrates extracted from the whole plant. After the whole plant is prepared, it is dissolved using a solvent to separate the plant materials from the potent compound such as THC, CBD, CBN, and terpenes. 

Since all these compounds have different boiling points, distillation is used to extract individual compounds. Distillates are called so because of the process of distillation used to extract them.

Some distillates sold are pure THC compounds, while in other distillates, essential compounds such as terpenes are reintroduced into the distillate after extraction.

Because syringes are calibrated, medical and recreational cannabis users can easily measure the dosage when dispensing the liquid. 

Why People Love THC Distillate SyringesThe process of making THC distillates. Buy a THC distillate syringe online in Canada. buy weed online canada. weed stores. budget buds.

The process of making distillates eliminates unwanted substances such as plant matter, any impurities, and pesticides.

This means that the extracted compound, whether it’s a cannabinoid such as THC, terpenes, or flavonoids, is a near pure substance.

If a distillate is 96% pure, what this means is that in a one-gram THC distillate syringe, you’ll have 960 mg of pure THC out of the available 1000mg. For medical cannabis users, this kind of purity is unmatched.

THC distillates also lack a distinctive weed smell. Since the purification process eliminates terpenes—compounds responsible for the aroma and hence can be odourless.

Even when terpenes are reintroduced in some distillates, the levels are controlled to minimize odour.

Distillates are popular for their versatility in consumption. The highly potent THC is already activated (or decarboxylated). You don’t need any special equipment or skills to use them. Add a few drops of it to your food, drinks, joint, or topicals.

How to Use A THC Distillate Syringe

Here are some ways to consume distillates from syringes.

1. Mix the Distillates Into Your FlowerMan rolling a joint of BC cannabis. buy weed. ontario marijuana. canada weed. dispensary. buy online weeds. budgetbuds.

When you have built up a tolerance to your favourite weed strain, a few drops of distillates can add potency to your tokes.

 You can either coat the joint paper with a layer of distillate or add the substance directly to your flowers before rolling your joint and having a smoke.

If you prefer to use a bong during your session, dispense a few drops on top of your bong bowl and enjoy the rich flavours and effects of distillate syringes.

2. Inject Your THC Distillate Into Your EdiblesBaked edibles, weed brownies, and a cannabis leaf. online dispensary. weed shop. moon rock weed.

Distillates are made ready for consumption. A few drops of this resinous material in your mouth will do wonders regarding feeling psychoactive.

This feature makes it the top pic concentrate for making weed edibles and beverages. Just dispense a few drops of this highly potent substance at any stage of preparing your edibles or drinks. 

This weed concentrate will not affect your food’s overall taste and flavour. So go ahead and make some cannabis-infused desserts.

3. Dab Some Distillates

To dab some distillates, heat your dub ring with a torch until hot. 

Add a dollop of distillates to your dabbing ring. Slowly begin to inhale the vapour.

4. Sublingually Consume Your Distillates

Sublingual consumption of distillates is especially nifty to medical cannabis patients who would prefer to treat their symptoms without the hassle of smoking or inhaling any substances.

The activated distillate oil can be placed under the gums, on the tongue, or swallowed directly.

Top 4 Best THC Distillate Syringes

Some factors are worth noting when picking out the best THC distillate syringe. For one, THC distillate syringes come in different weed cultivar strains. 

A distillate with a Sativa strain cultivar will have a subtle taste and smell reminiscent of the weed strain. The same goes if the strain is a hybrid or Indica.

If you’re looking for an invigorating high that will leave you energized and ready to face your day, go for a Sativa strain.

If you want to put a cap on your day or wind down a long week with some deep relaxation, then Indica strain is all you need.

For the best of both worlds, some acute focus and relaxed muscle, look for a nice hybrid distillate syringe.

Our top pick distillates will give you an intensified version of the high you get from your favourite weed strain.

1. So High Premium Syringes – Grape Fruit (Sativa)So High Premium THC distillate syringe Grape Fruit flavour. Sativa strains. buy weeds online. pot shop. cannabis dispensary.

So High Premium Syringes – Grape Fruit (Sativa), as the name suggests, is a distillate obtained from the Sativa weed strain Grape Fruit. The syringe contains one gram of THC distillate with 95.79% THC content.

Grape Fruit distillate has its terpenes present, so expect subtle smells of tropical, citrusy aromas and flavours typical with smoking Grapefruit weed.

If you want to feel jolts of happiness or energy bursts to fast-track your day, some So High Premium Syringes – Grape Fruit (Sativa) will do you good.

This distillate is recommended for daytime use because of its uplifting effects.

Other syringes distillates with similar traits include So High Premium Syringes – Hawaiian Haze (Sativa), So High Premium Syringes – Lemon Skunk (Sativa), and So High Premium Syringes – Maui Wowie (Sativa).

2. So High Premium Syringes – Master Kush (Indica)Buy So High Premium THC distillate Syringe Master Kush strain. online dispensary canada. buy weed online. cannabis stores.

So High Premium Syringes – Master Kush (Indica) was carefully extracted from the cultivar strain Master Kush. The distillate amounts to one gram in the syringe. The THC content in the Master Kush distillates can be as high as 95.79%.

Since Master Kush terpenes are reintroduced after the extraction process, you’ll be sure to catch notes of incense with dominant citrusy earthy tones in its flavour and aroma.

Because this cultivar strain is Indica dominant, expect deep relaxation accompanied by both body and mind calm while high on this distillates. 

These qualities may make Master Kush ideal for managing anxiety, depression and lack of sleep.

Take So High Premium Syringes – Master Kush (Indica) during the evening or night to help you take the edge off things before falling into a deep slumber.

So High Premium Syringes – Raspberry Kush (Indica), So High Premium Syringes – Watermelon (Indica), and So High Premium Syringes – Zkittles (Indica) are equally potent Indica-leaning distillate syringes that will leave you mellowing in an ecstatic fantasy.

3. So High Premium Syringes – Sundae Driver (Hybrid)So High Premium THC distillate Syringes Sundae Driver Hybrid weed strain cannabis oil and THC oil.

Do you know those weekends you want to sit back, relax and laugh for no reason? That is what a hybrid distillate syringe-like So High Premium Syringes – Sundae Driver (Hybrid) will get you.

Your entire body will be deeply relaxed, while everything else will seem amusing. Try it out if you’re looking to catch a mild case of the giggles.

The syringe has one gram of THC distillates with up to 95.79% THC content. The distillate syringe has its terpenes intact, so expect subtle smells of berry, grape and vanilla in its flavour and aroma profiles.

Medical cannabis users especially love this strain because of its uplifting moods, which might help manage depression, anxiety, and stress.

Other Hybride distillate syringes with similar effects include So High Premium Syringes – Trainwreck (Hybrid), So High Premium Syringes – Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid), and So High Premium Syringes – Wedding Cake (Hybrid).

4. So High Extracts THC Distillate Mix and Match – 25So High Extracts THC Distillate Mix and Match cannabis oil and THC oil. buy weed online canada. weed stores. budget buds.

So High Extracts THC Distillate Mix and Match – 25 lets you choose 25 of your favourite distillate strains and purchase them together at a lower price.

The batch will contain 25 distillate syringes of your choice. Each syringe will contain one gram of 95.79% THC content.

With the terpenes present in the distillate syringes, expect an enhanced marijuana experience as you enjoy consuming your distillate.

Browse Through Our Illustrious Selection of THC Distillate Syringes

If you’re looking to buy a THC distillate syringe, browse through our various lists of delicious distillates

All our syringe distillates have the highest THC purity of up to 95%. The terpenes are also reintroduced to our syringe distillates to enhance your experience while consuming our distillates.

That’s not all. At LowPriceBud, we cater to all weed consumers. Our online dispensary in Canada stocks up on all weed products. 

Whether you’re looking to buy a THC distillate syringe or other weed products such as flowers, vapes, edibles, oils, and accessories, our weed dispensary will have them stocked up for you. 

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