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Summerland, British Columbia

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The small town of Summerland located on a hill above the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. The downtown area exudes a European vibe with the pastel-colored buildings built to Old England heritage-style specifications. The district is popular for “Bottleneck Drive,” a road system that connect different wineries. With interesting sights and sounds, it is not a wonder that a growing number of tourists visit this beautiful town.

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Most of the activities locals and visitors enjoy in Summerland are located in the Okanagan Valley and its surrounding areas. These include golfing, touring, water skiing, boating, beachcombing, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, swimming, sailing, and railway tours. Smoking medical marijuana is also a great activity, with online dispensaries like Low Price Bud serving the Summerland area. Cannabis offers a great way to end your adventure-filled day.

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Being a natural alternative, many people are now considering marijuana to treat health issues, symptoms and general issues. Compared to prescription medication, marijuana has fewer side effects. According to various studies and research, cannabis shows a huge promise for various conditions and symptoms, from basic headaches to severe diseases.

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The most visited cultural venues, historical sites, art galleries and sightseeing attractions are found in and around Summerland. Recommended places to visit include the Summerland Art Gallery, Downtown Mural Walk, and the Classic Car Museum. Popular sightseeing and activity parks, and trail destinations in the district are located in Summerland and its surrounding areas. The best places to go to are Okanagan Lake Park, Mount Conkle Park, Peach Orchard Loop Trail, and Kickininee Provincial Park.

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