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Why People Choose THC Oil: Benefits and Effects

CBD oil is widely consumed and talked about worldwide for good reason: It’s easy to access and has a wide range of benefits and relaxing effects. However, not many people know that the benefits of THC oil are just as vast as those of its cannabinoid sibling.

Without a doubt, THC oil can fit under the umbrella of health and wellness alongside other products. Additionally, psychoactive THC oil effects are fun! This is something you cannot find with a CBD oil.

Why Choose THC Oil Over Other Types of Products?

CBD and THC are the two most-talked-about cannabinoids—and for good reason. They both have a wide range of effects and benefits that users enjoy.

Canada is in the unique position to have oils and other concentrates available for purchase. THC oil is not widely available in other parts of the world. This is a real shame, too, because it’s so versatile.

By far the best reasons to purchase THC oil over other cannabis products is the ease of use, ease of concealment, and the ability to control the dosage with precision.

THC oil is also easy to ingest. You can use a dropper and place the oil sublingually (under the tongue). Alternatively, it works well as an addition to beverages.

The other common method for consumption is to vape the oil. This is done in a specialized dabbing or vaping device. Vaping is purported to be healthier than smoking, but ingesting it in liquid form is by far the safest method.

THC Oil Benefits: What Does it Offer Patients?

THC oil can benefit medicinal users in a multitude of ways. THC provides pain relief, especially for those suffering chronic pain. As an antiemetic, THC fights nausea and vomiting. And for those that suffer from sleep deprivation, it can help you gain a restful night sleep.

THC is also very “anti:” It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant (treats epilepsy), anti-depressant, an antioxidant, and even may be anti-tumour.

On top of all of this, it is a bronchodilator and helpful in treating anxiety (especially PTSD). With such a range of benefits, why wouldn’t it be a recommended treatment for patients?

Contrary to pharmaceutical drugs, THC has neuroprotectant properties, which can guard brain cells. This is a benefit that even other recreational drugs cannot claim, as most are actually neurotoxic.

THC Oil Effects: What Does it Offer Recreationally?

THC is known as that psychoactive cannabinoid that makes users feel high when consuming cannabis. The oil is no different and should be used in controlled doses. Usually, this means following the product dosage guidelines. However, each person can have a unique tolerance.

Like other cannabis products, THC oil is great at increasing appetite or giving you the munchies. It can also stimulate the senses and sensory stimuli.

An equally sought-after recreational and medical benefit is THC’s muscle relaxant properties. Like CBD, you can feel very relaxed.

What’s Not to Like?

THC comes in a variety of products together with other cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as in isolation. If you like the properties of THC but perhaps dislike a full-body cannabis taste ,or the suppression properties of CBD, then a THC oil may be a good choice to try.

Regardless if you choose to use THC oil recreationally or medicinally, you might be surprised at how enjoyable and easy it is to use.

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