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Surprising Fact: Weed May Keep You Skinny

Weed may actually help keep you skinny. Sounds too good to be true, right?

But before you start researching cannabis weight-loss programs and cannabis-only diets, let’s look into this a bit more. Yes, using marijuana for weight loss is a real thing. But what does that actually mean?

Some people use cigarettes for appetite suppression, but can smoking weed yield the same benefits? Doesn’t cannabis make you hungry?

We’ll explore all this and the science behind it. Follow along if you still can’t believe what you’re reading.

Using Marijuana for Weight Loss

Each cannabinoid that is found in cannabis has individual properties. For example, THC can make you feel hungry and increase your appetite. CBD, on the other hand, can actually suppress hunger. A 2012 study found that rats’ appetites were suppressed with cannabidiol (CBD).

While that might be true for rats, though, the results are still inconclusive for humans on this one. That is the sort of science you can expect for many of the claims about weed keeping you slim.

Working out is the most surefire way to lose weight. And cannabis can help with that too, in a couple of different ways. First, CBD by itself can aid in post-exercise recovery. With CBD no longer listed as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency, even professional athletes have started using it.

By speeding up recovery time, athletes can train harder and longer. In turn, this can allow them to become more fit and in better shape.

Another view is that by consuming cannabis with THC, you can eat more foods. This is bad, though—right? Well, kind of. If you can increase intake of the right foods and cut out junk food cravings, then perhaps this can be a good route as well. For example, when you’re hungry, increase your intake of high-protein foods you may not like.

Smoking Weed to Weigh Less

There is research showing that people who smoke weed weigh less. Finding this hard to believe? Have a look at the science.

The cannabinoid THCV is being touted as an appetite suppressant. The studies on this are thin, but there are some conclusive findings. At least that is the case for some animals that were tested. Since these studies on THCV came out, people have been talking about the possible rise of “skinny pot” and “diet weed.”

At this stage, weed that is like the Atkins Diet isn’t really in existence. However, we can keep hoping.

What Does All the Science Mean?

At this stage, some studies are inconclusive and may be stabbing in the dark a little, but we do know that some cannabinoids are beneficial for weight loss. THC and CBD both have properties we could see as beneficial in a journey along with the other right lifestyle changes in place (i.e. diet, physical activity).

There is plenty of scientific research that promotes the idea that CBD has a positive effect on human metabolism and the endocannabinoid system. This is absolutely the case and does not refer to lab rats, but rather to real-life humans. Marijuana is now promoted by many athletes for recovery because it too works.

So the next time you hear about weed making you skinny, feel free to agree. It can certainly help in the right circumstances. However, be dubious of anyone offering you a skinny weed strain. At least for now…

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