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Cannabis Pre-rolls: What you need to know before choosing it?

Why do cannabis connoisseurs love pre-rolled joints? They save time, burn smoothly, and make the perfect add on item to every online bud order. Especially for those who prefer consistency, during each and every smoke session, the pre-roll option is always a safe bet.

If you want a pack of joints ready to go when you are, pre-rolls are it. Most Canadians these days buy pre-rolled joints online. Why? Because it saves time, offers great strain selections, and ultimately is a delightful smoking experience.

And while this guide to pre-rolled joints will tell you how to make pre-rolled joints pf your own – you might just want to buy them.

What’s a Pre-Roll?

First things first, what is a pre-roll? A pre-roll is shorthand for a pre-rolled joint or blunt. Available widely online and through other cannabis retailers, cannabis pre-rolls come already tucked, twisted, and rolled up.

Unlike the blunts your friends fumble through, pre-rolled joints from online dispensaries are perfectly packed. Commercially available pre-rolls are always flared out into a perfect cone shape, have a real filter, and packed with a consistent measure of cannabis.

Pre-rolls are the cannabis equivalent of grab-and-go snacks. It’s what you’d buy for a road trip, versus what you’d buy at your weekly grocery shop. A pre-roll is the final product, not the many ingredients which go into making that product.

While you can always make a pre-roll fancier, with specialty concentrates and papers, generally speaking, pre-rolled joints are small, affordable, and portable. When you need something easy for an urgent smoke season, a pre-roll is the solution.

Why Order Pre-Roll Joints Online?

The more fundamental question is, why not? While there will always be a time and place for a full gram, a quarter, or an ounce of carefully manicured bud, stoners around the world rejoice when there is a joint already ready to go.

Unless you haven’t heard, rolling the perfect joint is an art form. Even chronics will tell you it’s a hard one to master. It can take years of practice to have the skill set required to pump out elegant, consistent joint mastery. The dedication and dry hands needed to roll a blunt are why so many people buy pre-rolled joints online. Nobody has the time to put in the work.

Consistency is part of the beauty of a pre-roll. Not only will every pre-roll contain exactly the same amount of flower, but it will also burn beautifully. Unlike those blunts your buddy rolls, which canoe down one side and burn out, a pre-roll always burns smoothly. The commercial packing process combines the ideal grind with a flawless packing job to promote optimum airflow through the joint. Every puff burns nicely, and you’ll note that it doesn’t start to burn down one side in an imbalanced way.

You might always want to buy pre-rolls online to score free shipping. If your shopping cart is sitting just under the minimum to qualify for free shipping, why not toss in a joint or two?

Quality Assessment of A Pre-Roll Blunt

Over the years, as the cannabis industry got its groove, the pre-roll has gotten a bad name. Not long ago, companies were using pre-rolled joints to get rid of their shake and trim, which are leftover from other products. These garbage joints gave all pre-rolls a bad name.

Quality pre-rolls come from premium flowers, not the bits and pieces leftover from trimming a premium flower. Your best bet is to buy pre-rolls that come with a strain label, for example, Ice Cream Cake, Blue City Diesel, Purple Kush.

Sometimes you might find a carefully curated sativa or indica blend. Nothing wrong with these pre-rolled options, just confirm in the product description they are made from flower, not trim.

Finally, if you want to go all out, look for a kief rolled and crystal-covered joint. These are the gourmet pre-rolls suitable for special occasions only. Typically filled with a combination of flower, hash, and/or concentrate, they are then covered in a sticky extraction and rolled in kief. Talk about a powerful hit, and not for the faint of heart.

These kief rolled beauties are much harder to come by, but well worth the purchase when you do find them. They are masterpieces of cannabis pre-roll artists.

How to Make Your Own Pre-Rolls

Maybe you are going into business or headed off to a weekend festival. Or maybe you use cannabis as medicine and need a constant supply of carefully measured ½ gram joints. You could also just want a hundred pre-rolled joints done at once. We aren’t here to judge.

Of course, you can buy pre-rolled joints in bulk, but you can also make your own. With a little upfront investment, you will quickly have your DIY pre-roll factory up and running.

What you need:

Pre-roll cones

Pre-roll filling machine

A favorite strain of premium flower, ground finely (but not powdered)

How to Make Pre-Rolls at Home

  1. Source the cones and filling machine online, from your supplier of choice.
  2. Source your favorite strain from Low Price Bud.
  3. Using a hand grinder or a food processor, finely grind the flower. Do not grind into a powder.
  4. Open the pre-roll machine, and tuck a single paper cone into each hole. Using a chopstick or long nail, push each cone down, so it sits under the lip of the hole.
  5. Fill the top of the tray with cannabis. Using your hands or a card, push the flower back and forth to encourage it to go into the holes. Add more flower if needed.
  6. Put the lid back on the device, and gently bang on the work surface to compact the flower into the cones.
  7. Flip the lid over, and place it underneath the pre-roll machine to pop the joints out of the holes. Depending on the type of device, it may require a slightly different process.
  8. Pull each joint out of the device, and twist the ends to complete the process.
  9. Time to enjoy! (Again and again, and again).

There is Always a Good Reason to Add a pre-rolled Joint to Your Next Order

Pre-rolled blunts are a no brainer because they make joint smoking even easier then it already is. Pre-rolls are perfect options for anyone struggling with rolling or for those who don’t want to waste their time. They are a great idea for parties, festivals, and just about any other on-to-go smoke session. With such versatility and affordability, it only makes sense to throw one on your next order from an online dispensary.

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