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Why should I choose edibles over smoking cannabis?

Can I use cannabis to enhance sex?

Cannabis use is commonly thought to enhance the pleasure experienced during sex, but the data is not well understood and has been limited to self-report studies to this point. Both men and women report greater sexual pleasure after consumption, which researchers believe is a result of the drug making the users more relaxed and heightening their senses. Believe it or not, a study by the US National Library of Medicine actually determined that women with frequent marijuana use, regardless of use before sex, had 2.10 times higher chances of reporting satisfactory orgasms!

So how can you go about using it? The most straightforward way to do so would be to share some cannabis with your partner before doing the deed! Regardless of method, this will do the trick while also allowing you to spend some quality time together before going to bed. But this isn’t the only way – a variety of cannabis-infused sex products, such as lubricants and massage oils, have hit the market containing varying amounts of THC and CBD. But do they work?

Companies that make cannabis-infused sex products say that they offer a range of benefits from reducing pain and anxiety and increasing arousal and orgasm intensity, to allowing men to last longer while giving women quicker orgasms. A study of people who used these products does corroborate these claims, but the efficacy of the product differs between manufacturers. However, the consistency of quality as far as these products goes seems to be top-notch, with reviews saying that these products were better and less messy alternatives to traditional lubricants and massage oils!

Whether it’s your first time looking to spice things up during sex with a new product, or you’re specifically looking to introduce cannabis into the bedroom, trying out one of these cool infused products is definitely a great option! Alternatively, you can just try smoking a little cannabis before sex and see how that affects you. Either way, we’ve never been disappointed in our experiences, and we don’t think you will be either.

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