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Build Muscle: How to incorporate CBD in your workout routine

If you’d like to step up your game in the gym, them CBD may be the perfect supplement for you. With an ability to improve focus, motivation, recovery, metabolism, and to ultimately build muscle, CBD is the supplement that more and more athletes are turning to. If you’d like to buy CBD online in Canada to enhance your workouts, then here’s what you need to know.

How Does CBD Help Build Muscle

CBD works in a variety of ways to help build muscle. Its energizing and mood-enhancing effects coupled with pain-relieving properties mean that it can help place you right in the zone for a hard and focussed workout.

CBD also reduces stress, something it does by lowering the presence of the catabolic hormone cortisol that interferes with muscle growth. The benefits of CBD also extend to recovery. Its sleep-promoting properties help ensure restful sleep where we enter deep, regenerative states and allow the body’s natural processes to take place under optimal conditions.

Then there are the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Those of us who push hard in the gym often experience rampant inflammation within the body as part of its natural healing process. By controlling inflammation, CBD helps ensure we recover faster, more efficiently, and ultimately obtain the benefits from the workout without consistently breaking down the body. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of the properties of CBD in turn.

Develop a Calm Mindset Pre-workout

Going to the gym is often intimidating for many. We don’t all have the chiselled muscles of the regular gym folk, and all sorts of inner chatter can arise within the minds of newcomers. The good news for cannabis lovers is that CBD is the perfect way to alleviate those pre-workout nerves and dampen any negative self-talk.

CBD induces a relaxing vibe that helps gym-goers focus on the task at hand without the intoxicating effects of THC. So, 20mg of CBD is a good starting dose. Whether vaped, eaten, or via smoked flower, it’ll be sure to reduce any pre-workout anxiety and prime your body for a productive workout.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is often seen as the enemy, but the reality is that it’s a normal cellular process that the body uses to help speed up recovery and keep the body in a state of equilibrium.

The negative effects of inflammation become more apparent when it becomes chronic. If you’re the kind of person who works out every day and pushes your body hard, you may struggle to ever recover fully, and your body may be perpetually inflamed. This is not healthy nor sustainable.

When it comes to controlling inflammation in the body, CBD is one of the most effective compounds out there. Researchers believe that CBD mimics the neurotransmitters that modulate the body’s immune response and metabolic processes to dampen inflammation levels within the body.

By aiding your body in the recovery process by controlling inflammation, hard-charging athletes can recover faster and thus gain the benefits of a workout by getting stronger and fitter without consistently breaking down and stressing the body.

CBD Can Boost Stamina

CBD boosts stamina by contributing to what is commonly known as runner’s high. Runner’s high is the result of the presence of the endocannabinoid anandamide — a type of cannabinoid made within the body. For many years, researchers believed that runner’s high was due to endorphins in the brain, but the actual cause is the presence of anandamide.

It is what contributes to the feelings of wellbeing and motivation while exercising, and CBD, for its part, increases its levels in the blood. This means that you’ll be able to push harder for longer in any given workout and will likely experience enhanced enjoyment.

CBD can also help increase stamina by regulating blood sugar levels. When insulin levels are stable, our bodies tend to store less fat and build more muscle.

CBD Boosts Metabolism

One of the common side effects of cannabis is the “munchies.” Often seen as an inconvenience for many — especially those who wish to lose fat and increase muscle — the “munchies” are more commonly associated with THC consumption rather than CBD.

When consumed without THC, CBD can actually increase metabolism without promoting appetite excessively. CBD activates proteins that break down fat in the body and increase the number of mitochondria. This helps fine-tune our energy management system by burning more calories and reducing the rate of fat cell creation.

CBD for Recovery

When it comes to recovering from a hard workout, quality sleep is one of your most important allies. While we sleep, our bodies produce muscle-building hormones, meaning that all we have to do is to get out of the way of the natural processes by sleeping deeply.

CBD is a powerful sleep enhancer. A small dose before bedtime will help ensure deeper, more restful sleep where we enter the more regenerative REM state with greater ease.

The available evidence suggests that CBD alone may not increase sleep latency, meaning that it may still take a while to actually fall asleep. If you’re affected by this, consider bringing a little THC into the mix to help induce a little drowsiness and ensure faster sleep onset.

Soothe Sore Muscles With CBD Bath Bombs

After a hard gym session, many of us return home with heavy legs and arms that ache from our efforts. To address this discomfort and aid our bodies in rebuilding back stronger, one of the best things we can do is take a CBD-infused bath. At Low Price Bud, we stock CBD-infused bath bombs that are the perfect addition to a warm, soothing post-workout bath.

Buy CBD Online in Canada

The benefits of CBD for athletes extend far and wide. From increased focus and stamina to improved mindset and optimal recovery to regulating inflammation, it exhibits many mechanisms of action that directly benefit athletes.

If you’d like to buy CBD online in Canada and incorporate it into your workout routines, then at Low Price Bud, we’ve got you covered. With our wide range of CBD topicals, CBD edibles, flowers, and concentrates, you’ll be sure to find the ideal form for your own workout protocol.





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