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Bruce Banner Strain Review: A Green Monster Bud With Well Balanced Effects

Bruce Banner Strain Review: One Of The Best Hybrids To Buy Online In Canada

In this Bruce Banner strain review, we look at one superhero cannabis bud that is so potent it could mellow out even the Incredible Hulk. Like the Hulk, this Bruce Banner strain is big and green and with a THC content average that goes up to 29%, very strong. But is this strain worth considering?  

Cannabis buds get their names from all sorts of things, from tasty desserts to superheroes, depending on properties, such as taste and THC strength. The same applies for Bruce Banner, a strain that gets its name from the alter ego of comic book superhero “The Incredible Hulk.”

But unlike its fictional namesake, this strain is very real and will smack you with incredibly balanced hybrid effects that will leave you wanting more. As you will discover in this Bruce Banner strain review, this bud doesn’t taste and smell like what you would expect an angry green monster to.

Several phenotypes of the Bruce Banner strain have won awards for their potency and well-balanced effects, including the Bruce Banner #3 that ranked 1st in the Denver US Cannabis Cup. But should you consider this strain when buying weed online? Is it as strong as its superhero namesake?

What Is The Bruce Banner Weed StrainCannabis plant Bruce Banner Strain Review. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

Bruce Banner, also called OG Banner or just Banner, is a hybrid marijuana strain with a relatively balanced 60:40 sativa to indica ratio. The slightly sativa leaning hybrid means you can expect both mental and physical effects when consuming this strain.

As mentioned before, this strain is named after the alter ego of an often angry and powerful superhero – the Hulk. But this strain does the opposite of its namesake and slowly eases you into a state of relaxation and euphoria.

Even the green monster would be less of a ball of anger if he hit this strain more often. But don’t get it twisted. This strain was named after the Hulk for a reason. One, it’s incredibly potent, with THC levels ranging from 25-29%, although some phenotypes are claimed to go beyond the 30% mark, making this bud one of the most potent strains you can buy online in Canada.

This bud has big, dense, bright green nugs. Its effects also come in strong and quick before settling into a euphoric and creative buzz. It was first bred by Dark Horse Genetics by crossing the classic OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel strains. Its heritage is apparent in its sweet undertones and diesel aroma. 

This potent bud initially came in five specific variants Bruce Banner #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5, but #2 and #4 were dropped, leaving behind Bruce Banner #1, #3, and #5. Bruce Banner #3 is the most coveted of the three, as it was ranked 1st in the Denver US Cannabis Cup and is the most potent bud tested in the High Times Cannabis Cup’s history.

Bruce Banner Strain Review & Info

Appearancebuy weed Bruce Banner Strain from Low Price Bud. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

As is typical of sativas, its water leaves stretch far out and upwards and yield fat and densely packed colas.

This strain’s buds look like its namesake, with an array of bright green shades. The buds are covered by orange pistils that curl around the big, dense nugs amongst the frosty – trichome and resin-covered sugar leaves. 

Bruce Banner Strain Review – Fragrance And Flavourfresh fruits. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

This strain has an equally exciting fragrance. Cracking open a jar of Bruce Banner weed gives off a strong and pungent aroma recognizable to many cannabis enthusiasts. This hybrid bud has a sweet-smelling flower scent with hints of fresh strawberries. 

Strong diesel hints balance the sweet scents. The diesel aroma with sweet, floral, and fruity undertones is carried on from its OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel parentage 

This strain’s flavour is almost similar, if not more pleasant, than the fragrance. Bruce Banner strain tastes like sweet, fresh wild berries and strawberries. 

The flavour is also considerably earthier than the scent. Additionally, you will also detect some floral notes which blend in with the sweet berry and earthy flavours. But how does this bud make you feel? Is it worth buying online?

Bruce Banner Strain Review – Effectshappy woman painting at home after buying weed online from Low Price Bud online dispensary.

Bruce Banner cannabis strain is a 60:40 slightly sativa bud, producing almost equally split up body and mind effects, with sativa and indica elements peeking through as the high progresses. If you expect this strain to whip you up by the legs and smash you around, it won’t. Instead, you will experience a relaxing and uplifting high like no other.

Bruce Banner’s strain effects kick in swiftly and strongly, only taking a couple of puffs to get there. This bud’s extreme potency makes it a one-hit and quit strain, especially for novices. 

Minutes after hitting this joint, you will experience a euphoric head high that combines mood improvement and creativity. Bruce Banner weed will drive your brain to create, making it an excellent option if you are looking to spur creativity.

This strain is a strong motivator. A few puffs produce an uplifting effect that will improve your mood, and you may find yourself falling into fits of giggles from time to time. 

Bruce Banner also produces potent relaxing effects that melt all your stress away and replace it with a gentle buzz that doesn’t cause tiredness, sleepiness, or fatigue. You will remain alert and with high energy levels, making Bruce Banner an excellent daytime strain.

Bruce Banner Strain Review: Does It Have Any Medical Benefits?Man showing back pain. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

This potent strain has been recommended for several conditions by consumers of medical marijuana. It has gained widespread popularity due to its pain-relieving qualities that have seen it used for backaches, muscle pains and spasms, headaches, and joint pain. 

This hybrid is also very effective for lifting moods and dealing with stress, anxiety, and even depression. This bud will help you forget negative thoughts and lift your spirits, leaving you giggly and smiley.

This strain has also been used by people with chronic fatigue. This strain’s effects kick in fast, energizing your body and mind. If you need a little push to help you start the day, this strain can make a good wake and bake option.

Bruce Banner is also beneficial for inducing a healthier appetite or dealing with nausea. 

All in all, this strain is pretty safe to use, although the high THC content means it should be handled carefully or left to experienced smokers.

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