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Everything You Need To Know About The Purple Haze Weed Strain

What Is Purple Haze? A classic psychedelic rock song or a star cannabis strain? Well, a quick Google search will tell you it’s both. But which came first? The song or the strain? Join us as we step into the hazy, cannabis-growing ‘60s and ‘70s to learn more about one of the most popular cannabis strains ever – Purple Haze.

Purple Haze is a celebrity strain that has made a name for itself on the cannabis red carpet and is considered to be one of the best wake and bake strains ever. Purple Haze also has unique energizing effects, which could explain the unusual interest in cannabis connoisseurs’ attempts to discover its origins.

Whether you are looking to figure out its genetics or learn more about your favourite weed strains, Purple Haze has an interesting history shrouded in mystery and misinformation. But what is Purple Haze?

In this article, we take a look at one of cannabis and the music industry’s iconic names to learn more about its origins, effects, medicinal uses and benefits, and where you can find this weed strain for cheap in Canada. 

What Is Purple Haze Weed?buy purple haze weed online

Purple Haze is a sativa leaning hybrid marijuana strain with contested parentage. It’s known for its immediate high-energy cerebral effects, often accompanied by uplifted moods and bursts of creative inspiration. 

This strain gets its name from its lineage and a classic 1967 Jimi Hendrix song. Cannabis enthusiasts have always linked the two together, so it’s almost impossible to talk about the strain without mentioning the famous hit. However, as you will find out, the strain may have nothing to do with the song. 

Purple Haze Weed Originimage of purple haze weed plant. buy weed online in canada.

While many people would like to believe that this strain is named after the classic psychedelic rock anthem – Purple Haze, a look into its origins reveals another reason why the name is perfect for this strain.

The lineage of Purple Haze is somewhat controversial, with several theories about its origins floating around the internet. One of the best accounts of the origins of Purple Haze and Haze, in general, comes from Humboldt Seed Organization.

This popular theory suggests that Haze was created by the Haze Brothers and Sam ‘The Skunkman’ – originator of Skunk. According to this legend, the Haze brothers combined sativas from all over the world and crossed them with a landrace male from Thailand to create haze.

Then, Sam ‘The Skunkman’ took the haze and crossed it to develop more stable crops from it. Purple Haze was born. The consensus is that it’s a cross between Purple Thai and Haze, resulting in a sativa dominant strain with a 60:40 sativa indica ratio. 

While many still debate about the existence of the Haze brothers, the original Haze provided the world with many variations of hazes that we still smoke today, including this delicious AAAA Ghost Train Haze from LowPriceBud.

Purple Haze, although an icon, is not easy to find nowadays as many shops don’t stock it, and growers that cultivate it are sparse and hard to come by.  So, where can you find Purple Haze?

Purple Haze Weed Aroma And Flavor Profilewoman smoking weed

This strain has appealing mid to large-sized buds with a broad base that tapers to a pointed tip. The flowers are coated in sticky, milky white trichomes that serve as a warning for the strain’s intense psychoactivity. The long nugs have a light minty green colour with purple undertones.

Purple Haze’s buds have a typical sativa-type loose structure.

When cured properly, the Purple Haze buds give off a dank, musky scent with tart, berry-tinged notes becoming noticeable on the second whiff. When combusted, the strain produces smooth smoke with sweet and fruity flavours on the inhale, with its sweet, spicy notes becoming more apparent on the exhale. 

What Are Purple Haze’s Effectshappy man playing guitar for happy female partner. buy purple haze online from BC. purchase weed online in canada.

Now that you know what Purple Haze is, what are its effects? 

Purple Haze effects kick in immediately after you inhale its flavorful smoke. And like other sativas, it goes straight to the head. After first consuming this strain, you may experience slight pressure in your temples or your cheeks becoming flashed – which is normal with this strain.

As these odd sensations subside, the true magic of Purple Haze becomes apparent as ideas start jumping around in your head and everyday things or thoughts become more interesting, at least to you. Purple Haze is a good strain to stimulate conversation in social settings.

Purple Haze is also known to provide bursts of creative energy, which means if used in moderation, it may ease you into a heavy workload or provide creative inspiration to handle your tasks. 

As time passes, the indica side of this strain starts to show, with physical effects slowly creeping in. However, these physical effects aren’t as relaxing as those of a true indica, so don’t expect to be couch-locked. Purple Haze’s body high is stimulating, with consumers describing it feeling like “a new connection to their body.”

The combination of physical and cerebral effects makes this a perfect strain for activities that involve both body and mind, like exercising. Purple Haze is also an effective aphrodisiac, so look no further if you are looking for a strain to share with your significant other.

Purple Haze is potent and typically contains 15-20% THC, with the highest recorded THC level being 21.75%. It has a low CBD content which typically ranges from 0.5 to 1%. So, like Jimi Hendrix, you may find yourself lost in a Purple Haze with this popular strain, but unlike Hendrix, you will know exactly why you are acting funny.

Purple Haze Medicinal BenefitsWoman with abdominal pain looking for purple haze weed for relief. buy weed online dispensary mail order marijuana cannabis canada.

Purple Haze’s energizing and upbeat effects may have some application for medical cannabis patients. Those suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety may benefit from this strain’s long-lasting euphoric high.

The strain has moderate anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities that may help soothe headaches, cramps and other mild aches. Its cerebral effects may benefit those who have attention deficit disorders. 

Purple Haze’s energizing effects may be beneficial to consumers suffering from chronic fatigue. These properties were the reason it was a preferred wake and bake strain. However, this strain is not recommended for consumption before bedtime. If you are looking to improve sleep, here are the best bedtime strains

It’s also important that you consider its potency and psychedelic effects. If you are prone to paranoia and panic attacks, you may want to avoid this strain entirely. 

Where To Buy Purple Haze In Canada

Despite its iconic status and being one of the easily recognizable strains, Purple Haze is hard to find these days. But that shouldn’t discourage you from looking, as Purple Haze is still one of the best daytime strains on the market.

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