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A Concise Review of the Master Scout Strain

Master Scout: Everything You Need to Know About This Delicious Tasting Strain With Pleasant Moderate Effects

Learn everything about Master Scout strain in this review by weed experts.

All the cub scouts looking to plunge into their first smoking rodeo gather around, for we have found the perfect master for you. 

That’s right, this delicious tasting strain, soft enough to wet the palette of newbie smokers, may be the ideal strain to help you deepen your toe into the cannabis consumption world.

The infamous bud goes by the name Scout Master strain, aka, Master Scout, aka, Girl Scout Master. A Sativa-leaning hybrid that originated out of Canada’s British Columbia Region.

Master Scout strain is 75% sativa and 25% indica. It was created by crossing equally fascinating and infamous parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Master Kush

Girl Scout cookies are famous for their well-balanced Sativa and indica effects. 

With Master Scout strain, you’ll feel both uplifted and relaxed. Your body will experience a euphoric high while your mind will experience a cerebral uplift that will lead you into deep meditation.

Scout Master’s other parent—Master Kush—is famous for its lethargy-inducing Indica effects and vintage cannabis flavour and aromas, which feature deep peppery and harsh notes.

Master Scout strain managed to borrow all the best qualities of its parents. 

Master Scout strain has a nice cerebral uplift and a pleasant energizing relaxation on the comedown. Not at all overwhelming like its Master Kush parent.

Perhaps this pleasantly soft high it induces can be attributed to its moderate THC levels of up to 21% or its illustrious list of terpenes responsible for its pleasant piney citrus aromas and flavours overlaid by spicy notes.

We prepared this review to answer any lingering questions about this delicious daytime use strain. 

We’ll discuss the appearance of the Master Scout strain, its scent, and flavour in more detail. We’ll also closely examine Master Scouts’ effects and terpenes to see its medical application.

Master Scout Strain AppearanceMaster Scout Strain cannabis plant. marijuana dispensary. budgetbuds. weed edibles. canada weed. Dispencary.

Master Scout strain is quite easy on the eye. It glistens from a distance like a natural diamond, persuading you to take a closer look.

A thick frosty layer of resin covers the trichomes to give this plant the overall sparkly look that first attracted you to the plant. 

Carefully as you try to pry the buds apart, for the sparkling resin that covers the buds is quite sticky. This is a functional quality as the wax is responsible for protecting the plant from environmental conditions, pests, and insects.

Master Scout Strain Scent and Flavor

Scout Master’s pleasant fragrance will hit your senses soon as you get to its vicinity. When you burst open the nugs, wafts of pungent yet sour woody aromas underlined by citrusy notes will activate your smell senses.

The strain’s rich flavour profile also carries similar spicy and savoury notes. This will be especially noticeable as you toke the flowers. Scout Master will produce an intense, delicious smooth smoke that is very gentle on the throat. 

Unlike other cannabis strains, Master Scout strain produces a very light smoke that will not cause irritation on the throat or induce a cough.

On the inhale, expect to taste sweet, citrusy, pine-woody tastes accompanied by notes of peppery spices. As you exhale, these notes persist and can build up to intense flavours and aromas the more you toke.

Master Scout Strain Effects

Happy woman working from home feeling the effects of the master scout strain. Buy weed online Canada. Online dispensary Canada.

Scout master’s explosive energizing and cerebral effects make the strain suitable for daytime use.

After a couple of toke of this light and sweet-smelling smoke, the high will creep in almost immediately. An explosive burst of cerebral euphoria will hit your mind. You’ll feel focused, creative and enthusiastic to face the day head-on.

Your list of tasks at hand won’t know what hit them. This burst of energy will leave you eager to charge through your to-do list with utter eagerness and laser focus.

As the high fades and the comedown kicks in, you’ll begin to experience a soothing body relaxation while your cerebral uplift will remain intact.

The warm relaxation rush that will wash over your body is not too overpowering, so it won’t leave you sedated or debilitated. Many cannabis connoisseurs rave about this strain as the ultimate long day at the office strain.

So have at it. The next time you feel down with no energy to tackle the day ahead, let Scout Master give you that energizing mood boost that will leave you happy, energized and excited to face even the most difficult days.

Terpene Profile of Master Scout StrainFresh lemon and cannabis leaves. dispensary for edibles and dab pen. weed shop. weeds online. Dispencary.

Terpenes are essential compounds found in plants and are usually responsible for how plants, fruits, or herbs smell.

Terpenes also possess pharmaceutical properties and are used in manufacturing certain therapeutic oils, cleaning detergents, medicine, and sometimes scents.

Terpenes are usually found abundantly in the cannabis plant. That’s why most people associate them with cannabis plants. They are an essential compound in medical cannabis, as research has shown these compounds to be responsible for medical benefits often associated with certain strains.

In this regard, terpenes work in tandem with other cannabinoids, THC, and CBD found in a particular weed strain to produce the unique effects associated with the strain.

Now budtenders and marijuana connoisseurs urge users to focus more on the terpenes profile because this can give better insight into the benefits of a strain as opposed to focusing solely on the CBD or THC content.

For this reason, we’ll take a closer look into the terpenes found in our strain of the day— Master Scout strain—to understand its positive effects on the users.


Do you know the refreshing, woody scent you get when walking through a coniferous forest? Well, that is precisely what Pinene smells like. A smell is also typical in rosemary, basil, and pine needles.

The terpene is believed to possess bronchodilatory effects allowing more air to enter the lungs. This leads to a therapeutic effect that leaves one feeling calm, light, and relaxed.

Preliminary research into Pinene also shows some anti-cancer and antidepressant properties.


If you like your weed zingy with powering citrusy notes, look for a strain dominated by the limonene terpene. The terpene is also found in lemons, oranges, grapes, and lime.

Studies have shown limonene to possess therapeutic properties and anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antiviral, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties.


Ocimene is responsible for the intensely floral, sweet herbaceous scents familiar with certain weed strains. This terpene is also found in tarragon, hops, mint, parsley, basil, mango fruits, lavender, bergamot, and orchid flowers.

Ocimene possesses many therapeutic properties, including anti-tumour activity, anti-convulsant, and anti-fungal. 

Other medical applications of Ocimene may include antiviral properties, anti-fungal activities and anti-inflammatory effects.


Caryophyllene can also be found in rosemary, hops, cloves, and black pepper. Caryophyllene’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make it ideal for treating long-term chronic pain conditions.

Master Scout Strain Medical Benefits

Master Scout strain illustrious list of terpenes combined with its THC level and about 1 to 3% CBD content may be the reason for its use in treating an array of medical conditions.

Its mood-boosting and body alleviating properties make it ideal for managing anxiety, depression, and stress disorders.

Other medical conditions Scout Master strain is believed to alleviate include chronic back pain, ADHD, loss of appetite, and nausea.

Alternative Strains to Master Scout Strain

Sour Banana (AAA)Sour Banana is a great alternative to the master scout strain. Buy weed online. Order weed online. Canadian online dispensary.

Take your banana and squeeze some lemon on it. That’s the taste you should expect from the Sour Banana weed strain. The bud has some robust, cheeks-puckering citrusy notes overlaid by berry grape flavours and overpowering sugar-sweet banana flavours.

If that mouth-watering flavour doesn’t get you up and moving, it’s high will. Sour Banana (AAA) has some powerful cerebral hitting effects that will leave you feeling creative and entirely focused.

The strain has moderate THC levels of 21%, so the calm down won’t be overwhelming on the body. Expect the burst of energy to last throughout your entire work day.

Berry Gelato (AAAA)Buy weed Berry Gelato budget buds from Low Price Bud online dispensary Canada. ganjaexpress. moon rock weed. cannabis dispensary. weed stores.

Berry Gelato’s sweet-sounding name prepares you for the delicious flavour and aroma profile you’ll enjoy from this strain. Prepare for a sweet fruity yet creamy berry flavour with spicy tropical notes.

Berry Gelato has a pleasant high that will leave you motivated and energized, ready to tackle your day. These cerebral, uplifting effects that put you in a good mood may be why the Berry Gelato strain is used to manage mental health conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Island Sweet Skunk (AA)Island Sweet Skunk cheap weed Canada. Buy online weeds. Online dispensary Canada. Mail order marijuana Canada.

Island Sweet Skunk tastes sweet and skunky, just as the name implies. The strain has pleasantly moderate effects thanks to its average THC levels of up to 18%.

Its cerebral, uplifting effects make it ideal for treating mood disorders, anxiety, and depression. When life throws curveballs at you, trust Island Sweet Skunk to give you that boost of energy that will leave you happy and enthusiastic to face even the darkest days.

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