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Why Cannabis Is a Great Option for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are no fun and they can really take a toll on your quality of life. However, with the right options, they don’t have to be as miserable as they are for most women. That’s why it’s important to explore all the different ways you can manage menstrual cramps effectively and naturally. If you’re ready to get started, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how cannabis plays a role in helping reduce or eliminate menstrual cramps. We will explore some of the popular strains that are ideal for this purpose, as well as practical tips for using them safely and effectively. Keep reading if you want to learn more about why cannabis is such a great option for reducing or eliminating your menstrual cramps.

What Are Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual cramps are severe, spasming contractions of your uterus that typically occur during your period. They are incredibly common, affecting up to 75% of women. They can be extremely painful, but unlike many other types of cramps, they usually don’t affect your whole body. For some women, menstrual cramps can be so intense that you may feel like you need to go to the bathroom because of the pain. There are multiple theories about what causes menstrual cramps, but it’s believed that they are caused by changes in your hormone levels. Some people are more susceptible to cramps than others, and there are also a few factors that may increase the chances of experiencing them like being over age 35 and/or taking oral contraceptives.

How Does Cannabis Relieve Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual cramps are often caused by spasms or contractions in the uterus. However, these cramps can also be caused by other factors like anemia, low blood flow, and estrogen dominance. In both cases, taking cannabis may help reduce or eliminate cramps because certain cannabinoids may relax your uterus. Even if you aren’t able to use cannabis for painful menstrual cramps, you may still find it helpful for treating milder PMS symptoms like bloating, mood swings, acne, and fatigue. There are a variety of cannabinoids found in cannabis that may have positive impacts on women’s health, including THC, CBD, and terpenes. These cannabinoids may reduce monthly inflammation in the lining of the uterus, which is what causes PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings.

Which Strain Should You Use for Pain Relief?

For pain relief during menstrual cramps, you can’t go wrong with Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant strain has an uplifting and clear-headed high that is great for treating pain and anxiety. If you prefer indica-dominant strains, you can’t beat Sour Bubba Kush. Sour Bubba Kush is a hybrid that has a heavy indica body with undertones of earthy lemon that are great for treating pain and insomnia. When it comes to determining which strain is best for treating your menstrual cramps, it’s important to consider your personal preferences.


When it comes to managing menstrual cramps, it’s important to explore all your options. There are a variety of strains out there that can help reduce or eliminate your cramps, and you can find one that feels right for you. In addition to strains, you can also take care to identify and avoid factors that could be causing your cramps, like poor diet and stress. If you’re ready to get started, we recommend investing in a quality vaporizer. These devices heat cannabis oil at precise temperatures, which extracts active components like cannabinoids and terpenes while preventing combustion. They’re easy to use and perfect for managing menstrual cramps.  Visit Lowpricebud.co online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.

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